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This is highly subjective an issue, and I can only speak for myself.

Yes, she did something wrong, but on the social level, and not of the site-administrative level. The site admins are sadly very nonchalant about this site, the poor and neglected stepsister of the more popular I doubt they would do anything for any offense short of outright plagiarism.

I wouldn't report her, in part because her slight is so small in the grand scheme of things, and in larger part because the chances of any action being taken is a hairs-breadth above naught.

As a new author, it's hard to respond to this sort of abuse with stony silence, but that's really what's called for here. You will always have your haters, you will always have those who live to cause pain in others. And, you have those who are so high in their craft (at least in their own eyes) that it frees them from the needs of mere folk, such as kindness and courtesy.

A related aside: what you write is your baby. That's the case with most serious authors here. (There are those who just toss their first drafts up without pride nor investment, but they're not worth even this mention.) It's hard to pour out one's heart, to sweat all the details, to work and rework and re-rework it until it's ready for others, only to see it castigated, or worse, ignored. I've found the second-hardest, second-most-important part about being an amateur author is to build up that necessary thick skin.

The firstmost in both categories is of course to actually do the writing, to find the discipline, the willpower, the motivation. However, if you lack that aforementioned thick skin, then all these little barbs (and the soul-sucking silence) will wound your motivation deeply.

I wish you the best, and hope you do not let this deter you.

2/23/2014 #61
Avra-Sha Faohla

Okay, I am curious about the guest avatar images. They show some green superhero figure. What on earth? Is there a way I can change that, for my stories, to something like a blank profile (which is the image given to registered users without avatars)?

6/19/2014 #62
Alex LB

What does it mean by label? Sorry it's confusing me :p

7/8/2014 #63
Avra-Sha Faohla

Alex, do you mean in the Document Manager tab?

7/9/2014 #64
Amber Tanaka

I created a forum, but it isn't showing up when people search for it. What's going on with it?

8/1/2014 #65
Mysteries Within

When I get a docx back from my beta reader is there a way that I could open so the the weird symbols before each line are gone?

10/10/2014 #66

My name is Crystalball2002 on here and I was wondering about your no notes and such on here for chapters? I would like to know more about that and I'm technically reaching out to fellow authors on here that are into sci-fi/fantasy and the reason being is I'm seeking help for a book that my cousin and I have been looking to publish. Soon I will upload the finished chapters, and the others.. well they're semi-finished with some notes and what not with what I need help to fix. Could I still do that?? Please let me know, I really appreciate it, and thank you for your time.

12/5/2014 #67
Avra-Sha Faohla

Crystalball2002, this site is really meant for posting finished chapters. They could be finished chapters that could use some editing, which is the whole point of the review system--people can give you feedback, tell you what's good and if anything needs fixing. You can, however, try to find a beta reader who will be willing to help you with the semi-finished chapters.

12/15/2014 #68

Where does it say "My Forums"?

4/25/2015 #69

Does blocking a user keep them from reading your story?

3/31/2018 #70
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