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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Currently containing the pilots: Darrah Evense, Maxine Kaine, Zeva, Davian (FULL)

If you are assigned to the blue section quarters, this is where you might find yourself after a hard fought mission, or an eventless shift spent in the Lounge. Remember the code: If you have any male friends in, make sure to put your flight boots outside.

7/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #1
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah's room was plain, and the emptiness of the Women's Quarter's always spooked her. Generally, the death ration of men to women is 1 to 3, so for every three women that die, one man dies. This ration is usually what keeps away so many female recruits, but Darrah was determined to beat the odds. Placing the whiskey in a mild cooling pack, she hid it underneath her bed, and began changing into her night clothes.

8/13/2009 #2

[[From the hangar]]

Davian came sprinting into the quarters and practically crashed into on of the doors. "Daredevil?! Are you really here? Come out! I want to say hi!" She shouted not sure which room to knock at.

8/26/2009 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah fell out of her bed with a yell just as Zewa came speeding in, "Please quiet down, Ms. Davian. There are people sleeping here." Darrah slammed open her door and announced her own fanfare, "Duh-dun-duh! The daredevil has appeared. Who called me?"

8/26/2009 #4

"Devi!" Davian shouted and attacked the Darrah with a feirce hug not so different from the one she'd given Zewa, of course Darrah was taller and couldn't be picked up so Daivan had to settle with just squeezing her waist with all the streanght of a grizzly bear.

((XD I think Davian gives people funnier nick names than Finnagan))

8/26/2009 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah looked down at the petite girl and the even smaller Sparkkan, "What are you two doing here? I expected you to work in the hangars until dawn!" Feeling her breath slowly get squeezed out she wheezed, "Nice to see you to, Maniac, but I can't breath!"

8/26/2009 #6

You need to get more muscle there to protect yourself with," Davian scolded letting go and smacking Darrah's diaphram. "And we would but mister big-shot double-brains said I had to prove my stuff worked so I outfited Bertha and I have to be nice to my baby!"

((XD I can't believe I just though of that. That's Adam's nickname! I call it! *chuckles*))

8/26/2009 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah rubbed the spot where Davian had smacked her and grinned, "I got enough muscle to take you down, Davian!" Calming down a bit she grinned, "I don't suppose you'll upgrade my ship if they are successful?"

8/26/2009 #8

Davian jumped up and down. "Of COURSE!! Big shot even said I could give it to the other ships!! Of course you get first dibs."

8/26/2009 #9
Jade Lin Zheng

"Awesome!" Darrah grabbed Davian and swung her around, "I can't wait to try them out! I'll blast those bugs to bits with the new upgrades before smearing over their ashes with the afterburner slide!"

8/26/2009 #10

Davian beamed. "Oh I missed you Devi! Why couldn't you have been on the commite that was deciding what to do with me after the other ship blew up?! You would have understood!"

8/26/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah grew crocodile tears in her eyes as she fake sniffed, "Oh, yes... I would have understood... What is real engineering without a few blow-ups here and there?" Zewa sweat-dropped, "Uh, I don't think blowing people up would be a valid point... At least not to them."

8/26/2009 #12

Davian pouted. "Oh phoey Ze-Ze you're starting to sound like them." Davian protested.

8/26/2009 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

((Gotta go now, but I'll be back on in a little while.))

8/26/2009 #14
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa shook her head rapidly, dreads flying around her face, "N-No, Ms. Davian. I-I only m-meant that even i-if Ms. Darrah had b-been there s-s-she would have needed a valid p-point to keep you off s-s-s-suspension." Darrah put Maniac back on the ground a finger to her chin, "She does have a point. I'd need more authority to overule them completely..."

8/26/2009 #15

"The whole bloody system is against creativity!" Davian stated. She frowned and blinked. "Um...why else did we come here again?"

8/26/2009 #16
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa gave her wobbly smile and wrung her hands together as she answered, "We came here to rest, but you... er, insisted that you see Ms. Darrah." Darrah chuckled, "That sounds like you, Maniac."

8/27/2009 #17

"Well how could I NOT say hi to my favorite piolit?!" davian protested. She sighed suddenly. "Well I guess I should sleep..." She didn't look like she was tired at all and certainly didn't feel tired!

8/27/2009 #18
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa noticed this and sighed, "Do you need to count gadgets again?" Darrah chuckled and ducked back into her room, "I'll see you two tomorrow morning, g'night!" The door shut with a click and Zewa was left alone in the hall with Ms. Davian.

((Think counting sheep.))

8/27/2009 . Edited 8/27/2009 #19

Davian sighed again. "Well that might work," she muttered. "Good night Ze-Ze," she stated and without further ado walked over to her room and slipped inside.

((XD I think I should do what Davian is last quick check on everything then I'm out.))

8/27/2009 #20
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa squeaked a goodnight before hurrying to her own room. Once inside she sighed in relief, alone in her Haven, her nervousness melted away. Seeing the gadgets on the floor she decided to tinker with them a bit before actually going to bed.

8/27/2009 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

Zewa's eye-lights glowed steadily deep into the night. She had been working on her latest project, a mini help-bot that would help with simple chores so that she could focus more on work. It was designed as a standard photon blaster, but with the press of a button several iron slots would clear and it would have its own control. Course with a little more tinkering it would also be able to act as a fighter when she was unable to fight for herself. "There we go. I think I'll name you Spark-bot... I hope Ms. Davian's proud of you, I really want her to like you..."

10/6/2009 #22
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