GSFS Silvanus
RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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If you want to be a certain rank, come here to check if you fulfill the requirements for that rank:

Squadron Leader: Currently open to all takers. Only one squad leader per squad at any time. Squadron Leaders are the high end, bad asses that everyone comes to rely on. They rarely eject, and are in command of their squad during strike missions. But be warned, if you are not going to be posting here often, don't take the spot. If you do, and you go on leave for more than a month unanounced, you will be demoted to Flight Leader. 2 open spots.

Flight Leader: Currently open to all takers. There can only be one per squad for right now but the bigger the squadron grows, the more Flight Leaders it can have. There are only 3 squads right now, so only 3 Flight Leaders allowed right now. Flight Leaders hold some responsibilty in the squadron, and are usually the ones in charge of a wing during strike missions. 3 open spots.

First Lieutenant: Currently open to all takers. There can be a lot of First Lieutenants, but they are usually at a 1 to 2 ratio with the Second Lieutenants, First Lieutenants being the 1, Second Lieutenants being the 2. These pilots are a bit more experienced than the Second Lieutenants, and have shown their combat savy by lasting long enough for the promotion. If you post moderately, you'll make this rank.

Second Lieutenant: Currently open to all takers. There can be an unlimited amount of Second Lieutenants in a squadron unless I cut that squadron off of any more recruits. Second Lieutenants are fresh from the academy, and wreek of the simulator training room. They are considered the scum of the pilots, and often end up with the dirty missions such as patrol. If you aren't going to post much, Second Lieutenant is just for you.

Brig Prisoner: You only get put here once if you cause a lot of trouble for the other players, or break one to many rules. After that, you are jettisoned out into space. Currently vacant, and hoping it stays that way.

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