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Where the Cadets personal, as well as schooling horses are kept.

7/13/2009 #1
Star the Foxhound

John Buford stepped into the stable, the reins of his horse in one hand. It felt good to be back, he'd missed the school during the summer months, saw it as his home. Especcially when he was in the stables. He spent so much time there, taking care of his horse and then going out riding on the grounds.

7/13/2009 #2
SnowClaw of Windclan

Gene had after a small amount of thought, decided that there was no point in waiting for breakfast. After all, would he have free time like this without any sort of commands or external influence again? Probably not.

He made a turn and tentered the room, taking a deep breath and taking in the scent of fresh hay and horse, something he had become much used to in his lifetime, and scanned the various stalls. Having not brought a personal horse, he'd be needing to use a horse owned by the academy--he figured he'd better get to know them now.

He nodded once at the approaching figure of another student and his mount before a roan mare in the corner caught his eye; she had extended her neck over the gate of the stall in an agressive manner and was currently calling out through the barn loudly.

Gene approached cautiously, murmuring reassurances, and held his breath as he extended a hand and touched her ruddy muzzle. The horse froze, then her ears flattened even further and she tried to bite him, moving up against the stall door and giving a shrill whinny.

7/17/2009 #3
Star the Foxhound

John brought his horse into one of the stalls and give him some water before turning and watching Gene check out the other horses. He didn't say anything, wasn't much for talking but was happy to just watch him.

7/17/2009 #4
SnowClaw of Windclan

He smiled in greeting at John and turned his focus back to the mare, who, at the minute, was trying to bite him again. He carefully approached her, using one hand as a distraction as he brought the lead rope in his other hand to her cheek and then clipped on the lead.

the horse let out another angered whinny and got up a few feet on her hind legs, then landed and pawed at the bedding, tail lashing. Gene opened the gate and moved to the side, allowing the reddish animal to get to his right before he bagan to--or at least began to attempt to--lead her to the arena for some work.

HE called over his shoulder at John. "Oh, I'm Gene! You're...?"

7/18/2009 #5
Star the Foxhound

"John Buford." He turned his attention back to his horse, started to brush him.

7/18/2009 #6
SnowClaw of Windclan

He nodded. "You have your own horse? I wasn't able to bring a personal mount, as ya can tell..."

He shut the gate and the mare stared at him for a long moment, ears flattened before she tried to jerk free.

7/18/2009 #7
Star the Foxhound

John nodded. "Yes, this is my own horse."

7/18/2009 #8
SnowClaw of Windclan

He nodded, could tell that he wasn't much of a talker. Another one of those shy types, he supposed...Oh well.

The mare suceeded in breaking free and made a mad dash around the arena, throwing her head and snorting. Gene started to approach her and she moved forward in a threatening stance; he jumped back.

7/18/2009 #9
Star the Foxhound

As he finished brushing his horse, John watched Gene with some amusement. "She doesn't seem to like you."

7/18/2009 #10
SnowClaw of Windclan

He nodded. "No...No, I don't think she does."

He slowly started to approach her from the side.

7/18/2009 #11
Star the Foxhound

"You should try riding another one." John gave his horse one more pat and turned to leave the barn, grabbing the bags that he'd left near the door. He figured that he'd go up to his room.

7/18/2009 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

Gene shrugged. "I want to work with her....she's got spirit, I guess would be the right word to describe this situation..." He smiled, finally able to grab her halter. The mare stirred and stared at him again.

7/18/2009 #13
Star the Foxhound

John didn't even answer him, just slipped from the barn and headed towards the dorms.

((To Dorms))

7/18/2009 #14
SnowClaw of Windclan

After some time of training-and few results, Gene decided the best thing to do would be to finally go back to his dorms. He put up the mare, deciding he'd come back later, and headed inside.

7/18/2009 #15

The stables were larger than any working barn he'd ever seen, looking back at the paper he tried to see how to identify his horse.

"They tell you everything, the age, gender, personality.....except how to find it." He looked back at the rows of stalls on either side of them. "This should be fun."

7/21/2009 #16
Star the Foxhound

"I must have one too." Lewis pulled a piece of paper and looked at it as well.

7/21/2009 #17

"Oh wait," He pointed to the doors of each stall, a brass name plate with student's last names scrolled across them. He raised an eyebrow, there's fancy for you.

"Look for your name," He looked to the other end of the aisle, it seemed miles away. "I guess."

7/21/2009 #18
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shrugged. "Alright, guess that's the best way to find it."

He started looking at the brass plates. This is going to take forever...

7/21/2009 #19

Win stopped, "Wait....would it not be in alphabetical order?"

7/21/2009 #20
Star the Foxhound

"That makes a lot of sense." Lewis laughed and looked at the A's. "Yes, I've found mine."

7/21/2009 #21

"Well alright then," He strode down the aisle, "F.........G.......H..." He spotted his name, "Hah!"

He leaned against the stall door, looking the horse over.

7/21/2009 #22
Star the Foxhound

Lewis glanced towards him before turning back towards his horse.

Just then the door opened and a girl walked in. "Do you know where I am?"

"You're in the barn," Lewis stated.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "I gathered that much."

7/21/2009 #23

Win turned from the stall and looked down towards the others, their voices echoing down the aisle.

"Where are you trying to get to?" Not that he could really help.

7/21/2009 #24
Star the Foxhound

"I lost my friend and I can't find him," she said, looking from one to another.

Lewis shrugged. "I don't know anyone here. Where did you last see him?"

"Inside," she said.

"Let me get this striaght." Lewis was confused. "He was inside and so you came outside?"

The girl nodded. "I thought maybe he came out here."

7/21/2009 #25
Uldaren Bardaniel

"And who might you be looking for?" George Pickett inquired curiously, as he overheard the conversation from the entrance of the barn.

7/21/2009 #26
Star the Foxhound

The girl jumped and looked at him. "Robert Lee, do you know him?"

"I don't know him," Lewis said, even though he wasn't being spoken to at that moment.

She turned and looked at him. "I wasn't asking you, you're clearly as new here as I am!"

Lewis shrugged. "I'm just trying to be useful."

"You aren't."

7/21/2009 #27
Uldaren Bardaniel

George thought for a moment, looking up at the rafters. "Isn't he an instructor here?" he asked.

7/21/2009 #28
Star the Foxhound

"Yes, he is." The girl looked from one of them to another. "I'm Mary by the way."

Lewis looked at her and smiled. "That's a pretty name."

7/21/2009 #29
Uldaren Bardaniel

George raised his eyebrows at the other boy. "Easy now, Lothario." He grinned mischievously.

7/21/2009 #30
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