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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa gulped and scurried off to the corner of the hangar near the hangar door keypads. Underneath was a nearly unnoticeable panel that came loose. Underneath was a small box, and after inserting the 12 digit keycode it popped open with a small click. Hiding the box back under the panel she scrambled back to Ms. Davian and handed her the small device, hoping that she wouldn't blow it up this time. It had taken her forever last time to reconfigure all the wire combinations she's salvaged from the previous wreck.

8/15/2009 #31

Davian beamed. "Perfect! I was reviewing the inccident tapes again for this thing and I think the problem...well beyond the fact that the piolit was not familiar AT ALL with the concept of photon partical barriers was that I shouldn't have put it so lose to the iridum dispersal unit. I think that caused a feedback reaction through out the whole system which created a warp hole to appear in the middle of the craft. That would explain why they never found that guys remains. I bet they were transported halfway across the galaxy, but if we adjust the foward starbord systems to accomidate this baby properly AND add some proper sheilding we all won't die when it switches on," she said in a cheery voice. "Hang on a second and we'll get started with the adjustments. This is gonna be a two person job."

8/15/2009 #32
William McKinney

Max nodded. "See you around" She watched him run out of the hangar, and wished she would get a chance for some flight time.

8/15/2009 #33
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa didn't bother to comment on the fact that it would take months for pilots to actually learn how to use half the stuff she'd upgrade. There was only actually one pilot that actually came to them for Ms. Davian's crazy upgrades and that was the famed Daredevil... Well, she was daring enough to try it out without training for it, but other pilots wouldn't be so willing. Zewa knew that her alien fingers were helpful with important wiring, as her fingers, unlike terrans, were quite dextrous and could bend in ways terran's could not. This was a job she needed to do unless they wanted another test pilot's body halfway across the galaxy again.

8/15/2009 #34
Robert Anderson

Chief Anderson walked onto the hanger deck and took in a deep breath, Ah there is nothing like the smell of a hanger deck to wake you up in the morning Anderson thought counting all the aircraft sitting in the hanger and marking them off on a tablet as he did every monring for his own reference. Several of the birds needed maintenance, He noticed looking down at todays "list" then something caught his eye Oh, god what were those two up to now? He asked himself noticing several crew members working on one of the birds including Davian and Zewa. Both of them were brilliant, but they were constantly mucking around with his ships. "What may I ask is going on here?" Anderson said in a commanding voice as he marched across the deck.

8/15/2009 #35
William McKinney

Max watched the Master cheif enter the hanagr deck and walked over. "Anderson, is that you? Why the last time i saw you was on Luna base on the earths moon!"

8/15/2009 #36
Jade Lin Zheng

((I thought it was night time, so I would've suspected people coming in to get there ships for patrols but no other maintenance crew members... Not to mention no one would dare mess with Davian's ship. XD))

8/15/2009 #37
Robert Anderson

"Good to see you again ma'am." Anderson said coming to a halt and saluting the officer. "And it was luna, back then you were just in training."

8/15/2009 #38
Robert Anderson

[[is it night time? we should have a general time mentioned somewhere every now and again. and ships run 24/7 there is a maintenance shift at night as well as during the day,]]

8/15/2009 #39
William McKinney

She nodded. "I remember Cheif"

8/15/2009 #40

((Bertha is not Anderson's ship. Davian owns it and drags it with her everywhere XD also Davian wouldn't let any of the rest of the maintanance crew touch Bertha XP))

Davian looked up and frowned as her goggled shited to maginification and she spotted the Chief. "School Master we're working on Bertha so back off," she declared. "I'm not about to get into another pointless argument with you!" She turned back to her work with her enthusiasm redoubled.

((You know if you think about it we're in space so time is irrelavent XD))

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #41
Robert Anderson

"Just don't go tryng to add any of your crazy upgrades to any of my fighters!" Anderson yelled up to her with a smile, he loved getting her all worked up like this, she worked better that way.

8/15/2009 #42
Robert Anderson

[[ship's clock sets wether it's day or night]]

8/15/2009 #43

((Correction, it's the military's craft. They're just leasing it out to the pilot. And time doesn't really matter, but, let's just say it is in the morning, just to avoid confusion.))

