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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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This is the patrol mission for:

Adam Skyler and Malakai.

8/15/2009 #1

Adam felt the calm shake of his fighter being loaded into the launch tube, his helmet secure, and his suit pressurized, he did one final check. Once he was positive all of his weapon systems were 100 percent operational, he opened his comm to the Silvanus. "I'm all set here, ready to hit the void." Without so much as a warning sign, the ship was launched through the tube at a high speed, clearing the carrier in less than a second. "Thanks Silvanus. Malakai, when you finish launching, form up on me."

8/15/2009 #2

Malakai felt a cold sweat starting on his palms and head, but he ignored it, trying to focus on his breathing. This wasn't his first time in a real ship. It just happened to be his first time with real weapons aboard. "Roger sir, Ready to launch," he said his voice quieter now bordering on a whisper. He didn't really notice and whoever was handling the launch deck didn't seem to mind either. In a burst of speed he was flung out and Malakai felt like his stomach had stayed behind. He jerked the stearing a little too hard as he moved to form up with Adam the ship responding to him like a skittish horse would, bouncing and jerking a bit. Malakai flushed and took a deep breath shaking his head. Damn it he was better than this. He had to calm down. He was responsible here! He had to do his race proud, show the Hive and the Terrans what Helcians were made of. His grip tightened on the stearing and the ship steadied.

((See how's that? He'll think he's a total disgrace at the end of this but I'm going to make sure he doesn't act like a completely intimidated idiot))

8/15/2009 #3

((First combat flights are always the worst. Just ask any real life pilot. I'll be posting in two voices here. If anything looks like this it is an event. Basically, the Hive, or something dangerous.))

Adam looked out his canopy to see the poor kid moving his ship about irradically. The guy flew a lot like Kyou did when Kyou did his second flight. "Alright, Torch, set your autopilot to nav one, it's going to be a long trip..." Pushing a few buttons on his main console, targeting the first nav to be shown on his helmets HUD, the ship flew itself straight for the nav point at max speed without the use of afterburners. This was the only downside to flying patrols. A whole lot of flying, and a whole lot of nothing.

8/15/2009 #4

((See it's things like that that I have no clue about. I'll just follow your lead and not show off XD))

"Yessir," Malakai said and nodded feeling embarrased of his lousy start. He engaged the auto piolit and followed Adam. He needed to get control of himself.

8/15/2009 #5

((There are a few terms you need to know, other than that, it's just putting two and two together.))

As they appeared at the first nav point, Adam looked around his ship, then his radar a few times. "Looks like this place is cl-" He paused and looked at his radar again. Spotting a small blip on his radar. "Hang on here...

The one blip is a Hive fighter

Adam nodded, as the blip was a confirmed hostile. Sitting just barely onto his radar, and worst of all, next to numerous debris pieces. Very easily a trap, as radar couldn't scan past the debris, or what could be hidding in the debris either. "Torch, do not engage. I repeat, do not engage. There could easily be a trap there."

8/15/2009 #6

((Darn it what to do...make him an idiot and engage or listen to orders? XC Darn it! Let's compromise!))

At first Malakai had jumped forward without thinking, his nerves screaming at him to get rid of the thing before it attacked him. Training and Adams tone forced him to stop though. The ship, which had been heading straight for the fighter, spun around to reform up but he had managed some distance in that short amount of time. It it wasn't for the presence of an enemy Malakai would have hit his head on the consol a couple of times for not thinking. He wasn't like this! His fighter started back.

((There he's just halfway in between, those are those fast reaction times kicking in XD he noticed and tried to engage before Adam could give and order))

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #7

Adam held his breath as Torch began making his way back towards Adams fighter. Fearing that Torch may have gotten too close and sprung the trap. If, of course, there was a trap at all. Within a few seconds, Torch had formed back up on his wing, and the fighter had disappeared from radar. If all went well, they weren't detected, or, not seen as much of a threat. Sighing in relief, he let himself release from his high state of alertness. "That could've been bad. Set your auto pilot for nav two. I don't want to be here if that guy decides to bring back friends."

8/15/2009 #8

"Yessir, my...apologies," Malakai said feeling dejected and silly. He'd just risked the mission. He wasn't suppoused to be this jumpy. What by Girgian's might had happened? He set his ship to auto poilit again trying to clear his mind and focus liek he normally did.

((He's going to keep making dumb mistakes until he shakes these nerves which will probably not be this patrol XD))

8/15/2009 #9

((He'd better lose them at nav 2... or else he might not bring a ship back home. *evil grin*))

Upon arriving at nav 2, the radar pops up with 4 Hive fighters.

