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7/12/2009 #1

Name: Winfield S. Hancock (Though he would much rather prefer 'Win')

Age: 17

Home State: Pennsylvania

Appearance: At 17 he's done growing, is of average height and regular build. Dark hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Fun loving and known to be sarcastic at times. Can spout off one line remarks that can leave someone laughing or cause them to stop and stare, usually because the humor has gone over their head. He takes the courses at The Point very seriously and hopes to graduate somewhere above 'Last in Class'.

Background: Grew up with his identical twin brother in Pennsylvania. Though he was named after the prominent General, Winfield Scott, he had no intention of following a military carrier until he was nominated to The Point by a local Congressman.

7/12/2009 #2
SnowClaw of Windclan

Name: Gene Merck

Age: 18

Home State: Texas

Appearance: Gene is about average height, maybe a little bit shorter, with bright eyes and a cheerful expression. His hair is a chestnut color and cut a bit unevenly. He has a few varying shades in it but for the most part he has no natural highlights or darklights. His eyes are a light blue, with flecks of a darker shade, and his brows are a dark brown that contrasts nicely with his hair color. Gene is sharp-featured, and tends to walk around his dormitory in his socks.

Personality: He's friendly and amiable, and prefers to go with the flow instead of putting up a big hassle. He doesn't mind doing favors for others and has before taken the blame for his friends. However, he is airheaded and easily described as a ditz, with little or no common sense. It takes him a moment to register things before he understands them--he's usually the person that laughs last at a joke. He has the bad habit of zoning out in class and daydreaming, which he does quite often in innapropriate times. In these daydreams, ironically enough, he's usually thinking about becoming an officer. Gene is an idealist and thinks that the world can be perfect, eventually. For now he's just working on himself, although that progress has been hindered greatly because he tends not to focus on projects. He does fairly well under pressure and is an optimist. He has a way with horses and is a fairly skilled rider, but is also a terrible klutz and can't do anything without knocking something over. Gene tends to get injured a lot and takes things way too lightly. He is also known for eating weird things that he's made.

Background: Gene grew up working with cattle, so he's fairly skilled with animal-related tasks. His family was one of organized chaos, with three younger sisters and one older brother. There was never really a defined breadwinner, seeing as even the women of the house would sometimes go out to take care of the animals, but his mother maintained a firm hand over the family. His father often referred to her as the great puppetmaster. He spent most of his time outdoors with his father and brother.

He was nominated for West Point by a family friend that happened to be in politics, and his parents agreed to it. Although he had never really thought about it before (his thoughts had always been about helping continue the ranch after his brother, Bill, inherited it) he now figures that being a cavalry officer might be enjoyable. He spends most of his spare time around the horses and stables; riding is the one class he does seem to be able to sit through. His parents worry about how he will do because they know about his mentality.

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #3
Star the Foxhound

Name: Lewis Armistead (Is called Lo by his friends although at first he doesn't like it)

Age: 17

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Lo is average height with dark hair.

Personality: Lo can be a bit on the quiet side at times but he is friendly also. He likes a joke once and while and is close friends with Winfield Hancock after they met before classes start.

Background: He was born in North Carolina but then moved to Virginia later on.

7/13/2009 #4
Star the Foxhound

Name: John Buford

Age: 19

Home State: Illinois

Appearance: Average height, skinny, dark hair

Personality: John isn't much of a talker and only speaks when he thinks he has something important to say. He's interested in horses and spends more time with them then he often does with his own classmates. He has his own horse that he rides in the stables.

Background: He was born in Kentucky and moved to Illinois when he was eight. His family has a long military tradition. John went to Knox College for one year in Illinois before getting accepted into the point.

7/13/2009 #5
Uldaren Bardaniel

Name: George Pickett

Age: 19

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Dark hair that has a tendency to curl.

Personality: Charming, fun-loving, and joking, but not very fond of studying.

Background: Originally was to study law in Springfield, Ill., but was accepted into the Point instead, appointed by a law partner of Lincoln's.

7/18/2009 . Edited 7/18/2009 #6

Name: Jacob Brown "Mr. Brown" to students.

Age: 35

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Tall, well built, with an intimidating appearance.

