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Blackrow Halls

Zyggy: You torment people every day except that one. ;D

Hi Ran! :D

6/13/2010 #2,941
Blackrow Halls

Mars: I like badminton. :D

And I like scream songs. XD

6/13/2010 #2,942

Hiya :) I'm actually not here (NO SCHOOL TODAY WOOOOOOOO! cause of public holiday :O), just dropped by to put up the next challenge :)

6/13/2010 #2,943

Hey, Ran! Thanks for the heads-up.

Jon: I guess that's true...oh well.

I listen to rock, mostly. A little bit of screamo isn't too bad, but I'm not crazy about the songs where it sounds like the lead singer's voice box is either going to rupture or fly out his mouth... XD o o o o o o (gruesome smiley!)

6/13/2010 #2,944
pretty twisted

Jon: Half my school's asian female population are on the badminton team. I don't think you're a female, but are you asian?

Yaaaay, my first challenge. :D

6/13/2010 #2,945
Blackrow Halls

Ran: Awesome on the day off and challenge. :D

Zyggy: Don't worry, the day after her thing you get to torment people again. XP

That smiley. XD

6/13/2010 #2,946

Mars: Badminton is a difficult game if you're an amatuer (which I am). It's almost comical when my friends and I play.

Jon: Yay! I'll get to be a terror again!

6/13/2010 #2,947
Blackrow Halls

Mars: Nope, I'm a white boy, I just like that game. XD

Zyggy: Like today for instance. :D

6/13/2010 #2,948

Mars, Jon is cleverly disguising his insults again! :(

6/13/2010 #2,949
Blackrow Halls

No, not me. :O

6/13/2010 #2,950

*pouts* Fine, I'll just make more weird smileys!


-_- ZZZzzzzz -.- zzzz -_- ZZZzzzzz


6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #2,951
Blackrow Halls

That last one is a unibrow nerd. :D

6/13/2010 #2,952
Blackrow Halls


6/13/2010 #2,953

XDDD Yeah. I was thinking either that, or a hillbilly farmer.

Okay. *curls up to take a nap*

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #2,954
Blackrow Halls

Hillbilly farmer. XD

6/13/2010 #2,955

XB XB XB XB (hillbilly farmer guffawing at his own smiley)

6/13/2010 #2,956
Blackrow Halls


What about 8B?

6/13/2010 #2,957

That's a bespectacled nerd, a scared hillbilly, a gopher, or a hillbilly who's seeing a flatscreen TV for the first time. XD

6/13/2010 #2,958
Blackrow Halls



6/13/2010 #2,959


A winking hillbilly with a goatee and a hook for a hand?

6/13/2010 #2,960
Blackrow Halls

Um, I didn't mean the =? as part of the smiley. XD

6/13/2010 #2,961


Okay, but it still looked cool. So just a creepy, winking hillbilly. Or a gopher with a bug in its eye.

6/13/2010 #2,962
Blackrow Halls



6/13/2010 #2,963


Oooh! Ooh! The first one is a table with chairs?

And...someone with really droopy eyelids and a big nose?

6/13/2010 #2,964
Blackrow Halls

I guess the first one's right, but I would've said someone yawning is the second. XD

6/13/2010 #2,965

Oh, okay. That makes sense. XD

How about this:


6/13/2010 #2,966
Blackrow Halls

That's someone whistling, yes? :D

6/13/2010 #2,967

Yep. :)

This is pretty much internet charades.

6/13/2010 #2,968
Blackrow Halls

Yep. XD

Hmm.... E:

6/13/2010 #2,969

Hmmmm....Hannibal the Cannibal?

Or the top half of a train conductor's face?

6/13/2010 #2,970
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