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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Whether you're a new arrival, or returning from a sortie, this is where you'll come to first. Don't forget to go log your mission in the computer before entering the elevator.

7/15/2009 #1

Davian stood in the middle of the hangar and breathed deeply. It was amazing how much one could miss the smell or fuel rods and grease. She streached feeling like she had come back home after a long terrible vacation...

Well except this wasn't the same ship and her "vacation" had been 3 months mandatory suspention. Those officals really needed to lighten up. A few minor explosions and they freak out. How did they expect her to find out which was the right way to mix those deep space explosives if she didn't try out the mixes? Sure some of them had blown out half the hull... they'd worked.

She shrugged and walked around inspecting the ships. "Oh these are just sad. I can't wait to work on them! I can see so many possibilities already," she muttered twiddling her fingers in anticipation.

8/14/2009 #2
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa had been tinkering on a malfuntioning afterburner when she felt a tingle do down her spine. Fear crawld through her and the glow around her eyes went out like a blown candle. Peeking over a ship she noticed Davian and wondered, 'Her 3 month suspension is already over?' Deciding to just get it over with, Zewa sidled out from behind the ship and wrung her hands, "Er, h-hello, Ms. Davian... I d-do hope y-you had a nice t-time while you were g-gone?"

8/14/2009 #3

Adam emerged from the sliding door to the rest of the ship to inspect the hangar. The familiar sight of fighters, and the famous sparks of welders. He loved the Hangar more than his dorm at times. He looked around and found his fighter, and hopped into his canopy. By instinct, his hands ran over to the start up controls, and he barely stopped himself from actually engaging the ship. He climbed back out, and then took a look at the outside of his canopy where his 30 stickers of proof resided. 30 stickers... had he really shot down so many bugs? Didn't matter, for every one bug you took down, about three more took it's place.

8/14/2009 #4

((So we know each other already?))

Davian slipped out her favorite puzzle and started playing with it. The silver metalic metal twisting snd shifted colors as she moved her fingers over the control keys on the clear box that held the substance. "What? Are you serious?! How could ANYONE be happy?! I was separated from my dear babies! Oh they must have missed me so much!" She ran over and embraced the side of one of the fighters as she spoke mubling comforting phrases to it. "Yes dears you missed mama didn't you. Those horrible lower class engineers don't know how to treat you! The don't know the first thing about you don't they?" She finished her emotional display with a quick kiss and a pat then ran back over to Zewa playing with her puzzle as if nothing had happened. "Where's Bertha? They didn't touch my big girl did they?!" She looked terrified at the thought.

((Bertha is what Davian will be calling the maitanance and rescue ship))

8/14/2009 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa seemed to shrink into herself as she nervously smiled, her lips wobbling to stay upright, "N-No, they d-d-didn't touch Bertha. S-She's r-right where you le-left her. I made sure to wipe her down everyday j-just like you instructed, Ms. Davian." Zewa couldn't help it, Maniac's pure hyperactivity and craziness scared her to no end. She wasn't afraid of her, she was afraid of her overreacting to everything.

8/14/2009 #6

Adam looked down at the young engineer hugging his ship, and recognized her as the engineer in a recent report. She'd disabled an escort carrier with a few prematurely detonated (or possibly incorrectly made) space charges. However, the fact she could create such weapons by herself was a sign of skill, it took a team of engineers to create just one. Climbing down from his canopy, via the ladder, he walked over to her. What was her name in the report? Davian, was it? He'd have to go with it. "Ah, Davian. What class ship are you looking for?" Adam asked.

8/14/2009 #7

Davian at first didn't notice the piolit she was too excited. "Oh Ze-Ze thank you! You're so wonderful!" She told the girl picking her up and hugging her tightly for a moment. "Oh I knew I'd left Bertha in the most capable hands not like those snooty idiots from the institute! Oh you're the best!" Still hugging the girl Davian jumped up and down with her laughing and giggling. In the middle of this she noticed the poilit. As if they had a life of their own her goggles slid down her face and over her eyes changing to magnifcation mode so Davian could properly inspect the man. It was a piolit, possibly one of those piolits who didn't appreciate her adding "upgrades" to their fighters...without telling them.

"Who are you?" the half gremlin asked still hugging Zewa tightly to her chest like an overlarge stuffed toy.

8/14/2009 #8
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa's glow marks began flashing brightly to signal Davian that she was holding her too tight and cutting off her air circulation... and possibly cracking her spine in half. This is what usually happened when Ms. Davian got excited about something. Yell, giggle, and hug her to death's door after spinning her around until she's ready to puke. Then forgot she was still hugging her and began talking. Luckily Ms. Davian was drawn to bright lights so all she had to do was flash her marks a bit. Hopefully, she would remember she was still there before she passed out.

