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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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Location: Starbase 03, Alpha Centauri Sector.

A ceremony held by the military officials. More or less to commemorate the newly crafted super carrier, Silvanus. All pilots are required to attend, in their formal uniform. Remember, you're on the spot here, look good, and don't do anything that'll give the public something to bitch about.

Also, be prepared for a speech from the squadron leader(s) near the end.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #1

Malakai walked into the party. His nose curled up in disgust. There are so many filthy terrans here, he thought disapproving. Still, it was inevitable. The race breeded like flies and died just as fast. If it wasn't for the fact that the Hive had the arrogance to attack Helcion too, he wouldn't have signed up. He was gracing these peons with his presance, but he wasn't about to bless them with talk. He walked over to a corner and glared about the room.

((Isn't he just loveable?))

8/11/2009 #2

((Oh yeah. Wonder what's stuck up his a**, lol.))

Adam was already sitting down at the nearby self-serve bar, awaiting his squadron members to arrive... however few their were. Getting pilots nowadays was hard, as most of them didn't survive more than three missions, so most people avoided being the fighter jockey. The Super Carrier Silvanus was no exception to the rule. They'd even had to enlist the help of a few alien races to help fill the spots for pilots now. He sighed, and took a drink from his beer, just as soon as he heard a reporter call his name for an interview. "Right, I'll be there in a second, miss." Putting his drink on the table, a robot server came by and picked it up. "So what did you want to ask me?"

((And Adam is busy with a reporter now.))

However, on the nearly opposite side of the party room was Kyou Hiroshi. Regular fighter jockie, and a First Lieutenant. Giving him bragging rights to the Second Lieutenants. In fact, he was impressing anyone who stopped by with his encounters with the Hive fighters. Ranging from the time he shot down three Hive fighters within five seconds, to his intense manevours to elude a Hive fighter.

Since Kyou was a First Lieutenant, he knew when a Second Lieutenant appeared. The one he saw was Malaki, the newest hot shot pilot straight out of the academy and green as grass. He'd heard the rumors the guy was top notch in the academy and had developed one hell of an ego, too. "Hey!" He shouted, then whistled to try and get his attention, "New guy! Over here!"

8/11/2009 #3

Malakai whinced at the sound of the whistle his pointed ears particularly sensitive. He scowled even more at the sight of a First Leiutenant waving him over. "What am I a dog?" Malakai muttered. He gave the guy a resentful glare as he walked over. "You don't need to shout. I can hear you just fine...sir," he added. The sir was dripping with sarcasm. The guy wasn't even older than him and a terran no less!

Still the guy was a superior officer and he knew better than to push things too far. He was confidant he'd rise through the ranks fast enough.

((He's just like most aliens: horrifically arrogant. Halcians are a VERY proud race))

8/11/2009 #4


This guy was a suck up. Called him 'sir'. "Look, rookie, we aren't in the academy anymore. Drop the honorifics." The crowd he had gathered from his tales of fights in the void had all by now dispersed. "And I hadn't even gotten to the good ones yet.. oh well. So, rook, I'm Kyou Hiroshi from the White Wolves. But a lot of people call me Pretty Boy." He said with a smile on his face. While Malakai was a new guy, and of a different species, it wouldn't matter once they got into a combat scenerio. "I fly the Hornet, what about you?" He paused for a second then added with what appeared to be a look of disgust, "Don't tell me your one of those disgusting bomber pilots. You aren't one of those, right?"

8/11/2009 #5

Malakai rolled his eyes. "Oh by the flames of Aldarian NO! Why by the stars would I be one of those? Further don't call me Rook. I have a name It's Malakai...sir." He didn't bother with the last name. There was no point. Last names were reserved for those you showed respect to on his planet and he had yet to respect this plucky little boy.

((Hee hee hee, he sure is being mean. This is fun.))

