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This may be a stupid question but I joined like 10 minutes ago and i can't figure out how to get a Beta reader. Could you please explain it to me?

10/17/2012 #121
Wendy Thompson135th

check under 'Betas' at the top of the page. You'll see a list of all betas. Check out their bios and PM the one who seems the best fit for you and your work with a request.

10/17/2012 #122


10/19/2012 #123

I can't get my account to like let me send a PM or even write one? Is there something I have to do first?

10/21/2012 #124

Never mind it's letting me now! Thanks anyway

10/23/2012 #125
Hey guys, I'm brand new to FP and I'm pretty clueless. How can I start writing my own story?
1/4/2013 #126
Wendy Thompson135th

Well, apparently you have a computer, and I therefore assume you have a writing program. Sit down in front of the computer, turn it on and open the writing program. That's how you start. Ideas, characters, names, plots --THAT'S all up to you.

For a basic story: create a McGuffin, a goal, and two competing characters(a hero and a villain. Usually the author likes the hero and dislikes the villain, but it could be the other way around.) The McGuffin is something they both want, either to keep or to destroy. Good luck.

I am a beta reader(currently on sabbatical), and after Valentine's Day, if you have 5-7K words, I'll look them over.

1/5/2013 #127

Alright, I guess my question was a little off. Where can I upload my story to the website?

1/5/2013 #128
Wendy Thompson135th


In that case, log in/cllck on your name in the right hand corner. You'll arrive at your page. On the left are a number of topics. Each has a pull down menu. Select 'publish', and begin at the 'doc manager'/upload' Instructions will follow.

1/5/2013 #129
Wendy Thompson135th

There may be an enforced time lag between registering and posting.

1/5/2013 #130
hypocritical sinner

I was wondering if publishers ever check out this site and discover authors?

7/31/2013 #131

Hello, does anyone know why Links aren't allowed in stories to external websites? Or is there a specific way you can include them? I tried using HTML and it would remove links and writing the link truncates it... I'm guessing FictionPress doesn't like linking?

1/2/2014 #132

Hi! My question is: Are you allowed to promote your stories and if so where can you?

1/4/2014 #133

Hi, I have a question. What does it mean, on your traffic stats, when somebody visits? Do they visit your story? Your profile? What?

2/21/2014 #134
How do I create a forum?
6/27/2014 #135
I have a huge problem. The "Life" of a document is 90 days, right? And it is supposed to reset each time you edit it? Well, I was editing an 88-day document. When I saved it, amd went back to the "Document Manager" area, it had 90 days on it. Same thing happened on a 75-day document- edited and saved it. It immediately went to 90 days. Now I'm worried that all of my documents are going to be deleted. Isn't the number supposed to go down to one day after editing it?
12/2/2014 #136

I'm really sorry about this, this is a question. I've made a poll but no-one can find it. Where is it. I know this isn't a suggestion, but I am still working out how Fictionpress work (Though this forum has helped me) and I'm one of those ignorant newbies at the moment. So, yeah. If you could help me, that would be great.



1/12/2015 #137
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