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #44
Robert Anderson

[[exactly, their the Naval air force's ships, unless of course they are bought and paid for by the person who owns them, but then I don't know if you'd be allowed to keep it with you on a military vessel]]

8/15/2009 #45
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa's anxiety doubled and she began to have doubts on whether or not she'd be able to get through the night without dying of a heart attack. "M-Ms. Daian... D-d-don't you t-think you s-s-s-should s-slow down a b-bit? The thrusters and and s-s-starboard handling are very d-delicate r-repairs..."

((Well, they'd have to have some way to tell time or no one would really know whether to be asleep or awake.))

8/15/2009 #46

Davian stuck out her tongue at him "Double Shot said I could if I proved they were safe so that's what I'm doing!" She countered and went back to work, ignoring the rest of the outside world once more. she glanced at Zewa. "Ze-Ze trust me the worst thing that will happen is that the system explodes..." she paused and thought about that. "Oh! Darn it! I hate it when you're right grr... I hate slow," she grumbled.

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #47
William McKinney

Max laughed, and pointed at Davian "I like her, she's crazy", and she poked Anderson in the ribs. "Why can't you be morel ike her mister stoic?"

8/15/2009 #48
Robert Anderson

"Did you do a stress analysis to see how the new thrusters and weapons are going to affect the stresses on the air frame?" The chief asked. He always asked her the hard questions, it was a learning experiance for her, and the other engineers, and sometimes he just wanted to see if she could answer them. "and the new upgrades aren't going to max out the internal fusion power plant are they?" He asked.

8/15/2009 #49
Robert Anderson

Anderson turned to look at Max, "I'm only stoic around my men ma'am honestly I can't wait to see if these new upgrades work."

8/15/2009 #50
William McKinney

"Whatever you say doctor stoic." She said, looking a davian. "I'm sure they'll work"

8/15/2009 #51
Robert Anderson

"I hope they do, because if they don't she's going to have to remove them, and that'll be a good two days work to accomplish." He said loud enough for Davian to hear.

8/15/2009 #52
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa piped up with her small voice, "I've a-already r-run the analysis on all mainframes i-i-including the air frame, and added m-more range to the f-fusion power plant so t-that the new limitations w-w-won't be maxed out."

8/15/2009 #53
William McKinney

Maxine smirked. "Told you it'd be fine, look at the girl, she's so full of confidence"

8/15/2009 #54
Robert Anderson

"Very good, carry on." Anderson nodded.

[[by the way, I may just be misreading, but a mainframe is a computer system, and an air frame is the external hull plating and internal beam structure of an aircraft, so I'm a little confused regarding the last post, maybe I should add air frame to the list of words to know?]]

8/15/2009 #55

Davian jerked up and glared at the Cheif. "Don't. Doubt. my. work! This is Bertha we're talking about! I know this old bird like the inside of my eyeballs! We already started renforcing the armor and like Ze-Ze said we're expanding the limitors. We'll also be recofiguring some of the sytems so they handle the extra kick! You're only the Cheif because you're really old and bossy!" She stuck out her tongue again and tried to turn back to work.

8/15/2009 #56

((Good idea, I'll get that word added ASAP. I didn't even know about the air frame. I always called it armor XD. However, I think you're misreading it. You can do two different scans on two different systems at once.))

8/15/2009 #57
Jade Lin Zheng

((Yea you should, but I didn't explain enough in the last post either. Since technology's gotten so advanced I figured you have a computer within each ship that runs an full analysis on the ship in a simulated function and gives a nearly always accurate guess on whether or not the ship would be able to fly right with the new additions.))

Zewa blushed darkly from the compliment, ducking her head even though her dark skin would probably hide it anyway.

8/15/2009 #58
Robert Anderson

Anderson pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes for a second, "Listen here, I am the chief engineer aboard this ship and a higher ranking officer, I am responsible for the maintenance of this vessel and all vessels contained within, if anything goes wrong it is my responsibility, I am obligated to doubt your work, and to double check it, until such time as you become the chief engineer, or I retire, finally young lady crap rolls down hill."

8/15/2009 #59
Robert Anderson

[[yeah sorry about that I love the military, and I tend to use a lot of technical terms for stuff, but your right they probably do have internal computers to do that stuff, I just misread, my bad.]]

8/15/2009 #60
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