8/14/2009 #9

Adam stopped his advance, and stood straight. "I'm Adam Skyler, Squadron Leader of the Panther squad." He also remembered something in the report, something about her making 'upgrades' to ships that ultimately lead to that craft malfunctioning mid-flight, forcing the pilot to either eject, or be towed back by a salvage craft. Pretty much what a Gremlin did back in the days of World War II. "I take it you're a flight mechanic... you don't happen to be the Davian I read in a report involving a certain escort carrier, are you?" He prayed it wasn't, he much liked his fighter the way it was. After all, he'd had it ever since he became a First Lieutenant.

8/14/2009 #10

Distracted by Zewa's flshing lights she gasped and let go of the poor girl. "Oh sorry Ze-Ze are you okay?!" She patted the gasping girl's head a bit before she looked up at Adam. Davian turned to him put her hands on her hips cocked an eyebrow and tilted her head up to look at the guy. Why did piolit's have to be so freaking tall?! "Excuse me sir! I am not the Davian," she said mimicing his tone perfectly right down to the sound of his voice. "I am THE Davian, only THE best mechanic and top level genious you have EVER met and don't you forget it bub!" She said walking up to him and reaching high up and pocking him in the chest to emphazise this last part. "And you should know that report is horribly biased! Everything would have been fine if those ninny's hadn't kept distracting me with 'safetly concerns'," she stated using air quotes on the last words. She stood there glaring up at him through her goggles which made her eyes look twice as big as they should be.

((Just so you guys know not everything she does ends in disaster. It's just it either works or you end up in a disaster fearing for your life there is no inbetween XD))

8/14/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa coughed air out and whezed it back in. Seeing that the poor pilot now had Ms. Davian's attention, she decided he could deal with her for a bit while she fainted. Flopping backwards with her body shaped like an 'X', she sighed, 'Only five minutes since she got back and I'm already exhausted.'

8/14/2009 #12
William McKinney

Max finished the adjustments to her SMR-8 Spartan, and closed up the cockpits canopy, stretching. I hope no one messes with my new set up, i just got my new bird adjusted to my liking. She thought to herself, as she slid down the ladder leading up onto the back of her fighter.

8/15/2009 #13

Adam sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "We have safety protocal for a reason. Our ships are capable of going full afterburners through astroid fields. However, it's dangerous to go that fast, so we made it a safety protocal to go no faster than 250 kilometers." He crossed his arms, and looked more sternly at her. "Don't go messing with my squadrons fighters. Unless you have proof that it works, don't apply it to any of my ships." With that, he turned around and saw the new White Wolves squadron leader, Athena. Immediately walking over to her ship, he took a short look at the Spartan. "Well, I take it this is your ship?" He pointed at the SMR-8.

((I think I understand, however, Adam is very strict about things like that. Dun screw with his squadrons machines!))

8/15/2009 #14

((XD I have an idea for this, hang on))

Davian huffed and crossed her arms and pouted. After that she growled and threw up her arms. "Oh! Chicken Feathers! If I don't have anything to test it on how am I suppoused to know if it works?!" She howled to the ceiling. She paused and thought that over... The craziest grinn came across her face. "Wait! I know! Oh this will be fantastic! My best most brilliant work ever. This is the most perfect excuse!"She turned to Zewa. "Ze-Ze! C'mon we have work to do!" She snatched the girl up by the arm and dragged her away toward the Large heavy ship Davian had termed Bertha. Idea were whirling through her head and a wild fire shimmered in her eyes.

((She'll test it out on Bertha XD You've unleashed a monster!!))

8/15/2009 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

In Zewa's dreams of going on vacation to her home planet, the world suddenly turned dark and Davian's magnified eyes began to appear everywhere. "Wake up! We have work! Wake up! We have work!" Those two sentences repeated themselves as Zewa tried to run away from the maniac who couldn't even leave her alone in her dreams. Finally gasping awake Zewa trembled in fear as she realized she was being dragged to Ms. Davian's precious Bertha.

8/15/2009 #16

((*falls off chair in fist of laughter* XD that was good Jade. It makes me feel bad for Zewa but I can't have Davian out of character!))

Davian skidded to a stop before the large bulky hulk. She let go of Zewa and rubbed her hands. "Ze-Ze! We're gonna trick Bertha OUT! I'm talkin' about at full on make over! c'mon, you grab the plasma torches and I'll start reworking the ion converters!" She cackled insanely and ran off to the engine section of the ship her goggles already changing from magnification to eye protection mode.

((XD I love her. She's insanity incarnate!))

8/15/2009 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

Knowing that there was no way out of helping Ms. Davian give the ship a makeover, she reluctantly retrieved the plasma torches, her hands shaking lightly as she wondered if maybe she could feign being sick. Seeing that Ms. Davian was already beginning to work, Zewa sighed wistfully and hurried to help her mentor. "Here t-they are, Ms. Davian."