Adam looked at his radar the moment it lit up, showing 4 red dots, each one going full afterburners towards both him and Malakai. It looks like Malakai had sprung the trap in a different sense. "Torch, break and attack. Keep your trigger finger happy." Adam switched to full guns and went in, full afterburners. Scaring the crap out of two fighters, as they quickly veered down from their current course. "Torch, get those two, and watch your six."

Focusing on his two craft, he went in for a head on. In this instance, whoever broke first was going to be shot down. Fortunately, a Hive fighter broke from the head on, and Adam wasted no time in tailing it, already lighting up the void and the Hive fighters it's engine with his ion cannons and particale guns.

The 2 other Hive fighters begin to circle around.

((I got to go, it's almost 3 in the morning here.))

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #10

((I should get off too since I have stuff I should be doing XD also I though you wanted him to be bad? Well, let's just leave it at he can't seem to shoot them down. That's reasonable no?))

Malakai breathed slowly through his nose and tried to look at the fight like he had all those times in simulations. He just couldn't mess up this time. His grip tightened on his stearing stick and decided the first move was to get the two bugs from surrounding him. He dove and twisted out of the circle the bugs were forming spinning the craft about to shoot back at the bugs. His ship was made for fast manumvers and no one had faster reflexes than a Helcian which made them formidible as speed piolits since the ship could mirror their quicker movements perfectly.

((I won't be on until late tomorrow. I'd say 7 or 8ish FP time also marching band will be starting tuesday so don't expect much of me until next sunday...I think. Sorry XP))

8/15/2009 #11

((Don't dwaddle, though! This patrol will put Malakai in his place, and make me feel better about myself. *evil grin* And Malakai shouldn't be a terrible pilot, if he's top in his class, he should be able to hold his own. However, the ego you get from being top in a simulator where their is a second chance gives you stupidity bonuses. However, Malakai still seems to be working out the kinks, rather than playing a cocky idiot, so... just not being able to shoot them down sounds good.))

The single Hive fighter continued to dodge Malakai's weaponry, taking a few hits, and even losing shields. As damage began to stack on the fighter, the other circled around Malakai, beginning an attempt for a missile lock.

Adam continued following his target, getting a missile lock on the Hive fighter. However, a missile didn't have a perfect chance of destroying the target if it's shields were still up. So, Adam blasted a few ion cannon shots into the engine of the ship, lowering the shields just enough for his missile to have a direct hit. Just before the button was pressed, and missile released, Adam could be heard saying, "Fox one!"

The Hive fighter could not avoid the missile, as soon as it made contact, the Hive fighter went up on a small explosion with it.

8/16/2009 #12

((Well I'll do my best XP))

Malakai had lost track of the other fighter in his exchanes with the first but he could guess where it was. He rolled and twisted about hoping to get in a clear shot. How could he not be hitting them?! This was insane; what was he doing wrong? Part of his mind was distracted by this his obsession with his own perfection getting in the way of his fighting. He couldn't concintraite. Between that and a small gnawing fear about how real this was he found he couldn't follow the bug's movements like he'd done in the simulations. Only his fast ship and quick reflexes were keeping him from getting shot down on several occations. Damn it what the hell is wrong with me?! Focus Torch!

8/16/2009 #13

Adam smirked under his helmet as he saw random parts of the alien ship fly about, along with what was more than likely a dead body floating among it. "Scratch one boogey." He said, turning to scan for his second target. While searching for said enemy ship, he noticed the fighter tailing Malakai. "Torch! Check six! You got a bug on you!" Ignoring the free ship without a target, he charged in towards the ship tailing Malakai, praying he wasn't too late.

The Hive fighter tailing Malakai began to fire random shots at him.

8/22/2009 #14

((I'm back! did you miss me?))

Malakai cursed heavily in Helcian and spun and twisted his ship about trying to avoid the shots. What the hell was wrong with him today? He'd could have sworn that he'd gotten that bug off of him already! He shook his head. He could feel his palms slick with sweat inside his gloves, wetting them. His heart was pounding in his chest, so loud he was sure even a terran could have heard it. He fire a couple shots at the ship he was following anyway despite the danger and the utter futility of the effort. Damn it he should be better at this! He was scared and frustraited and angry. He moving in a wild erratic pattern trying to avoid the shots from behind he blasted away at the moking bug before him.

((His temper and pride are really starting to get the better of him))

8/23/2009 #15

Finally, after so many random shots, the Hive fighter could sustain no more. The main engine recieved a fatal shot, causing a chain reaction. Within less than a second, the Hive fighter shattered with an explosion. However, unfortunately for Malakai, the Hive's wingman that was tailing Malakai, had achieved a lock on. And released a missile.

