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I emailed support but don't know what that does. I just try to proof the stories the best I can before I upload and just do without line breaks. It's just too hard to be able to only see three lines of text and scroll it down. After broken stats and other problems, it's nearly as buggy as
4/2/2011 #61
@Marzydotes: It's the same problem for me. If I wanted to update my story, it'd be a real bitch to do because you'd have to scroll all the way, AND keep using HTML tags do make it proper.
4/3/2011 #62
eman pseudo
Hello, thank you for taking the time to reply. It appears the search function is working again, but the same problem remains for me whenever I try and sort the results into publish or update date. The hundreds of 'hits' are replaced by just one result. I'm not complaining, as this site is free for everyone, but I have to admit it is an annoyance as other than the 'Just In' list, which doesn't really go back far enough, I can no longer find new stories. I've tried it on another browser and someone else's PC in case my browser / pc was somehow at fault but the results are the same. Thanks, Jay.
4/3/2011 #63
i tried to update my profile to apologize for my messy looking updates because of my broken online editor box and I have the same problem with updating the profile too!
4/3/2011 #64
@Jay: Well...the only thing I can think of is to email support about it. I know they're not the quickest fixers, but it couldn't hurt. I can't really think of any other way to fix it.
4/3/2011 #65

I got the codes, thanks to Jealous Rage.

To make a new paragraph - (arrow)p(arrow)Whatever you want to say(arrow)/p(arrow)

To bold - (arrow)b(arrow)Whatever you wanted bolded(arrow)/b(arrow)

To italicise - (arrow)i(arrow)Whatever you want italicised(arrow)/i(arrow)

To underline - (arrow)u(arrow)Whatever you want underlined(arrow)/u(arrow)

To quote - (arrow)p class="quoteStyle"(arrow)Whatever you're quoting(arrow)/p(arrow)

To link - (arrow)a href="the link url"(arrow)Whatever words you want to serve as the link(arrow)/a(arrow)

You have to get them exactly right, or they won't work. Also, to get the arrows, you press Shift+comma (for left arrow) or Shift+period (for right arrow). So the code would be Shift+comma, p, Shift+period. He also said that it's best to just edit your story in a word document, and re-upload it. Hope this helps!

4/3/2011 #66
Thanks. It's been almost a week now and it doesn't look like they're planning on fixing it or they just can't. I did send a couple emails to the bottomless pit of support. The hardest thing is that my eyes aren't really good for reading and it's hard to sort out the three lines bunched together with html and then search 4,000 word documents for where to put in line separations. So I pretty much just publish them as is and apologize to readers for any mistakes or no line breaks. Nothing else to do about it until FP digs up a tech and fixes it on its end.
4/7/2011 #67
Well, when the site crashed yesterday, I was hoping when it came back up, they'd fix it but apparently not. What's the point of having either up if you can't do anything?
4/10/2011 #68

I know...I have hope now, though, because there's a thing on FanFiction's homepage saying that they're fixing the issue over there.

We never get anouncements over here...we never get Christmas greetings, either...

4/10/2011 #69

What the hell happened to this site? I'm getting some ancient page that is completely unrecognizable in two browers and I can't log in b/c it says I'm going to an old page. WTF is the matter with these people?

5/12/2011 #70
Felix Nothus

Hi, I signed up a few days ago and I realise there's a two day period where you can't upload to reduce spam, but now those two days are over and I can upload a document, but if I try clicking on the "create new story" tab, I just get a 404 error. Can someone please fix this or explain to me what I'm doing wrong?

5/14/2011 #71

I tried to do the same thing, but I got the same problem. I think it is one of Fiction Press' many glitches.

5/15/2011 #72

Did you check your URL addresses? Fiction Press switched everything on accounts from to (similar to setup which was why those folks when trying to login to their accounts were erroneously rerouted to fiction press login pages) which meant for me going in and painstakingly trying to convince my browsers to change bookmarks to go to the new login and account pages not the old ones which will show up as outdated or with 404 errors. That happened May 12-13.

Just a thought.

5/15/2011 #73
Felix Nothus

Well everything seems to be in working order now, so yeah, either fixed itself or I was doing something wrong, but all good now in any case.

