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doors down

yeah, around here, thats called grade 13.

i guess they think it sounds better

*eats popcorn* want some? :)

12/2/2010 #91
doors down

also, who is that in your avie? it looks cool :)

12/2/2010 #92
XxBook worm 33

Oh, Okay

:) Yeah *Grabes a handful of popcorn*

Thanks, it's Alice Cullen from Twilight

12/2/2010 #93
doors down

oh. well, i guess that shows my Twilight ignorance then huh? it's not that i hate the books, i just hate the obsessive annoying fans. being in a threater full of twilight fans is a truely traumatizing exspirience especially if you don't like edward cullen :)

12/2/2010 #94
XxBook worm 33

I'm not that obsessed with it but i'm close, and i'm not too anoying about it though XD

I like Edward, but I love Jasper more lol

12/2/2010 #95
doors down

see, now jasper, that guy kicks ass!

nice to meet a kindred spirit, for once :) *HIGHFIVE* *whispers* just keep it on the down low or the edward freaks will kill us both, k? ;)

12/2/2010 #96
XxBook worm 33

Lol yeah

XD *Highfives back*

Yeah, Okay

12/2/2010 #97

-Notices the couch is occupied-


-Jumps on couch across the two sitting there-


-gets up and runs out till the next break-

Thanks for the popcorn Brook, and Franz, didn't mean for my knee to get cha in the ribs.

Sneak up on ya later..

12/2/2010 #98
doors down

i must say, i rather like Rosalie though.

no particular reason, i just have a thing for blonds :)

wow, does that ever make me sound shallow and stupid :)

12/2/2010 #99
doors down

i g2g

12/2/2010 #100

Twilight...I like the book. Need to see the movies. Jake is my favorite. Edward did Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to much whining at times.

I got page!!!! This is dedicated to Brook who I have to leave for a bit. Thanks for the cookie and popcorn Chica. I should try to get you something when i come through again. Make a wish

list, and I'll see what I can do. Franz left. Guess I got him harder than I thought.

12/2/2010 . Edited 12/2/2010 #101
XxBook worm 33

Kay bye

Your welcome, :) and you don't have too

12/2/2010 . Edited 12/2/2010 #102

Okay, is there anyone about? Non?

Well, typical.

Drums fingers on counter to the Pac Man jingle. You know the one when they do the chase and ...I'm retarded. I'm talking to myself. -Holds bridge of nose while snickering-

Off to lurk and review.

I'll keep checking back to c if anyone swings by.

-Leaves some jelly beans for Brook.-

I know you said I didn't have to but I figured I'd keep up the good act a bit longer....Heh.

12/2/2010 #103
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Actually, there is someone about!


But she isn't me. ;)

12/2/2010 #104
XxBook worm 33

I'm still here.

*Picks up jellybeans* :) Okay, thanks

12/2/2010 #105

S'up chick.

How was school?

-Surfs channels in Lounge-

12/2/2010 #106

Yo, Miss Kitty.

-Nods chin-

12/2/2010 #107
XxBook worm 33

fine, I got my report card and i'm failing two classes

12/2/2010 #108

Oh NO'S!! Which two?

Turns off tele to give full attention.........

12/2/2010 #109
XxBook worm 33

Math and Life skills science

12/2/2010 #110

What type of Math? What is Life Skills Science? That's a new one for me. Here its Life Skills or Science.

12/2/2010 #111
XxBook worm 33


Well, it's a little of both we do life skills first then a little bit of science

12/2/2010 #112

I did okay in Algebra so let me know if I can help you out. I'm no whiz but I passed Statistics in college so I'm not too afraid to work with numbers. I actually hate math. Is it your understanding of concepts presented or just overall its hard and you focus on other stuff. Okay if you don't want to answer that's fine. I don't normally have anyone still here for this long, so figured I talk to you as much as possible before you leave me. The homestead sleeps well tonight for the moment.

-Pops open a coke and takes a swig-

12/2/2010 #113
doors down

peanut butter jelly time! peanut butter jelly time!

damn, i love me some P B & J! :)

12/2/2010 #114

It's the preferred food of the Gods.

S'up Franz? What's shakin?

-Pitches a coke across the lounge to the new arrival-

12/2/2010 #115
XxBook worm 33

Math is evil *Throws math book out of window and whtches it fall*

A little bit of both

12/2/2010 #116
doors down

hot damn bro a free drink

know what frap? your alright man! :)

i'm just watching Futurama, so bite my shiny metal ass :)

12/2/2010 #117

True the numbers are a pain but you do need it. I mean I love charging stuff so I need to be able to look at those store percentages to make sure I get my monies worth.

-Watches the flurry of pages hit the ground-

Good throw by the way. Well, just know I can try to help. But I won't tell you something wrong, that's for darn sure. I'll tell you to get yo Bing on if there's something I can't answer.

Other than that how's life? See anything interesting today?

12/2/2010 #118
doors down

*drinks long and deep*


damn, that was good! :)

12/2/2010 #119

Turn the bus around Franz...I's a chica. **Winks** I'm just not tamed.

12/2/2010 #120
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