8/11/2009 #6

Kyou laughed and got him in a headlock, "Loosen up, Malakai!" He then gave him a noogie, before releasing him. "You my friend, need to learn a bit more about how the ropes work around here. First of all, until I see your name on the killboard, you're a rook." Ah yes, the infamous killboard. The main attraction on the Silvanus, and any other carrier for that matter. Until someone's name gets on that, they're a nobody. No exceptions, even for himself. "Second! And listen up closely, as this is a rule you have to follow that they didn't teach in the academy." Glancing in both directions he leaned in, "If you bring a girl into your quarters for things, put your boots outside. Common courtesy, I'm sure you know how it works." Getting back to his normal position, he crossed his arms and said, "So, you following me so far, rook?"

8/11/2009 #7

Malakai glared at Kyou. "Don't touch me," he growled his eyes flashing. He took a breath and composed himself fixing his hair back to it's usual manner of mess. "I will just keep calling you sir then if you keep insisting on calling me rook and that second rule..." he made a face. "That sir is vulgar and inappropriate."

((Quite the snob isn't he? I think I'm in love. He never got to be this fun before in my head.))

8/11/2009 #8

((I think these two will be seperated by Adam later. lol))

Kyou would not be deterred this early. "Alright, I can deal with being called sir. Makes it sound like I'm better than you. Which of course, I am. Seeing as I'm on the killboard, and you aren't." How Kyou loved picking on the new guys. They were easily frightened by anything, and believed just about everything, too. Still, he didn't lie about the killboard, until your name is there, you're a nobody. Then, there was the boot rule, that was very true. "You know, it may be vulgar and inappropriate, but I really don't wanna walk in on you. So remember that rule."

8/11/2009 #9

Malakai glared at the foolish terran. "Helcian's are not like you filthy terrans. We do not breed indescriminatly, and just wait a few days. I'll be on that kill board in no time, sigrin," he said using a particular word in the Helcian native tongue which invovled several sylables being spoken in a range higher than humans could hear. To the unkeen ears of a human it sounded like the terran word for "sir" but meant really something like "the filth found beneath one's heal".

((O.o I wonder what will happen now. He's just going to be this way until he get's humbled in a real fight. Still he does have talent))

8/11/2009 #10

((They both know not to start a fight. I'll wait until after the ceremony to let Skyler show him up in a sortie. *evil laugh*))

Kyou almost lost his cool look. This poor bastard thought he was already a Flight Leader. This new guy thought he was all that, too. Probably another stuck up 'first in class' pilot. The one in his class ended up dead on his second mission. "Don't get your hopes up, you're probably going to be running blind your first mission against the Hive. I sure was. Oh, and one bit of advice that you will want." He stated, ensuring the joke in his voice was gone. "I hate seeing pilots on that killboard as MIA. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what we get back when we rescue pilots after they've been captured." Kyou was almost sure he knew. Most pilots were torn up, either mentally, or physically. The Hive were merciless creatures who used anything as toys to test their new equipment on, or even cut them up. "So, make sure you die in enemy territory, rather than eject. No one dares send an S.A.R into those places." He then added on, "Anyway, on a more happy note, I hear we're going to start our tour in Vesuvias Sector. That place is a natural hotspot for those bugs! Can't wait to squash some of those damn things."

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah was walking around aimlessly. She hated these formal events, mostly because she wasn't allowed to do anything that would look bad, and to everyone else that was everything she did. It wasn't her fault most of the people here were so boring or guys who were horny enough to flirt with a tree if it wore a dress and a wig. She had also been forbidden to go near the bar as she tended to get a bit crazy when she drank. "When is this stupid thing gonna be over?"

8/11/2009 #12

((You look bored Jade... Adam's going to show up.))

Adam had finally finished his interview with what he counted was the third interviewer since the party started. It was generally the same thing over and over again. 'What's it like to be a squadron leader?' or, 'What would you like to say to the people back on Earth and in the colonies?'. Of course, he answered truthfully, but, the questions irked him bit by bit. He went back over to the bar and got a glass of water, and explored the party a bit more. Soon, he found a new face he hadn't seen yet. She was a First Lieutenant, he knew that much, since her ensigna on her formal uniform was of course that of the rank. "Hey, I haven't seen you around before. You one of the last minute crew additions?" He asked to the girl.