((FYI, missile's aren't always fatal, but if they hit, it does a number on your ship. If you choose to let it hit you, I'll give your ship a proper status. If you want, you can have Malakai shaking so bad he bails out. If you do that, I'll explain how you get back.))

Adam watched in horror as he just came into firing range of the Hive fighter, that it had already launched a missile at Malakai. Quickly firing at the bug, it broke it's attack from Malakai, somewhat putting all it's faith into the missile. Adam tailed the fighter that broke off, screaming, "Malakai! Missile heading towards you! Evade! Afterburner slide and fire off chaffs!" Keeping the enemy Hive fighter he was tailing in the corner of his eye, he watched Malakai's ship, praying that he snapped out of his trance, and would evade the missile.

8/28/2009 #16

((Hmm... so hard to choose... I can't believe you let Malakai have a kill how is that suppoused to supress his ego? *shakes head* Oh well guess that means he has to be stupid now to make up for it))

Malakai, distracted by his shock at actually managing to kill the damn thing didn't notice the missle until it was too late for even a Helcian to react. It hit and the ensuiong explosion sent the ship spinning. Alarms were blaring at him in all direction. His heart was beating so fast and hard it would burst out of his chest. He couldn't even get the ship stablized properly. I he wasn't careful his momentum was going to just keep hurtling him through space, maybe even HIVE SPACE.

That thought sent Malakai into a cold sweat as he remembered Kyou's warnings about that. He scrambled at the controls trying desperately to figure out what was working that could stop him.

((XD you know the void of space if you get hit there's no friction to slow you down. I think I'll leave him in the ship panicking too much to even figure out which one is the bailout button))

8/28/2009 #17

As Malakai's ship spun through space, the computer brought up a list of the damages sustained. Left engine was working at 5 percent capacity, right engine was only working at 50 percent, shields working at 20 percent, missiles tubes disabled, and only one ion gun working. Ejection system has a 10 percent chance of failure. Core damage exceeded 70 percent. It appeared the only fully operational systems were the comms, and afterburners. The ejection lights turned on, as well as warning sirens.

Adam quickly fired a rapid succession of weaponry, and true to his name, two shots, and the fighter went up in small explosion, but not before the Hive fighter pilot bailed out. Quickly opening his comm as he turned to face the final Hive fighter, he opened his comm to Malakai, "Torch! Status report!" He shouted, fearing for his fellow wingmans life. This was the guys first mission, and this was also the first mission for the Silvanus, which had even more rookie pilots. If someone was killed on the first mission, the morale of the crew would destroyed. "Torch! Status report!" He repeated. "If you're alive, please respond!"

8/31/2009 #18

Damn it pull yourself together you pointy eared bastard!! Malakai told himself bitting his tongue to distract himself from his panic.

He tasted blood from the move but it had done it's job. His eyes focused on the controls and the computer screen. He hit the com button. "I'm alive but I don't think I'm going to be much use to you," he informed Adamn bitterly sounded much more incontrol of himself. He tentativly used his thrusters to get the ship stablized once more. He knew that he should probably eject but there were still fighters out there and that 10 percetn chance of ejection failure didn't sit well with him. he still had one cannon working. He'd stay on until the last possible moment.

((Do you want him to eject or can he stay in his ship?))

8/31/2009 #19

((Your thinking like a true fighter pilot. Bailing out of your craft is bad. Too many ejections and they give you a desk job, so pilots try to hold their craft until all other options have been expended.))

Adam sighed in relief. Malakai was still alive. "That's good. For a second I thought your ship was going to explode on contact, even with your shield power." Adam had already tallied his final kill, the last Hive fighter had retreated back to Hive space. "The last fighter ran, and we need to finish our patrol. So, on that note Malakai, form on my wing. We'll hit this last nav point and head back to the Silvanus." Adam slowed his speed to match the maximum output Malakai could manage with his damaged engines. "You look pretty banged up. You want to scrap the mission and head back?"

8/31/2009 #20

Breathing slowly through his nose to keep his calm Malakai frowned at the question and looked over his computer read out again. He couldn't afford to get hit again and he wasn't sure how well the core was going to hold together...

...all the same...

"We'll scrap the mission when I have to eject sir," Malakai said firmly his grip tightening on the control stick. "I don't plan on leaving a second before."

After all the stupid moves he just pulled there was no way in the Belgaof's inferno that he was going to leave it on that note. The ship wasn't that delecaite.

...and he had to admit Adam was the kind of great polite that Malakai felt he could trust with his life...despite being a terran.