5/15/2011 #74

My Fiction Press Stats stopped counting hours ago. I even tested them and they didn't count (though they did on

5/26/2011 #75

They're working again. Went to bed late stuck on 909 and this morning it shows over 1.4k visits for yesterday and quite a few today already.

5/27/2011 #76

Document manager is sluggish and throwing out 408 timeout errors if you try to upload fiction from your computer to it.

6/1/2011 #77

Ack! My stats have been up and down for over a week. They go down for 1-2 days and then backfill and then break again. Today, they were broken, then backfilled and then broke again. I hope they fix mine soon!

6/27/2011 #78

Alas, down again. :(

6/29/2011 #79

Day three, of the stat counter being broken. I guess I must be the only one with my counts going down from over 1.8K a day to zero. Yet I'm still getting reviews.

7/1/2011 #80

what category would I sumbit a screenplay, 'script on spec', or script on this site. :O

7/17/2011 #81

My stats broke again. Reviews but zero visits to updates...augh!

7/18/2011 #82
A Fire Rose

I have game ideas, if they are needed.

9/25/2011 #83
Endless Curiosity

I've found a typo in the section where you do all your account stuff. Under Avatar, it warns you to not use adult/provactive images - it should be provocative. Who would I tell about that?

Also, for some reason the preview button doesn't seem to be working.

9/29/2011 #84

I'm just amazed that my stats are showing up for the first time in nearly a month and back filling too.

9/29/2011 #85
A Fire Rose

If I click on the Forums link on this periwinkle bar up there, it leads to another blank forum.

10/9/2011 #86
Wendy Thompson135th
I am having problems with the following pages: ; and ~~my edit profile window, my profile stats and my story stats pages. My edit profile window appears as text with html tags, and not with the standard editing format. My stats-profile page does not display any bar graph data in either the breakdown by day of month graph or the breakdown by visitor country graph, and my stats-stories page does not display any bar graph data in either the breakdown by day of month graph or the breakdown by visitor country graph. I have Windows XP professional, Firefox 9 and ATT internet provider. Over at my user name is Alverat. These two pages and , are normal. I still have Windows XP professional, Firefox 9 and ATT internet provider. ~~Why cannot I have the standard displays in FictionPress that I have in FanFiction? What is FictionPress doing wrong and who can fix it?
4/4/2012 #87
Hello everyone, I have a technical problem and thought maybe someone here could help me. Sorry if this should turn out to be the wrong place to post my problem. So, the problem is: I want to send a document to one of my beta readers, but my DOCX outbox is full. Which is way I'd like to delete older items so I could finally send the doc to my beta reader. Unfortunately I can't delete anything. There is no button that would allow me to do so. The "action" column is empty. So is the status column. Btw: My inbox is just like that, too. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you very much, Tora =) PS I have already sent an email to fictionpress support, but maybe there is a quicker solution.
4/12/2012 #88
Wendy Thompson135th
The reactions in those who suffer long unresolved problems are exacerbated by silence from Fiction/Press staff/moderators. An update on the home page, one that simply states the staff is aware such-and-such a problem exists and are working to resolve it, would moderate the extreme annoyance and growing impatience experienced by members.
4/17/2012 #89
The recent April 18 update on "improvements" made me laugh. I sent this email to them in response. News: April 18th, 2012 -- We have improved several areas of the site in both performance and stability. Emails: We have doubled the capacity of our email delivery system and have resolved sporadic issues of delays. Performance: Page load times have been improved and especially for those accessing the site from Asia/Europe. Doc Manager: We have more than doubled the performance of the Document Manager resulting in a smoother uploading/editing process. Stats servers have been upgraded to more powerful machines and we have resolved sporadic issues during this migration process. Lots of misc. minor improvements. This is all great news but alas, I and other users of Fiction Press can't take full advantage of these additions and improvements because the drop down menus for Document Manager and the stats charts pages have been broken since last September. How can I enjoy the more powerful stats when I can't see the charts because the drop down menu for stat charts for stories and profile hasn't worked since last September? How can one enjoy the doubling the performance of document manager when the editing screen has been more than halved in size and reduced to only HTML editing because again, the drop down menu for document manager won't load properly. Thanks for your time. But fix the issues I raised and then those at Fiction Press will be to more fully appreciate these improvements. Or at least don't pretend you don't know about these problems. Any updates on the front page on when these issues will be fixed? Regards,
4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #90
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