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L. W. Perry

Guten tag.

6/13/2010 #2,911
Supernatural 101

ftw. hows it going anyone thats here. Who is here?

6/13/2010 #2,912

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Is anybody here?

Mars: We threw bottle-rockets in a bonfire last night. It was hilarious!

6/13/2010 #2,913
pretty twisted

Zyggy: I love those! :DD

6/13/2010 #2,914

Mars: HI!! I usually don't time them right, so everybody knows to duck and cover, because they usually either go off in my hand, or fly back at us.

6/13/2010 #2,915
pretty twisted

XD That's great.

My cousin Mikey threw one blindly and it landed behind my brother and started going off and my brother didn't even see who it was but he yelled, "MKIEY!" and crawled away for like a second before giving up and flopping down. It was hilarious. XD

6/13/2010 #2,916

XDDD It's funny that he knew who it was without looking

How's your weekend going?

6/13/2010 #2,917
pretty twisted

It doesn't really feel like the weekend because I don't have school right now. :P It's had its ups and downs. Yours?

6/13/2010 #2,918

Not too bad, just recovering from yesterday. I laughed so hard last night that I thought was going to injure myself. XP

What're you up to?

6/13/2010 #2,919
pretty twisted

Same, I think I got a six-pack from all that laughing.

On the computer while my dad watches basketball. Oooh, are you watching the World Cup?

6/13/2010 #2,920

*looks down at stomach* I don't think I did.

I might've missed it. I know soccer was on earlier, but I just caught the end of it, because our friends had stayed the night, and we were visiting a little before they left.

Do you watch much soccer?

6/13/2010 #2,921
pretty twisted

XD Maybe all the food I ate canceled out my six-pack.

I watch the World Cup 'cause American TV generally only shows American sports like football and whatnot, so the World Cup is my chance. Soccer is my absolute favorite sport.

6/13/2010 #2,922

I think the marshmallows probably eliminated my chances of laughing myself into abs. XD

I've never really watched sports, mostly because I can never completely understand how everything works. People explain football to me repeatedly, and I'm still clueless.

I'd like to watch soccer, though, because it looks like it could be very entertaining.

6/13/2010 #2,923

Urpa urpa urpa.

6/13/2010 #2,924

Aaahh! Pac-man's coming to get us!

6/13/2010 #2,925
pretty twisted

Football boggles my mind. @_@ And it's soooooo sloooooow. Soccer is pretty simple and the goals are thrilling. ^^

Hey Jon!

6/13/2010 #2,926

Oh, you wanna talk about sloooooooow? One word: golf. It the perfect TV programming for putting you to sleep.

6/13/2010 #2,927

Zyggy: Rrrrrrrrroffa!

Mars: Halftime! -starts halftime that lasts for hours-

6/13/2010 #2,928
pretty twisted

Zyggy: I don't even bother with golf. XD

Jon: So I've heard. xD I've watched maybe two footballs games in my entire life, and neither entirely through.

6/13/2010 #2,929

Jon: Who's the band for halftime?

Mars: *wakes with a snort* Sorry, that happens when I think about golf for any amount of time.

6/13/2010 #2,930

Mars: I never watched a game anyway, I feel nothing for sports. XD

6/13/2010 #2,931

Zyggy: I'unno, who's horrible?

6/13/2010 #2,932
pretty twisted

Jon: Soccer was my childhood until about four years ago so I have a soft spot for it.

6/13/2010 #2,933

Jon: Saving Abel? Train? The list goes on for miles, and we probably won't be able to agree on anything. But, why not? What bands do you guys think are horrible?

Mars: Did you ever play?

6/13/2010 #2,934

Mars: What about badminton?

Zyggy: I heard a trifecta mentioned by a comedian once, but I only remember Britney Spears being in it. XD

6/13/2010 #2,935

I thought about mentioning her...

6/13/2010 #2,936

Zyggy: She can torment everyone during the breaks. XD

6/13/2010 #2,937

Aww, I thought that was my job! D:

6/13/2010 #2,938

A new challenge has been put up by Shuna, called the "End" Challenge. Please PM me or comment on the thread to take part. (right now, commenting would be better).

Start date: June 13th, 2010

End date: June 27th, 2010

6/13/2010 #2,939
pretty twisted

Zyggy: Yep. Until fifth grade. :D

Jon: Probably at some point. I've gone through a lot of sports.

As for bands, I cringe at any screamo song. Otherwise I can tolerate it. :P

6/13/2010 #2,940
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