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There were stories before the Civil War. Based on the ongoing story.
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Where Cadets go to get away from class or work, though, many believe that the barracks leave much to be desired.

7/12/2009 #1

Reaching the top of the final flight of steps he threw his collection of bags on the floor, he had thought he was in fairly good shape at one point in time. Normally he'd be chided for an action like this, but there was one important little factor that was still hard to even believe.

He was alone.

No parents, no brother, no family to tell him to do anything. He was free. Looking over the banister back to the first floor of the dormitory building he whistled softly, it was most definitely a long fall. He pulled a folded paper from his shirt pocket and scanned it for the room number he'd been assigned, grabbing his belongings he headed down the hall. Still breathing heavily he looked back at the paper, shouldn't have run up the steps Win, he looked back up in confusion.

His room wasn't there, the numbers ended at 220.

He raised an eyebrow, "Well that makes perfect sense." No one was present in the hall, but hearing a voice, even if it was his own, eased his nerves a little. The enormity of being accepted to The Point finally beginning to sink in, that nervousness only doubling when his paper didn't match what he was seeing.

7/12/2009 #2
Star the Foxhound

Lewis Armistead walked up the stairs, one bad slung over his shoulder, another in his hand. He held a piece of paper with his room assignment as well and almost bumped into Win because he wasn't paying any attention. "Sorry," he said quickly, looking up from his piece of paper. "I was just looking for my room."

7/13/2009 #3
SnowClaw of Windclan

The chestnut-haired teen stared at the building before him slack-jawed; astonished. Never before had he seen anything this well built, ever. Then again, when one grew up in far western Texas they didn't exactly see much. He was mildly aware of just how stupid he must have looked, but didn't avert his gaze for a few more minutes.

He slung his satchel over his back and held the handle with one hand, digging out a peice of paper with the number of his room scribbled onto it in his trademark unreadable style, and glanced upwards, for a moment wondering what on earth he was supposed to do. The area was huge, and there would most certainly be lots to do--but he wasn't sure how enjoyable this all would be. Oh well; one way to find out.

He began to climb up the stairs, putting the wrinkled up slip of paper back into his pocket and reading the numbers on the doors, searching. He was already tired, and was looking forward to getting situated in his new place of residence, if only for his stay at the Point.

Gene glanced at the paper again, glanced at the numbers on the doors, sighed. Well, this wasn't going well. He noticed two other students standing near the end of the rooms and looked up from what he was doing. "Do you gusy have any idea of where things are? I'm lost."

7/13/2009 #4

He jumped slightly, not realizing he was no longer alone. He indicated the paper, "Looking for my room too."

He glanced over the other boy's shoulder down the hall before meeting eyes again.

"What's your room number? I could help you look."

7/13/2009 #5
Star the Foxhound

"I'm in room 225," he replied.

7/13/2009 #6

"Perfect," He smiled, folding the paper and putting it back in his pocket.

"That's my room number too." He extended a hand, "Winfield Hancock, call me Win though."

7/13/2009 #7
Star the Foxhound

He took the hand offered to him. "Lewis Armistead."

7/13/2009 #8
SnowClaw of Windclan

Gene glanced down at his own sheet. "Two-twelve."He gave a small nod to them and picked his things back up, digging his key out of his pocket and scanning the numbers on the doors until he found his new place of residence.

He unlocked the door and walked in, saw that another student had already been set up, chose the bed near the window and tossed down his things. So this was it..

7/13/2009 #9

He looked up and down the hallway, "Uhhh, let's try this way."

As they walked along he had a sudden feeling of nervousness. Please let us get along, I don't want to room with someone four years I don't get along with.

"So," He read the numbers on the doors, "Where are you from?"

7/13/2009 #10
Star the Foxhound

"Virginia," Lewis replied as he followed Win down the the hallway, scanning the doors as he passed, "How about you?"

7/13/2009 #11

"Pennsylvania." He replied immediatley, finally coming to the rooms over 220.

"Not very exciting."

7/13/2009 #12
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shrugged and noticed the door with the number 225. "It's right here," he said, gesturing towards it with the hand that wasn't loaded down with baggage.

7/13/2009 #13

Win stared up at the door and suddenly realized he hadn't been to the admissions desk yet. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back slightly. He spoke with his face to the ceiling, eyes still closed.

"Lewis? Please tell me you were given a key?"

7/13/2009 #14
Star the Foxhound

"Yeah, hang on a minute." Lewis dropped his bags on the floor and dug in his pocket for a minute before pulling out a key and holding it up triumphantly.

He cast a smile in Win's direction before inserting the key into the lock and shoving open the door.

7/14/2009 #15

As the door swung open he surveyed the room quickly and glanced sidelong at his companion.

"A little.....bare.....isn't it..."

7/14/2009 #16
Star the Foxhound

Lewis nodded and picked up his bags as he stepped into the room. "Yes, a bit. But we can fix that, don't you think?"

He grinned before dumping his bags on one of the beds.

7/14/2009 #17

Throwing his things on the other bed he opened the window before turning back and collapsing on the bed.

"Longest trip of my life." He started going through one of the many bags he had. He spotted a letter his brother had packed without his knowledge and looked up, suddenly curious about his room mate. Speaking out loud as he scanned his brother's note.

"Have a big family or are you an only child?"

7/14/2009 . Edited 7/14/2009 #18
Star the Foxhound

"No." Lewis shook his head before turning to go through his own stuff. "Do you?"

7/14/2009 #19

"One brother, and my parents." He shrugged, wasn't sure how else to continue the conversation.

"What do you plan on doing with your education from The Point?" He leaned back, put his hands behind his head. Bags could be unpacked later.

7/14/2009 #20
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sorted through some of his stuff before glancing back at Win. "I'm going to be an officer. That's what the point is all about."

7/14/2009 #21

"Of course," He stared at the ceiling. "But any particular branch of service you're lookin' into?"

7/14/2009 #22
Star the Foxhound

"I haven't really thought about it," Lewis said, "Infantry I guess."

He shrugged and continued to unpack his bags.

7/14/2009 #23

"I never really had a military career in mind." He continued to stare at the ceiling, felt awkward.

7/14/2009 #24
Star the Foxhound

"Then how did you wind up here?" he asked taking a few more things from his bags before shoving the bag to the floor and sitting on the edge of the bed.


7/14/2009 #25

He pushed himself into a sitting position, "Few politicians back home talked about it a while back. Said they thought I had the discipline for it."

He took on a pompous tone of voice, "With a name like yours you should be a fine soldier." He smirked slightly, "My parents set me up for failure."

7/14/2009 #26
Star the Foxhound

Lewis laughed. "You never know, they could be right."

7/15/2009 #27
SnowClaw of Windclan

Gene took open his suitcase; looked over the things there. A few pictures from home, warm clothes, a couple of different bits that could be used. He had, although his family owned quite a few head of horses and cattle, not brought his own personal mount...It would be interesting to see which sorts of personalities he'd find down at the stables.

Part of him wanted to slip off now, but he realized that breakfast was soon and there was no use in getting dirty-he figured he'd finish breakfast early and then head down.

The chestnut-haired teen closed his suitcase and set it next to the other one at the end of the bed and flopped onto the bed, smiling gently.

7/15/2009 #28

He shrugged, glanced at the door. "Have you seen the grounds yet?"

"I got lost getting here."

7/15/2009 #29
Star the Foxhound

"No, I haven't had the chance yet," Lewis said, "This place is huge, I was afriad I'd get lost if I explored it alone."

7/15/2009 #30
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