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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Currently containing the pilots: Kyou Hiroshi, Adam Skyler, Malakai, Anderson (FULL)

If you are assigned to the blue section quarters, this is where you will go after a hard fought mission, or an eventless shift spent in the Lounge. Remember the code: If you have any female friends in, make sure to put your flight boots outside.

7/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #1

((Do they have individual rooms here or what?))

Malakai walked into the quarters and was releaved to find no one there. He needed a break from all these terrans! He walked over to his assinged bed took off his shoes, set them neatly aside and lay back on the bed, quickly falling into a meditative half sleep that Helcian's were so good at. In that state his mind was clear of thoughts but if something came up, he'd be awake in an instant.

8/12/2009 #2

((Everyone shares a room. However, the beds are divided by walls and a door. Everything else is shared.))

Kyou walked in and stretched, placing his upper half of the uniform messily on the floor, then followed suit with his lower body, but replaced the pants with a pair of shorts. He looked at the doors labled and found the one labled Malaki. Silently, he walked over to the door, and banged on it loudly shouting, "Get up! We've been ambushed! Didn't you hear me the first time?!"

Oh, this was going to piss the poor fellow off so badly, but, it'd be so worth it to see his face afterwards.


8/12/2009 . Edited 8/12/2009 #3

((Bye! oh by the way *blows rasberry*))

Malakai was up on his feet the moment he'd detected someone approaching his room. He crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow at the door upon hearing Kyou's shout. This was why he hated terrans: they were stupid and noisy beasts. If there was an attack on the ship the alarms would have gone off and would still be going off as the ship shifted to red alert. He would hear shouting and running foot steps in the corridors beyond Kyou not to mention the attack itself would have been heard and/or felt if it was on the level of seriousness that Kyou was pretending it to be: unless the Hive was taking pot shots at their shields, which was absured.

He sat back down on his bed. The silly terran was looking for a reaction like some child. He wanted attention. Malakai wasn't going to give it to him. He bent down and pulled out a book from his things and lay back on the bed and started to read.

((What part of super sensitive hearing don't you get? You need to do better than that. He has those ears for a reason. XP))

8/12/2009 #4

((log in bullcrap.. Oh, and what does blow rasberry mean?))

Kyou got a reaction, but, it was not the one he had wanted. He frowned a bit, before leaning against the door. "Did someone piss in your cheerios? Or are you always in a bad mood?" Kyou asked. Halcian's were always so serious. Mission this, objective that, flying with them was hard, as they hardly ever flew on instinct, but what the books told them was effective. At least, the last one that he flew with did. Nevertheless, he walked over to his computer and opened up the latest RPG to play with a few of the other pilots. "Hey Malakai! Get out of your dorm and play Star Ocean with us!"

((Star Ocean is a cool game, and in this universe, the game is co-op! YAY!))

8/13/2009 #5

((I played a version of that called "Star Ocean Til the end of time"... I'm not impressed))

Malakai cocked an eyebrow at the door and rolled his eyes. "Only when I'm around terrans," he muttered and turned another page in his book. He winced at Kyou's shout for him to come and join the others. He could hear their pointless game from here and could just imagen how much louder it was out there. One would think that terrans would figure out how annoying they were to listen to after a while.

((I like that impersonal feel you gave him though he's starting to sound like a vulcan XD oh and a rasberry is the term you use to describe that farting sound people can make with their tongue when they blow air between it and one's lips. You know this: XP))

8/13/2009 . Edited 8/13/2009 #6

Kyou tilted his head up as the loudspeaker made it's orders clear. Turning back to Malakai's room, he shouted. "Hey, rook! Looks like you got first patrol today! Lucky!" He really did mean it, too. Kyou really, really wanted to get the first kill for the Silvanus. Well, that dream was shattered just as quickly as it had formed in his head back at the party. Nonetheless, he'd given him the second warning, just in case the loud speaker didn't do it's job.

((Check the Loud Speaker post in case you are lost.))

8/15/2009 #7

Malakai was already up and pulling on his boots by the time Kyou shouted at him. He just smirked. He'd get a kill and prove to that loud mouthed terran who was the better. Still he couldn't deny the flutter of nerves he felt. This time everything was for real. It was exciting... and yet on another level terrifying. He tried to control the second emotion. He was a Helcian. He would not let his people down and he would not have fear to such a lesser enemy. Finished with his boots he walked out heading for the breifing room.

[[To the breifing room]]

8/15/2009 #8

Kyou logged off his game much earlier and was preparing for a trip to the Lounge as he heard the elevator outside their hallway ding open. Turning around, he saw Malakai standing in the doorway. "Oh hey! You're back! Did you manage to shoot anything down?" He teased.

9/11/2009 #9

Despite everything else that had happened durring the mission, Malakai couldn't help but smile. "Why yes I did," he said walking out of the elevators and moving toward his room. "Check the Killboard if you don't believe me, sir."

9/11/2009 #10
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