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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Adam is, after all, a squadron leader. He's got a lot of merit to his name. :)

8/11/2009 #31

Well, I got to go. School tomorrow, and I gotta be awake. Physics is looking a bit harder now.

Anyway, thanks for joining you two. It really brightened up the remainder of my day.

8/11/2009 #32
Jade Lin Zheng

No problem, this is really interesting, and it's something different than what I'm used to. It's a new experience. My debut sc-fi rpg.

8/11/2009 #33

I feel the same way. This will just help me when I try to write, but as I said before I don't know how to fight with space ships XP

8/11/2009 #34

Don't worry, when I get back, I'll post some helpful things up. Such as words you need to know, like dogfight, carrier group, destroyer, frigate, bogey, etc.

8/12/2009 #35

*jumps up and down all excited* HEY TERRIAN! Can I make a crazy engineer type character. I had this fun idea after watching Star Trek the movie and I want someone who...

Well lets say she'd be the world's best mechanic if she didn't keep doing extra modifications that the owners don't want and are *ahem* possibly illegal. XD

I had this fun idea and I though she would be entertaining. Is that okay?

XD sorry She can also be a piolit if you want.

8/13/2009 #36

You see, I thought no one would want to create an engineer character, and here comes BD with an engineer character! Man, I thought for sure everyone would want to be a pilot...

But, I don't see why not, just your character will miss out on a lot during carrier operations. Seeing as most of the combat will be done in outer space, and engineers don't fly...

But yes, feel free. If anyone else decides to make a character of anything other than pilot, I'll make a specific Character sheet for that class.

So, being the hard a** I am, don't put a ship or squadron down, but rather, whether you're a flight engineer (works on the fighters and bombers) or systems engineer (works on ship systems. Including the engines, shields, weaponry, etc. they don't touch the fighters, just the carrier.)

8/13/2009 #37

She could just be cazy talented but okay: she won't fly XD I vote flight engenieer and you underestimate my imagenation if you think she'll miss out on the action XD.

Fair warning though she is going to love modifying specs on stuff. XD I'll get working on her sheet.

8/13/2009 #38
Jade Lin Zheng

I had an idea for an engineer girl, too, but I already have one hyper chara, so I was thinking she could be a shy, nervous engineer-in-training who looks up to your character, but she messes up a lot when she's nervous but is actually really good, just not as good as your chara.

8/13/2009 #39

Why not that would be entertaining XD

My main image suddenly is of Davian manning some guns blasting away and shouting while someone is cringing in the background going, "shouldn't we leave the fighting to the piolits?"

"What? And Let them have all the fun?!"

*Falls over laughing* that's her in a nutshell, emphasis on nut

8/13/2009 #40
Jade Lin Zheng

my chara can be the one cringing in the background, wondering if someone's going to walk in and yell at them.

8/13/2009 #41

That would be fun she probably needs someone to balance her out. XD

8/13/2009 #42

Adam would walk in and yell at them. Assuming he's not out flying, that is.

8/14/2009 #43

By the way, have you all found the topic 'Words you might want to Know' useful at all?

8/14/2009 #44
Jade Lin Zheng

Very helpful to me, and if I come across any other term I'll be sure to add it on. XD

8/14/2009 #45

I've added a bit more to the end of the list. If you want, you can check it out. Might help you for when we actually get people out on patrol and strike groups.

8/14/2009 #46
William McKinney

Do you have to be in panther squadron in order to fly a space superiority fighter?

8/15/2009 #47

Yes. You must be in Panther squad to fly space superiority.

8/15/2009 #48
William McKinney

Ok, just wondering abou that.

8/15/2009 #49

It's really just for reality purposes. Sorry if I'm not exactly RPin, I'm making ship specs. Ranging from the spacecraft, all the way to the Silvanus.

8/15/2009 #50
William McKinney

It's cool, i understand

8/15/2009 #51

Wow this thing got slow in a hurry. Where did everyone go? (I mean I know where Terrian and Jade are but still...)

8/24/2009 #52

Yeah, I kinda wondered that myself. Perhaps this idea wasn't all that I thought it was hyped up to be... maybe I should've made us mercenaries or something. lol

8/24/2009 #53
Jade Lin Zheng

NO! I really like this, and I think I just need to learn a few more words, but I was having fun!

8/24/2009 #54

Yeah it is fun it's just *looks around* what happened to the other people? This will get good once we really get rocking! You know once we get the patrol done and then have a disaster or something. I don't know, this keeps making me think of star treck which I think is fun XD

8/24/2009 #55
Jade Lin Zheng

I don't much like Star trek or star wars... I prefer stargate... but it is really fun!

8/24/2009 #56

But stargate has start trek qualities. XD At least from what I've heard my sister talk about it. Anyway I'm just saying this makes me think of it. XD Thus the idea of the crazy engineer. (Thin "I'm givin' it all she's got captain!") XD Besides have you SEEN the new star treck movie?!

OMG any movie that can get you so emotionally involved and hooked in durring the first 5 MINUTES of the movie (BOTH TIMES I SAW IT) that you cry (BOTH TIMES!!) is an 15 on my scale of 1 to 10!

For the record even if I cry the first time for a certain part of a movie Star Trek is the FIRST movie that ever got me to do it twice for the same scean!

8/24/2009 . Edited 8/24/2009 #57
Jade Lin Zheng

I didn't see the movie yet... My teacher's crazy about it, she's got Star Trek propaganda all over the classroom. It's her class theme this year, last years it was pirates.

8/24/2009 #58

Dude see the movie!! In the theater or with a big TV and surround sound XD Seriously good movie.

And for the record beyond the movie the only star trek I like is Star Trek Voyager and that's only because of the Doctor (Hologram character) and 7 of 9 (Borg character) XD

8/24/2009 #59
Robert Anderson

Stargate is the greatest television show ever made by man, and I'm not a big star trek fan, but the moive was good see it.

8/25/2009 #60
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