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doors down

is back

know what frap, you should be HONORED i kissed

you unappreciative thing you :P

12/4/2010 #271

Yeah... *sigh* Anyways, better have fun here while we're still here :D How are you?

12/4/2010 #272
doors down

hey rand! i think your British correct? :)

12/4/2010 #273


Pfft...You got your chicas mixed up dude...

--Snatches Franz before he leaves, and puts in a full nelson--

Now realize, I don't like to be toyed with! What's meh name!

--Waits for answer--

12/4/2010 #274

--Looks over at Rand--

Oh to answer your question I'm alright, tired, but ready to jump in the sac.

--Tightens grip on Franz--

12/4/2010 #275

Franz: British? Me? Nope, haha :D Guess again ;)

12/4/2010 #276
doors down

your name is frap the almighty goddess of course!

12/4/2010 #277

--Drops Franz--

Don't ever forget it. (Winks)

I'll go pick up the table I flipped. Again ladies, sorry for being such a tomboy, I CAN be ladylike.

--Rolls eyes at Franz--

12/4/2010 #278
doors down

i cant believe rand is american, cause u obviously are no tabloid junkie rand so... i dunno

u tell me :)

12/4/2010 #279
doors down

i prefer you as a borish bitch though frap,

its sexy ;)

12/4/2010 #280
XxBook worm 33

*Starts singing a random song*

12/4/2010 #281
doors down

ahem...please excuse my um tasteless? remarks

12/4/2010 #282

--Gives sinister stare at her prey--

Did,did, you just call me...

--Gets up and slides out of jacket to make sure it doesn't get bloody--

C'mere Franz, I need to split your pumpkin before I leave...

12/4/2010 #283
doors down

which song is u singing brooky? :)

12/4/2010 #284
doors down

can't we kiss ad make up?

12/4/2010 #285

Franz: Haha, I'm not American either :D Keep guessing.

And remember that we have people from all ages here, even eleven year olds, so be careful okay?

12/4/2010 #286

Brooke: What song are you singing?

Frap: Yeah, same. Crazy tired actually ==

12/4/2010 #287
doors down

um... is rand from france?



12/4/2010 #288


We are making up...I'm gonna let my knuckles kiss your cheek and hold you underneath my arms till you choke out. While unconscious I'll accept your apology for

the name. Besides, I blew a kiss - which I didn't plan to do- but you need to get up with Zygster for your kissing pleasures. You can't handle me.

--Licks knuckles and does just what she said.--

By they way, Id like to know the song too Brook


12/4/2010 #289
doors down


12/4/2010 #290

He finally got it.

Well I'm gonna split in six my friendly mix...

12/4/2010 #291
doors down

is dazed-

wow, the drugs did NOTHING to block that!

frap i admire the way you throw a punch girl! :)

12/4/2010 #292
XxBook worm 33

One Step At A Time by Jorden Sparks

12/4/2010 #293

Franz: Yes, The Great Southern land down under! :P

Brooke: I've never heard that song before :P

12/4/2010 #294
doors down

i would sing along with you brooky but then i'd be spamming

can't have that now, can we

*sticks tongue out at rand*

see? ME GOOD BOY! :)

12/4/2010 #295

Gently pats Franz's unbruised cheek...

Now that you understand me-

--Lifts him up off ground to help onto couch.--

Time for bed for me.

--Cleans up mess in kitchen and puts jacket back on, gives a chin nod to the seated crew--

Zhe Frap is out...(Winks)

-Takes gum out sticks on the bottom of door and strolls on...--

12/4/2010 #296

Ah, damn, I missed Frap.

12/4/2010 #297

*punches Franz for good measure*

12/4/2010 #298
doors down

hello, chicken mine!

Sup? ♥

12/4/2010 #299
doors down

fuck that!

once you start hitting me, im out

-storms off-

12/4/2010 #300
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