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Chat 6 is FINALLY full :D



1) Please do not use [too much] profanity; keep it to suit teens.

2) Please do not use any discriminatory comments such as racial comments, religious comments, comments based on habits or hobbies, etc.

3) Include everyone in the conversation! Don't leave anyone out, because that's just mean. [unless you do it accidentally, in which case, just apologise and move on]

4) Do not spam. Please do not have random chatter on ANY topic other than the Chat Room. The other topics are there for you to adhere to the specific activity it was created for; for example, no posting in Register except for the one post you make with your details.

5) Respect other's privacy. Remember that these people are random strangers across the world, and they have every right to keep any information they wish about themselves private.

6) This thread is NO LONGER here for spamming. If you wish to spam (lyric spam counts as posting the lyrics of a song in more than three posts), then please head on to the SPAM STATION. Random chatter and other goodness is still welcomed. :)

7) Above all, HAVE FUN!

11/30/2010 . Edited 12/4/2010 #1


11/30/2010 #2

Just so that everyone knows, the Profanity Filters have been turned back on. Sorry guys, but maybe it wasn't such a good idea :(

11/30/2010 #3

Man I had to go and then fell asleep with my mouth open and.... Wait, what's this about owning Jon??!!! O:

Explain later. Hopefully I'll chat with you guys tonight in my time. Till then eat your greens. LOL!

-Slinkers out the door for work-

11/30/2010 #4
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

YES!! I filled up Chat 6 and had a happy high because of it! Ten minutes of hyperness! WHEEEEEEE!! (I think Jon should be wary....*evil chuckle*)

11/30/2010 #5

Congratulations, Tara. I hope you enjoy using Jon.

11/30/2010 #6
i need this account deleted

Uh oh. D8

11/30/2010 #7

-Strolls in hops on couch and looks through little book. Takes a look around and realizes no ones there so gets up and fixes some Kool-aid- Hmmm....Hmmm...

Hey, can we just play some music in here? I like to listen to music while surfing the net at times. We could get a party going. Maybe...

11/30/2010 #8

Well I'll be back later. Got some work to do on my stories. Later gators. (I will be lurking)

11/30/2010 #9
i need this account deleted


11/30/2010 #10

How's it shakin Jon?

11/30/2010 #11
i need this account deleted


It's shakin, that's about it. How bout yourself?

11/30/2010 #12

Sorry, the computer is slow so, heh things are sort of cool and quiet for me right now. Whatcha listen to?

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #13
i need this account deleted

Oh yeah? Your kids gone or something?

I mostly listen to metal, you?

11/30/2010 #14

nahh, one is here and the other I got to go get from school in about hmmmm ten. Funny. I listen to pretty much whatever sounds good at the moment. I love just about any thing. What's your favorite group, or is there one I could listen to off of Youtube. The band that did the songs from the Transformers the movie (Cartoon) are my favorite and I still sing (To my self) Instruments of Destruction and Hunger. Google them if you haven't heard them.

11/30/2010 #15
i need this account deleted

You mean the movie with Unicron in it?

I listen to a lot of them, like Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, and Killswitch Engage.

11/30/2010 #16

Yep that's the one. My older brother got me hooked and well let's say, I can almost recite that movie from freaking memory. I pull out my MP3 when I'm taking long trips to other cities and blast You Got the Touch. I know you're laughing, hell I love that song. (:

I don't think I've heard of those bands so that gives me some groups to check out and consider. I always like to find new groups and music. Just like Nickelback became a favorite band because of the song Far Away that I heard off a Naruto AMV. One day I want to make one of those.

Okay that's all the time I got. You have to pay 25 bucks a minute if you late picking up your yungsters around here. Chat with ya when I can.

-Hops up and runs for the door-

Later man!

11/30/2010 #17
i need this account deleted

See ya later!

11/30/2010 #18
doors down

NEW THREAD! cool :)

11/30/2010 #19
i need this account deleted

Hey there!

11/30/2010 #20
doors down

are you this famous jon guy tara kitty wont shut up about? :)

11/30/2010 #21
i need this account deleted

Er, yeah. XD

Not so much famous, just property to them. DX

11/30/2010 #22
doors down


it must suck having to be taras bitch

*whisper* shes a monster man! get out while you can!

11/30/2010 #23
i need this account deleted

Well, yes and no. There's something wrong with me. XP

So how've you been?

11/30/2010 #24
XxBook worm 33

*Walks in a pie on my head* hi

11/30/2010 #25
doors down

pretty good.

fell asleep in class today because i pulled an alnighter trying to finish a ten page essay. that blowed. i got DT! CAN U BELIEVE IT?!

how about you?

11/30/2010 #26
doors down

that pie is wasted on your head brooke. here. let me help u eat it :)

11/30/2010 #27
i need this account deleted

-throws a frisbee at the pie- Hi!

Franz: That sucks, just like school. :P

11/30/2010 #28
doors down

no doubt jon, no doubt :)

you still in school or no?

11/30/2010 #29
i need this account deleted

Been out of school for a couple of years.

11/30/2010 #30
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