Personality: Harsh on students, but friendly and amiable when not concerned with instructing or 'trouble makers'.

Background: (Coming)

7/31/2009 #7
SnowClaw of Windclan

Name: Felix Allard

Age: 42

Home State: South Carolina

Appearance: Felix is tall and thin, with long, thin fingers and shoulders that jut out sharply. He is overall gaunt in appearance, with hollow cheeks and light blue eyes that sharply contrast with his pupils, giving him a 'wild' look. His hair, dishwater blonde, is about ear length, and his bangs are longer, going all the way to the bottom of his nose and making his eyes unseen to his students--they can never tell when he is watching, and the lack of knowing whether he's giving eye contact even unnerves some of the staff. He grins widely, in a bizzarre sort of way that most find scary, and his laughter is particularly chilling. He has dark stubble on the bottom of his chin, a few whiskery hairs, but not a full beard. He is missing his right canine for reasons currently unknown, and his teeth are white-yellow in color, crooked. He smells strongly of chemicals and seems to leave a trail of powder wherever he goes, often creating quite a mess. Because of this he is rather frustrating to the other instructors. He doesn't take very much care of his personal hyegeine and is pretty dirty, and smells terrible.

Personality: Felix often goes into obsessive, trancelike states, and it has been said many times that his work is his one true love. He hates bright light and often laughs at innapropriate times, or laughs at things that aren't funny whatsoever. He feels guilt for these things, but doesn't usually express it. He tries to be friends with others but lacks social skills, so therefore he is almost always shunned or turned away. He tends to overdo physical contact simply because he isn't used to being close to other people. Felix is a caring, thoughtful individual, but very few if any understand the workings of his mind. He is sometimes delusional and is very off.

Background: Felix was, at one time, a physician, and left the hospital for reasons unknown...

7/31/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #8
Star the Foxhound

Name: Zelon Hayes

Age: 52

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Skinny with dark blue eyes and thin black hair, just showing some signs of gray. His face is slim and there appears to be no fat on him so his face has a hollow start of appearance and his check bones are clearly visible. He's about average height.

Personality: Unusually quiet, Zemor also has quite a temper and doesn't mind punishing the students when he thinks they deserve it. Most of the students don't like him and try to avoid him when they do see him. He has a strong dislike for anyone he doesn't think is behaving or doing their work. Although some of the better students do like him.

Background: Grew up in Virginia and went to the Point himself, lived some of his life as a soldier but was wounded badly in the right leg, a wound which never recovered. As a result he was forced to leave the army and he becamea teacher instead. He still walks with a limp though. He teaches some of the classes that involve tactics and other military things.

8/7/2009 #9
Star the Foxhound

Name: Avery Mulligan

Age: 19

Home State: Georgia

Appearance: Thin, small and wiry with gray eyes and red hair. He also wears glasses.

Personality: Lighthearted and generally happy, Avery likes to play cards and have some time to joke around. Although at times he can also seem distant and he goes into these moments when he just stares out into space, like he is looking at nothing at all but just thinking.

Background: His family comes from Ireland but Avery was born in America.

8/9/2009 #10
Star the Foxhound

Name: Shawn Jeffery

Age: 18

Home State: Connecticut

Appearance: Shawn is average height/ weight with hazel eyes and light brown hair. His skin is pale and he never seems to tan, no matter how long he is out in the sun. He doesn't usually burn either. Shawn's face is slightly narrow and his frame is rather slight for a male.

Personality: Overall he is friendly and loyal to those he mets. Shawn loves to talk, even if what is being said has no importance. He'd also stick up for a friend even if doing so gets him in trouble. Often, Shawn tells people that he'd be willing to die for those he cares about.

Background: Shawn is an only child. His father was killed before he was even born, trying to protect his mother from a maniac trying to rob them. His mother did survive but she lost her mind over the death of his father and so Shawn was placed in an orphanage as a baby. The one thing he does carry of his family is his fathers looks, his fathers name and a picture from his parents wedding. He's never even met his mother. When Shawn was accepted inot the Point, he was very proud of himself and hopes one day to make a name for himself.