8/11/2009 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

((I'm not bored, Darrah is because she has to behave. ;P))

Darrah turned to face one of the few people she actually respected, "You're Squadron Leader of the Panthers. I'm not very well-liked around here even though I'm on the killboard. You might know me instead as Daredevil." Darrah hoped that the Squadron Leader wouldn't judge her by her reputation.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #14

Adam racked his brain, and found that he did know of a Daredevil. He smiled and instantly remembered, she was a last minute addition to the crew. "Yes, I've heard of your callsign. You've earned quite a reputation out their with those bugs. And yes, I'm the Squad Leader from Panther squad. However, just call me either Skyler, or Double Shot." He took a drink from his water, and put it on a tray as a robot server walked by. "And whether or not your well liked can change easily. As long as you kill those bugs, I think you'll get along with everyone just fine." He then decided to joke and say, "So long as you don't try to shoot through us. So, how's this little party the officials rigged up?"

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah grinned, "Well, you want the watered down version or the sucking-up version?" Darrah liked Skylar already, he was a good flyer and he wasn't boring! That alone was enough for her. At least she might have someone to talk to now and then if she ever got bored.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #16

Adam chuckled, "Well, if there's two versions, then I think it's safe to say it's dreadful for you. Be glad you aren't a squadron leader. I've been interviewed three times, and I'm expected to give a speech to the pilots at the end of this little party." Formal events were just to keep the public happy, everywhere, you could see well dressed citizens mixed with crew members, and classy music playing in the background. And half the stuff they talked about didn't pertane to the real battles. "Anyway, don't worry too much about it. But, you're in White Wolves, right?"

8/11/2009 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah nodded, "That's right, Skylar. We're the multi-role crew. A few of our crew members don't like bomber ships, but well... I guess it's just a matter of what your role in battle is. I'd rather not get hit at all, than let me take a hit just because I have thick armor... No offense." Darrah had a problem of blurting out whatever was on her mind before actually thinking about what she said.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #18

"And that's why I'm space superiority." He grinned. "I don't care how thick my armor is, if I get hit, it'll eventually do damage. So I prefer to take none at all." Then after a short pause he added, "That, and the fact space superiority fighters take critical damage from spitwads. So getting hit is not an option." After that small bit of lecture he cleared his throat, "But, that's not why I asked. I asked because I do believe you're stuck with Pretty Boy.?" He asked, not even looking near Kyou's general vicinity.

((If no one else joins, I think I'm going to end the ceremony tomorrow and get the ship underway.))

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #19
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah scowled and crossed her arms over her chest, "I don't like that guy." Blunt and straight to the point, "But yea, I'm in his crew." When Darrah had first joined, she had been badgered nearly nonstop by the guy. Needless to say, he didn't make a very good first impression on her... or the second... or the third... or, well, I think you get the point.


8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #20

It took everything in Adams power to not burst out laughing, and just restrain it to a chuckle. "Yeah. Most people don't like his company. He used to fly in my wing back before we got transferred the the Silvanus. He's damned good at dogfighting. Back when we were in the same squadron, there was no one I'd rather have on my wing than Pretty Boy." And it was true. Hiroshi knew what he was doing, and flew while at first he flew like a cadet, he adapted quickly, and once, even saved Skylers life. He almost reached for his scar instinctivly, but, caught himself before he could. Kyou saved his life, it was a one time deal, and the rest, Skyler saved Kyou. "He's just a kid, though. Then again, so are most of the pilots coming in. Listen to me, talking like I'm the captain of the ship, and fifty years old, too."

((I think Darrah was designed to hate Kyou, looking back at her profile and Kyou's. XD))

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

((Yea, but that doesn't mean he won't try...))

Darrah shook her head, "I'm not doubting his ability to fly or fight. I can respect his power, but that doesn't mean I have to like him. Too much of a flirt that doesn't seem to take things seriously... then again I don't either... Ugh, I probably sound like a hypocrite." Darrah didn't really know why she disliked Pretty Boy. Other than being flirty, he really wasn't a bad guy. However, Darrah was much too prideful to accept the fact that Pretty Boy was anything other than a good pilot that didn't get the hint when to stop hitting on someone.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #22

((I meant a space fight but whatever))

Malakai nodded. Rather pleased at how irked the kid looked. Still this conversation was tiresome and he wanted to end it quickly. "Excuse me please sir. I'm going to get a drink." He walked off. His head hurt slightly. Terrans talked so LOUD. It was disgusting. He went over to the bar and sat down grabbing up the first drink presented to him.

