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Yes! Let's use that!!
8/28/2015 #2,881
Jane Glass

Alright, so we still gonna have the invitation on September 4? And what all do you have planned for the forum? :)

8/28/2015 #2,882
Hmm I think we should start with a few chat rooms and a story board
8/28/2015 #2,883
Jane Glass

Okay, well, I have my forum set to allow anyone to make a topic, I think, so you can go ahead and add stuff. We should probably decide how many and what kinds of chat rooms should be added, but I don't mind if you work on the story board (I think I know what that is).

Also, do you want to be a mod? You'd be able to delete posts, edit posts, and stuff. Plus, people would know you're important then. I feel like it's only fair.

8/28/2015 #2,884
That would be great! I want to wait to post the new tppics until the day of though so no sneak peaks XD but we should brainstorm ideas and have it ready before hand
8/28/2015 #2,885
Jane Glass

Ha, ha, okay. XD Right, so, what should we do? I think we should have more chats, for different things, maybe, but what?

Could you explain what a story board is, so that I know exactly? I want to make sure we're on the same page. :)

You can list whatever you want to do or add in your next PM, if you want. I need to go, be back in about thirty minutes.

8/28/2015 #2,886
Jane Glass

Oops, I meant in your next reply. But PM would be fine, too.

8/28/2015 . Edited 8/28/2015 #2,887
doors down


8/29/2015 #2,888
Jane Glass


8/29/2015 #2,889
8/29/2015 #2,890
Jane Glass

Hey you! :) (PM?)

8/29/2015 #2,891

just ban me please

9/20/2015 #2,892
Mr. K.C. Groon

*cries aloud

It's dead!!

1/19/2016 #2,893

I think I hear its heartbeat.

9/12/2016 #2,894

Been years since i been on here.

It still kicking?

4/12/2017 #2,895

new here. How to introduce myself? well i like reading, watching movies, and making friends online. Sounds like a nerd lol.

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2/22/2019 #2,896

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3/20 #2,897


I'm brand new here and brand new to Fictionpress.

Almost but not really done with my first thing, just revising a little horror story I wrote awhile ago.

Well... if anyone's still here... hello.

4/5 #2,898
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