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Poll has been closed for voting. Displaying poll result:
What new topic would you like to see at the Lounge?
1 Debates on something (a new topic will be added each week)
2 Another game (we'll think of ideas later if this is the most popular)
3 A competition of sorts (we'll think of ideas later if this is the most popular)
4 A thread to set up Betas
5 A 'suggestions' topic (I'll put one up anyway if two people vote for this)
6 A thread for artwork.
7 A thread to talk about movies/television shows
8 A thread where you can complain/rant about things.
9 Other (please tell ranDUMM, and it will be added to the poll)
10 Discussion on something (a new topic will be added each week)
Unique Voters: 18

I like the idea of just a lyrics thread. I haven't seen that done very often. And a debates thread sounds good to me.

11/27/2010 #31

Okay so we have one vote for a lyrics thread :) Anyone else?

Also, do we have any creative names for Chat Room 7, or just leave it as that? Up to you guys.

11/30/2010 #32

Actually, never mind. I'll put up the new Lyrics thread now.

11/30/2010 #33

Maybe the chat rooms can have a neat name. The Lounge is sort of the main place, but let's think of what else is in a lounge. We could make up a space and give it a name. I thought about what folks do in a lounge, especially at college and we had a huge flat screen tv, tables music playing and a cafe to the side. We may want to call it Cafe Le Chat or the Zhe Spot, heck call it The Hub, you know what I'm saying. Also, is there some way we could possibly take clips from movies and talk about that also like a theatre. There are a lot of new movies out there and I always like talking to friends about certain scenes and stuff like that.

We could get the movie trailers from Youtube and maybe discuss whether or not it looks good or what have you. What do you think about that? (Those names for the lounge maybe lame but that's all I got...LOL.)

11/30/2010 #34

That sounds really good, the names I mean! I think if we can all decide on a name, we'd have a mad Chat Room :D Ideas, anyone?

Hm... well. The thread that's up next to be made is the 'Debates' thread, which I'm not making at the moment because we already have so many other threads, and they need a bit more attention at the moment. So I'm really sorry, but looks like the time isn't ripe for that thread quite yet. :( It will be eternally recorded here though, so one month from now, we may decide that a Movie discussion thread is EXACTLY what we need. Anyway, you're quite welcome to have those discussions in the Chat Room, in the meantime. When (if) the debate thread goes up, I'll be sure to include some questions about the newest movies, and what people thought about them. :)

So, ideas for a new Chat Room name? We already have:

- Cafe Le Chat

- Zhe Spot

- The Hub (I think already taken by some forum, so they might think we're copying)

12/1/2010 #35

Thanks for responding.

12/1/2010 #36

Personally, I like Cafe Le Chat. Sounds very dignified.

12/1/2010 #37


YAY: 0 NAY: 0 MAYBE: 2


YAY: 0 NAY: 0 MAYBE: 0


12/19/2010 . Edited 12/19/2010 #38

Sam suggested that we have a different theme to the Christmas one, since we had that one last year.

12/19/2010 #39

I rather like Sam's New Year's idea, so I'm for that.

And cafe le chat sounds good. XD

12/19/2010 #40
Silver Penny

I like Cafe Le Chat! :D

12/20/2010 #41


I am new and don't know how to use this site. I want to upload some writing. I would think that it should give me an opportunity to chose a category to upload to such as humor etc.. How do I upload something to a specific category? Also I did not know how to start a question in the forum so I put something right here. I am sorry if this is not the right way but I could use some help with how to use the forum too.

12/21/2010 #42

Well, this is a place for questions. Do you know how to upload documents to the site yet?

12/23/2010 #43
A Panda Writer

I have a question about uploading multiple copies of stories. I know in the rules it says that you can not upload the same story twice onto the site. But I'm wondering about one-shots, if you could upload an edited version for like chapter 2. Then edited again for Chapter 3. It would still be in the same story type thing saying One-Shot and so forth.

1/18/2011 #44

No, that's fine :) You can upload edited versions of the same work, I'm pretty sure.

1/20/2011 #45

Hey I'm a Graphic Designer by day and a Writer by night. I'm trying to build my portfolio and finish my first novel at the same time and it's been a crazy but fun task to take on. I am wondering where people go / what they do for cover designs for those who are self-publishing? Even if you could point me in the right direction of where to ask I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much, ~BJK

1/23/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #46

Just a question: The thread for reviews is only about poetry, correct? So why isn't there another one, for stories? Or is 'The Lounge' specifically for poetry?

x mandy

2/16/2011 #47

Nope, it's for poetry and prose! You just say which one you're posting, either poetry or prose.

2/16/2011 #48
Mannabelle Twain

how do i post my pic here and edit my profile? please help

2/26/2011 #49

For some reason I can't find my story. It's under general and rated K, and yet, it won't appear unless I select K. On K - T it won't appear, which worries me, since that means not a lot of people will see it.

3/1/2011 #50
eman pseudo

Hello, been reading stories here for a while but my first post on the forums so please be gentle.

My question is: Could anyone tell me what has happened to the search function please? I used to be able to type in a keyword and sort the results out according to publication date to easily find new stories in my chosen genre. Now I can search and get 100's of results, but as soon as I try and sort them by update date (to bring the newest to the top) the results only bring up one story posted in 2000.

Thanks for your time.


3/20/2011 #51

Hmm...Are you searching something in particular, or are you having this problem with everything?

3/21/2011 #52
eman pseudo

Hello, thank you for your reply. I'm getting the same problem with any keyword I type into the search field. Plenty of results when I leave the 'sort by' filter on auto (but this means that I can't find new stories without trawling through dozens upon dozens of pages), but when I try to sort them by publish or update date, then I only get one result.


3/23/2011 #53
Rizzal Fo'shizzal

Every time I try to search something I get: The search engine is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again in a few minutes.

It's been going on for days now. Am I the only one? And if so, do you know how to fix it?

3/27/2011 #54

@Jay: I'm sorry this reply is late! The problem you were having was probably just a precursor to the complete breakdown of the entire search engine. Things seem to go in waves around here...

@Rizzal: Yep, it's kaput. I emailed support, but that's kind of like yelling at a wall. Hopefully they'll fix it in a somewhat timely manner...

Though I've found that they get to work a little faster if a bunch of people complain...

I'm sorry, guys, I wish there was a quick-fix.

3/28/2011 #55

Oh great! :/

Bye bye new stories. It's impossible to find anything without it.

3/29/2011 #56

Well, there's always the 'Just In' tab...but that's not nearly as detailed. *Sigh*

3/30/2011 #57
Well, happy April Fool's Day; the search engine is back in order, but now we have this lovely problem with the posts. Yay.
4/1/2011 #58
Hi, I just logged in today to edit a story from "Document Manager" and found out that my lovely online editing box with all the fancy buttons for bold, italic etc are gone and I have this ugly skinny box where I can only read three lines (complete with html tags) at a time. There's a drop down menu in the upper right hand corner so that you can switch from one document to the next without going to the list. That's nice and all but I want my editing box back and I tried on different computers, internet, browsers, OSs, etc and I still just get the stupid skinny box. I'm sad.
4/2/2011 #59
Again, that's part of FP's newest glitch. I'm not sure, but I think some of the older members of the site know HTML codes to make it work properly. I am absolutely clueless, but I think Jealous Rage knows them, and he's already offered to help people with them.
4/2/2011 #60
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