8/11/2009 #23

((And here comes the end...))

Adam looked around, and saw the time, and the captain of the ship urge him over. "Daredevil, it's been a nice conversation. However, duty calls." He replied, and walked over to the captain, standing still next to the stand with the mic. He saluted, and the captain saluted back, heading to the podium to begin the speech.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention?" The captain asked, speaking into the microphone.

8/12/2009 #24
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah turned towards the podium, motioning for a water from a robot waiter. She was a little interested in how the speech would turn out.

8/12/2009 #25

Kyou sighed and about went to sleep when the captain spoke. It was the same speech he got back when he first enlisted to be a fighter pilot. The same crap about 'you are the shining stars of the Galactic Space Force', 'You will lead our forces to victory', and the worst one of all, 'We can replace your ship, not you. So try your best to always come back.' They proved that last one the moment pilot enlistment slowed up a bit due to the casualty rate. However, when Adam took the podium, Kyou immediately straightened up, as did most of everyone else in the room. Now this was a guy to give full respect to.

Adam chuckled nervously before starting, "I wasn't expecting such a quick reaction, I haven't even said anything." Quickly racking his brain for a speech, he began to do what he did when a mission plan hit the fan. He was going to wing it. "As you all already know, the bugs out there are not to be played around with. I'm speaking to vetreans and new officers alike." He paused for a second, he might as well talk about their destination. "Some of you know our destination, others don't. We're going to the Vesuvias, an area of space with nothing but a stalemate to show for it, except for a direct run at their homeworld. I don't need to tell you how important Vesuvias is for the survival of humanity. Our arrival will be the turning point of this war, and I want all of you to make damn sure we are. Understood?" He asked, peering out into the crowd hoping for an enthusiastic answer.

((Gah, not a great speech, but, a plot device nonetheless.))

8/12/2009 #26
Jade Lin Zheng

The area around Darrah erupted with cheers from the new pilots and clapping from the veterans. Darrah joined in with a loud yell, "Count on me to be there, Double Shot!" Giving Skylar a double-thumbs up she grinned widely, already feeling excited at the thought of going to Vesuvias.

8/12/2009 #27

Adam nodded to everyones enthusiasm, and even gave Kyou a look when he shook his head and clapped with the rest of them. "Then I think I speak for all of us when I say it's time to end this war. With us smack dab in the center of it. I hope to see all of you when we break through the Vesuvias Sector." He knew half the pilots he saw before him wouldn't make it. Hell, even he himself could wind up on the killboard as KIA. After all, a pilot relies on 30 percent skill, 5 percent craft, 10 percent on his wingman, and 55 percent luck. Stepping down from the podium, he walked over to recieve many congratulations, and from a few of the younger pilots, a high five. Walking back to Daredevil, he listened to the rest of the captains speech, ending with him asking all crew to return to the Silvanus, a few of the pilots began leaving. "Well, it wasn't the best speech... at least I got enough respect from pilots to cover for it, right?" He laughed.

8/12/2009 #28
Jade Lin Zheng

Darrah shrugged goodnaturedly, "Ah, don't worry too much about it. With the right dramatic music and enough charisma, even an idiot could make a good speech." Darah looked around the emptying room and said, "Maybe we should start heading back too, yea?"

8/12/2009 #29

Malakai couldn't help but roll his eyes at Adam's speech, but he kept the guesture from being noticed. That wasn't exactly the most insparational speech he'd ever heard. His father could top that in his sleep, not that his father slept much with all his efforts to better relations between the Terrans and the Helcians. Malakai still wondered what was the point of it. The terrans had already managed to spread themselves like a desease across the universe. The only thing worse where those ugly bugs from the Hive.

Why was it the doom of all higher Class races to be surrounded by faster breeding lower life forms?

One thing at a time, Malakai decided. The first thing to do was to remind the Hive that the Helcians were a race to be reckoned with. The second would be to remind the terrans of that fact.

8/12/2009 #30
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