((XD and Malakai has just given props to a terran. Awe doen't you love it when characters grow a little? *laughs*))

8/31/2009 . Edited 8/31/2009 #21

Adam nodded, "Alright, but if we encounter any more bugs you are to make a run for it. Remember, you can make them pay only when your alive, not dead." As Malakai had managed to form up on his wing, he set his autopilot to the final nav point of the mission. "Alright Malakai, keep yourself occupied, it's going to be a long trip. Oh, and did I mention these ships have MP3 players on them? I don't have whatever you Helcians listen to, but I got some old twenty century rock music if you wanna listen to it. I'll broad cast it over the comm system." He got his music set up and had it ready to play. Of all the things that crazy mechanic made, this was the best of them.

It really made the sortie's that much more enjoyable.

9/4/2009 #22

Malakai winced at the thought of human music. If the species was loud in general their music was even worse. Besides even if he could play something else he didn't want to. "No thank you sir," he said. "It would probably be best if I didn't listen to music right now," he added.

He closed his eyes trying to focus on his deep breathing. There was still a stiffness in his movements and a jitteryness to his thoughts. Now was the time to focus and control that before anything else went wrong. This level of skill in the field was....unacceptable. How could he function as a proper polit if he kept pulling stupid manuvers like that? It shamed him thinking over the battle now. Double Shot did almost all of the work. He was just a burden. It disgusted him.

9/4/2009 #23

As the two pilots continued through their recon mission, idle and short lived conversations and false alarms occured. But, nevertheless, the remaining flight was a dull flight after their battle prior. And soon enough, they had found themselves back at their carrier.

"Alright Torch. Congrats on making it back on your first flight, and a kill to boot. I'd ask you how you felt, but you're probably a bit shaken up like the rest of the rookies who make it back." Opening his comm channel to the Silvanus, he stated the generic phrase with a slight Double Shot twist: "This is Alpha wing, we've finished our doughnut run, they were out of glazed so we came back with cake batter. Which hangar do you want them delivered to?"

The operator on the other end sighed, aggravated by Double Shot's antics. "It'd be easier if you just said 'Requesting Permisison to land'. You're both cleared for Hangar One. If you forgot, it's the one on the left. Braden out."

Adam chuckled and opened his comm to Malakai, "Torch, you go first. I'll follow you in."

9/8/2009 #24

((What the heck am I suppoused to do now?))

"Roger sir," Malakai said and carefully started making his approach into the hangar.

((What part of "not used to sci-fi writing" did you not get? I don't know anything technical to put here!))

9/8/2009 #25

((Cackles, it's alright, remember Star Wars landings. Lower landing gear and gently make contact with the steel floor.))

9/8/2009 #26

((Geez why can't we just cheep out and be lazy and said "they landed"? Like normal people?))

Malakai flipped a switch in his consol and his landing gear came out, though he could hear the whole ship creek with the effort. He'd really done a number on his ship. His ship touched ground and he moved it out of Adam's way.

((*sigh* because we're not normal people and I like describing things too much....damn it I should do more military research. All sci-fi stuff is like bassed off of the Navy and I don't know anything about that...))

9/8/2009 #27

((Now watch a real sci-fi geek land.))

Adam watched Malakai disappear inside the carrier hangar, and he followed suit. Thanks to his ship being in decent shape, his computer began operating a new HUD inside his helmet to help him veer into the carrier for optimal accuracy. As he entered the hangar, he lowered his gear and slowed down to a low speed and gently touched down in his fighters designated landing spot. The canopy was released, and many flight engineers were scattering about... mostly towards Malakai's fighter. Adam made his way down the ladder they rolled up for him and walked over to Malakai. "Hey! We need to go post our mission in the main terminal!"

9/8/2009 #28

((Oh you're a geek alright...))

Having escaped his wreck of a ship Malakai took off his helmet and ran a hand through his flame red hair. "Might as well get it over with," he muttered. He gave a slight bow from the waist towards Double Shot. "Please forgive my lack luster performance sir and thank you for saving my life like that." He felt utterly disgusted with himself for saying it but he owned Adam gratitude. The point wouldbe to never have to be put into this situation again.

'Be grateful to those who save your life even if it is your worst enemy for you are alive to persue your goals.' that was the teaching among Helcians. There was a less polite form that changed the last half to 'for now you are alive to kill them.' But that one was not thought of as much.


9/8/2009 #29

Adam sighed and ruffled the kids hair. "You did good. It was your first flight, and your first real combat experience. What did you expect? To take on a carrier group single handedly?" Adam chuckled and walked over to the computer next to the elevator and logged the mission in as per protocol. "Alright, Torch. We're all done here. Go grab yourself a drink from the Lounge. It'll cool you off a bit." Adam stepped in the elevator, leaving room for Malakai to enter also. "Oh, and if Kyou calls you a rook, correct him on it. Your still grass green, but, you've earned your callsign. So, you going to stand their all day or what?"

9/9/2009 #30
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