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Which Challenge entry did you like better?
1 Something to Drive by ZyggyGirl
2 THE END maybe by T-cat AKA TaraMafia
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Going back into time,

line thru the night,

remember, when it just took all over.

Taking me higher,

forced in my mind,

on the roof, are lifting, and drifting away.

From city to city,

from dawn to dawn.

And the whole generation,

is on the rock.

Good bye to the past, hello to the future

as the strongest continues.

8/21/2010 #2,971
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Darkness: Me too. 3

Dashing through the sand, with a bomb strapped to my back,

I've got a nasty plan for Christmas in Iraq.

I got through checkpoint A, but not through checkpoint B.

That's when I got shot in the arse by the U.S Military!

8/21/2010 #2,972

Yes. It's their song, and behold, they can create good lyrics and such.

Funny thing, isn't it?

8/21/2010 #2,973


Tara: I have no idea :|

Shuna: Ahhk, cool :)

hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase, hakuna matata, ain't no passing craaaze

8/21/2010 #2,974
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Jingle Bombs! Achmed the Dead Terrorist! Look it up! Abuse of exclamation point!!

I know the sound of each rock and stone

And I embrace what other fear

You were not to roam in this forgotten place

Just the likes of me are welcome here

Everything breaths and I know each breath

For me it means life, for others it's death

It's perfectly balanced, perfectly planed

More then enough for this man

Like every tree stands on it's own

Reaching for the sky I stand alone

I share my world with no one else

All by myself I stand alone.

8/21/2010 #2,975

haha i will later :)

8/21/2010 #2,976

urgh macbeth. /3

8/21/2010 #2,977

Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires.

Only quote I have of it, and it's called "The play" because the name itself brings bad luck

8/21/2010 #2,978
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

?? WHere did that come from?

8/21/2010 #2,979

haha I have to learn my lines from the play :P and I've been putting it off all day.

I never knew the name of the play was bad luck!

double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!

8/21/2010 #2,980

I don't remember why it is meant to bring bad luck, but many actors still believe so. I was in London once, and had just seen Blackadder 3, where some actors were quick to knock on wood or such to rid of it. I passed a small theather (I was lost, as usual) and I saw that play being there, and for fun I said the word. The men smiled and then told me many ways to ensure that I dion't get bad luck.

Never put the shoes on the table

Don't light candles when you've met a sailor

knock on wood.

Never say break a leg

Don't eat before you go on stage

Carry two bronze like coins at all times.

Those are the ones I remember, except that Macbeth brings bad luck

8/21/2010 #2,981

I am not your rolling wheels;

I am the highway.

I am not your carpet ride;

I am the sky.

8/21/2010 . Edited 8/21/2010 #2,982

Nah nah nah NAH! Can't touch this... *does M.C. Hammer dance*

8/21/2010 #2,983
pretty twisted

Ran!! A Lion King song!! :DDDD (In case no one can tell, I LOVE The Lion King.)

8/22/2010 #2,984


8/22/2010 #2,985
T-cat AKA TaraMafia


8/22/2010 #2,986


How you?

8/22/2010 #2,987
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Good you?

8/22/2010 #2,988

My story is saying post and I still don't have in what I want

8/22/2010 #2,989

I'm awesome because I took my brother's old room and made it how I want. :D

8/22/2010 #2,990
T-cat AKA TaraMafia


8/22/2010 #2,991

I can't believe it. The kittens are actually gone. T-T

8/22/2010 #2,992

Shuna: Hmm?

Zyggs: You gave them away? D:

8/22/2010 #2,993

Jon: I have this weird thing in my head, when I write. My mind suddenly says "stop" when the ending of a paragraph, and usually, it's cool. But not now, don't need that!

8/22/2010 #2,994

Shuna: Oh, how do you fight that?

8/22/2010 #2,995

Jon: Yeah...

Shuna: That sounds like it could get annoying.

8/22/2010 #2,996
Hey :)
8/22/2010 #2,997

Make it unstop, somehow. Here is what I have so far.

They were screaming downstairs again. The quill halted as a sigh escaped the boy's lips. He couldn't do homework when the two men were arguing loudly. His delicate fingers corked the ink, and put away the essay. A shame really. He was actually quite pleased with what he had written so far. But it didn't help at all, he had discovered long time ago that homework was almost impossible to do when people were fighting or arguing.

Harry stretched as he rose from his bed. His shoulders felt terribly stiff after sitting slightly hunched over his essay. His guardian did not approve of using a quill when he was in his bedroom, but it was way better than sitting in the kitchen, where he was trapped for hours as the two jet haired men started their usual screaming match, one staring in the fireplace while fire danced in the eyes of the other man who were in the fire.

At his room, Harry had free access to the bathroom and could easily slip out of the window if he couldn't take the sound.

His vivid green eyes laid on the lone window. It was old fashioned with only one layer of glass, not succeeding in shutting out the smell of the nearby river, nor the cold air of a Like the rest of the house, it had an air of neglect lingering in the falling white flakes of paint.

Nodding to himself, Harry grabbed the nearby jumper, and pulled it over his head. He growled as the movement tore of his glasses. His fingers clumsily had to feel their way to them. Finally, they made contact with the metal frame. Yanking them out of the jumper, he hastily put them on. The men still arguing, which meant that none of them would notice him. Nodding to himself, he quietly walked toward the old window as his Godfather yelled something which made the boy halt.

"The only reason why you're keeping him is because you're trying to pay for the sins you committed towards his parents!"

Had his guardian done something to his parents? An ache blossomed in Harry's stomach. His caretaker had only mentioned his parents before he adopted the boy. Then it was only his father who had been brought up, and it had mostly consisted how arrogant and terrible they both where. After the adoption, he had stopped saying those things

Closing his eyes tightly, he opened the window without looking, and slid out with ease which gossiped that this happened far too often.

He opened his eyes, his gaze going between the deserted houses. He didn't know why, but looking at the dark brick often made him feel quite small. It was his own little labyrinth, a free zone where they never entered, physically or mentally. No, he was always alone here. There was no point of coming here, it was no place for anger. No one but the hungry souls of a forgotten past, stray cats and Harry wandered under the sickening pale light from the light posts.

8/22/2010 . Edited 8/22/2010 #2,998

Zyggs: Sorry. Do you have pics at least?

8/22/2010 #2,999

Hey Sam! :D

Shuna: Yeah that doesn't seem like much of a stopping spot.

8/22/2010 #3,000
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