8/15/2009 #18

((Awe you make me want to show her pitty...and yet it also encourages me to be even worse. XD))

Davian beamed and patted Zewa on the head again. "Prefect! Get started on renforincing the hull. I doublt the current version could handle the kick back on the disrupter cannon I want to add on to this baby. Oh and we'll need to figure out how to maintain the core temperature when I increase the power perimiters in the engine or else when we start up the after burners we'll blow up into a flaming hunk of metal and I just can't stand the thought of Bertha suffering such a horific end." she chattered at Zewa her hands, now with special gloves on with small machine appendages to handle delecate wiring, still working away at the converters.

((*cackles evilly* she's so fun don't you think?))

8/15/2009 #19
William McKinney

"Yeah, this is my new bird, the last one met an...unfortunate end." She said dryly, her last one hadn't gotten taken out during the war, it had been destroyed during some weapons testing, when a weapon had malfunctioned. She hadn't been flying when it exploded, but the test pilot had not survived the explosion.

8/15/2009 #20
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa stifled a groan of despair and mumbled, "To keep the core temperature stable you might need to insert more of those oxygen-inflated insulate pads between the metal. If you set the oxygen to 13 degrees above freezing, then the heat of the engines will keep the overall temperature stable by cancelling each other out without affecting the engines." Zewa spoke out, "Which of the tools do you want me to use?" It was always best to ask Ms. Davian before hand just in case she got picky about what you used.

8/15/2009 #21

Davian glanced over and in a rare moment of compassion for something else beyond her machines she decided to give her little assistant a bone. "You did such a great job taking care of Bertha I think I don't need to tell you! I trust you Ze-Ze now let's have at it we're wastin' oxygen!" She turned back to her work.

((We can sort of fast forward this if you want to. I'm not that mechanic savy really so I'm making up everything as I go XD))

8/15/2009 #22
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa felt pride bubble up within her, and when tears began to surface she wiped them off with a sniff and detrmindly began her work.

((You actually sounded like an expert at that. I was trying to keep up with you.))

8/15/2009 #23

((XD I know just enough to fake it apparantly. It helps I watched a sci fi recently Start Trek Rules!))

Davian worked furiously the plasma torch buzzing, her tongue stuck out from her mouth as she went. She was wholely consumed by the action and not even a level four code attack could have bothered her.

8/15/2009 #24
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa sat atop the ship, a large tube of melted titanium in one hand and a cooling non-stick spread in her other hand. Squeezing a glob onto the ship's hull, she spread it out with the spreader and watched as it hardened to fit the hull as a layer of armor. With only one layer, it would be enough to guard against laser turrets and perhaps even an ion cannon, though it would only be able to take one shot. The titanium was mixed with a chemical called Oxyparticle, and basically it made the titanium light enough so that over the course of a few days you could keep adding layer, but the particles, or bubbles, of oxygen mixed with it would keep it light enough so that the new layers wouldn't hamper its speed.

8/15/2009 #25

((That was a good one XD I hadn't though of that. Spray on armor!))

Davian had moved on to the thrusters feeling that she could add more range to them for more insteresting high speed manuvers as well as a finner control on turning. This was a simple idea. It just took some creativity to wire in the control wiring and make sure you didn't get signals crossed to the point of the thrusters turning intoward the hull and burning through the armor.

((Okay so not so amazing but you have to admit it's a cool idea. XD It's gonna be combat ready in no time *snickers*))

8/15/2009 #26
Jade Lin Zheng

((Simple idea, but complex in the fact that it needs good handling.))

It had taken Zewa awhile to finish rubbing on the entire hull, but when finished she stepped back and admired her hard work. Spotting Ms. Davian working on the thrusters, she skipped over and gave her signature wobbly smile, "Is there anything else you need my help on, Ms. Davian?"

8/15/2009 #27

Davian grinned up at her in a rare pause from her work. "How about you go sheild generator. If I can get it installed right this time I might get to put them into ALL the ships!" Her eyes sparkled at the thought. "Oh and grab that hive weapon we salvaged. I was tinkering on it while I was away and now would be a great chance to see how it works!" she nodded to herself then started working again. "Good idea with the spray on stuff most engineers would hesitate to use it for fear of making the hull uneven but the tradition old pannels would just crumple under the pressure from that giga blaster I want to put on the top."

((XD I love her so much. the crazy characters are my favorites))

8/15/2009 #28

Hearing the loudspeakers voice nearly shatter his eardrums, Adam sighed, but, smiled afterwards. "Well, Athena, it looks like the honor of first patrol falls onto my shoulders." He gave her a sloppy salute, and turned his back on her to head towards the Briefing Room. However, he stopped before he could take more than two steps, and turned towards her. "If you had anything to say, perhaps we can talk in the Lounge when I get back."

[To Briefing Room]

8/15/2009 #29

Daivan sighed upon noticing the annoucement. "Awe, we won't have it ready in time...oh well there will be plently of chances back to work!" She assured herself and went back to her wiring job.

8/15/2009 #30
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