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Actually Sailor Moon is pretty good, the villains too of course. XD

Aw crap, I hope you didn't watch one of the filler episodes. They suck. D:

If you want an example of the awesome of that show you should've watched an episode with an arrancar.

2/15/2011 #1,681
doors down

nah, it ws just it was subbed not dubbed, my small brain can't read and watch at the same time :)


(i kinda have a crush on her)

2/15/2011 #1,682

Ah, well they are dubbing the arrancar stuff now so lucky you if you want English. :D

A crush on which one, the "leader?"

2/15/2011 #1,683
doors down

YES THE LEADER!! duh. i SAID sailor moon, didn't i? if i meant mars or whatever i'd have said mars, you dummy! :P

thats great, is you could show me where to watch the dubbed...?

2/15/2011 #1,684

Well I didn't know ya knew the names, bleh! XD

Only watch up to where a guy named Grimmjow gets beat. There's a filler arc after that and most of it's still Japanese.

2/15/2011 #1,685
doors down

sure sure, i've only been a fan for like ten years, but nah, i don't know the names :)

animefreak has no dubbed episodes. tis where i watch 90 percent of my tv, so i know

2/15/2011 #1,686
doors down

sorry but i g2g jon!

ttyl man

2/15/2011 #1,687

They do too have dubbed episodes of stuff, I also do about 90% there. :s

Alrighty, later!

2/15/2011 #1,688
Lilith Marx

Hello. I am currently collecting information for my research project on the Mary-Sue character in fan fiction. I would like both new and old fan fiction members to please help me. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone answer these questions. Thank you.

For how long have you been reading stories on

For how long have you been a member of

What do you believe is a Mary-Sue?

What traits does she have (physical, personality)?

What was your reaction to this character when you were first exposed to it?

Did you like the character? If yes, explain. If not, explain.

What do you believe is the purpose of the Mary-Sue character?

Why do you believe Mary-Sue exists?

2/15/2011 #1,689


2/15/2011 #1,690

Heck I'm not too busy so I guess I can do this assignment....For the new person.

For how long have you been reading stories on Guess about four or five years give or take a couple of breaks in months here and there.

For how long have you been a member of Two or three years possibly.

What do you believe is a Mary-Sue? The person that is goodie-goodie all the time. They can do no wrong. They are just too freaking nice.

What traits does she have (physical, personality)? She is average in everything and should not stand out. She is always looking for the good in all people and situations.

What was your reaction to this character when you were first exposed to it? Mary-Sue is not really a character it is a description of an idea for a character. Ex. Hinata from Naruto would be like a Mary-Sue.

Did you like the character? If yes, explain. If not, explain. Like I said she is not a REAL character just an idea.

What do you believe is the purpose of the Mary-Sue character? To give people a like-able person in the story and possibly someone that has morals.

Why do you believe Mary-Sue exists? The idea is to keep all things pure in writing. There are always good and bad characters in a story but those which are Mary-Sue carry the torch of righteousness at all times. It allows the writer a person to base others off of, or to build from which is easily understood by all that read. Mary-Sues are normally not complex characters, and they don't have multiple layers of mystery.

Not sure if that helps or hinders but it's my two cents. Hello to anyone that may be lurking about!!!!!!!!!!

2/15/2011 #1,691

I just noticed what time it is and since this is a school night for most they are either in bed or during homework.


2/15/2011 #1,692

Kot...You don't like Bleach?

Dude, you need to look at those old episodes, seriously. Especially when he fights Kenpachi.....I can't tell you how awesome it was. And Renji's Captain which I can't recall but is so freaking cool with the cherry blossoms that are knives....I love that dude. Just one character that's the epitome of hot and badass! Woot!

Okay enough of that.


2/15/2011 #1,693

Heh, Kenpachi without the eyepatch and hollow-faced Ichigo fighting Byakuya was awesome!

2/15/2011 #1,694
MooCow of Justice

I don't like Bleach either. :\ Ichigo has a Jobber Aura on the level of Naruto and Ash's Pikachu. And he irritates me.

2/16/2011 #1,695

I didn't like him at first, because he does this 'I'll save the world by myself ' sort of thing that got on my nerves, but one of my favorite character is Renji. Ichigo follows much of the same script as Naruto, but he works well as a teenager at times. He also has a sort of attitude that I like as well. My other favorite character is GrimmJaw and Ulchira. ( I know I spelled his name wrong but....) They are both funny but interesting. Mr. Shaffer hands down is number two for my favorite characters.

Oh yeah, and the dude with the striped hat that runs the shop. Da** it I can't remember anything right now. That's what happens when i jump online before I de-stress from work.

2/16/2011 #1,696
MooCow of Justice

It's not solely the characters that make me not like the show, though Ichigo is definitely a big part of it. I've just never been a big fan of Manga or typical anime, and in my eyes Bleach has spent very little time out of the box.

Though, I was a very big fan of DBZ when it was still on TV. And I still sort of am, but a lot of it is nostalgia factor. Full Metal Alchemist also has drawn my attention several times. But that seems to be a very different sort of show to me as well.

2/16/2011 #1,697
Silver Penny


2/18/2011 #1,698

I missed Penny. D:

2/18/2011 #1,699

I missed everyone D:

2/18/2011 #1,700


2/18/2011 #1,701

Still there?? :)

2/18/2011 #1,702

Now I am. XD

2/19/2011 #1,703
XxBook worm 33

*Walks in* Hello

2/19/2011 #1,704

Do dah dippity....

Love those hampsters.

2/20/2011 #1,705


2/20/2011 #1,706

Now this sucks....I've been actually lurking and NO ONE IS HERE!!

But if I go to do...Stuff....EVERYONE SHOWS UP!!

Aw well....C yaw when ever.


2/20/2011 #1,707


2/21/2011 #1,708


2/22/2011 #1,709


2/22/2011 #1,710
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