8/11/2009 #11
SnowClaw of Windclan

Name: Ambrose Hill

Age: 20

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Ruddy hair and bluish hazel eyes, with a slightly small, coltish build.

Personality: Volatile and intelligent, he tends to be set off easily and takes a little while to calm himself back down. Ambrose tends to act without thinking, going by impulses and emotions versus common sense, and is propelled by internal ideas and thoughts. He's on the creative side, and tends to act without regards to particular rules in the regulations of the point. Because of this he was held back a year.

Background: ...

10/6/2009 #12
Uldaren Bardaniel

Name: Ulysses S. Grant

Age: 18

Home State: Ohio

Appearance: Dark hair

Personality: Quiet, tends to keep to himself

Background: A tanner's son. His name at birth was Hiram Ulysses Grant, but there was a mixup in The Point's files. He changed his name willingly after that, and his classmates began to call him 'Sam' for his initials, 'US'.

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/16/2009 #13
Uldaren Bardaniel

Name: James 'Peter' Longstreet

Age: 17

Home State: South Carolina

Appearance: Dark brown hair

Personality: Rather reserved, good judgement


11/16/2009 #14
Uldaren Bardaniel

Name: Thomas Jackson

Age: 18

Home State: Virginia

Appearance: Light blue eyes, high forehead, sharp noseline, dark hair.

Personality: Reserved for the most part, sticks to the rules well, works hard in his studies.

Background: Orphaned when his mother died, he and his siblings lived with their aunt and uncle. Thomas ran away to other relatives after being treated as an outsider and suffering verbal abuse from his uncle. Secretly taught one of his uncle's slaves to read and write.

11/28/2009 . Edited 11/28/2009 #15
SnowClaw of Windclan

Name: John Reynolds

Age: 19

Home State: PA

Appearance: Dark hair and light blue eyes with an intelligent look to them.

Personality: Intelligent and fairly social.

Background: ...

12/10/2009 #16

Name: Cadmus Wilcox

Age: 18

Home State: Tennessee

Appearance: Short brown hair, mustache

Personality: Very warm and happy man, cares very much for family and friends

Background: Moved to Tennessee from his birthstate of North Carolina, has come to West Point in order to get a full education

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/17/2009 #17

Name: George McClellan

Age: 16

Home State: Pennsylvania

Appearance: Still gaining his looks of an man, has a hint of a mustache, dark hair

Personality- Though rather young, has a seriousness about himself. He is at West Point to gain his father's respect and have a strong military future

Background: One of the youngest people to have been to accepted to West Point, attended the University of Pennsylvania before attending West Point

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/17/2009 #18

Name: Trevor Johnson

Age: 19

Home State: New York

Appearance: Tall, Trevor has a sturdy build but is proportionate to his height. Fair skinned, he came from a higher class family so he was rarely caught outside. Sandy hair and green eyes that would be very friendly if not for the smug and pompous expression he tends to wear. His civilian clothes are all made special for him by a tailor, a fact that he often boasts on.

Personality: Trevor is always looking for trouble, he expects everything to be done for him, because he is an only child with parents who cater to his every whim. Abrasive and often offending to those he speaks with, and is obvious without many friends. Though fellow students tend to stay away from him, his instructors grudgingly admit that he's got the fortitude of an officer and is sharp as a nail. As said before he's wealthy and has pricey clothing, (His mother doesn't even know how to sew.) He also shows off the thoroughbred colt his father bought him the previous year as a gift for his "acceptance" to The Point. (Though he still doesn't know how to handle the animal.) He thinks these things will impress the other students when really it does the opposite.

He's difficult to deal with, but in reality, he only needs someone to look at him for who he is. He s so used to putting up a front for the people his parents associate with, he has no knowledge of what a true friend is. If given the opportunity, he would drop the facade. If his fellow students let him live that long anyway....

Background: Grew up an only child in New York. Was given everything he wanted without question. Was accepted to The Point because of the connections and money his parents have.

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/10/2009 #19
Uldaren Bardaniel

Name: Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana

Age: 17

Home State: Maine

Appearance: Dark hair, deep eyes.

Personality: Tenacious and determined.

Background: Father was a West Point graduate and his grandfathers served in the Revolution.

1/31/2010 #20
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