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RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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For all you pilots that are just now arriving on the Silvanus, whether you be a transfer pilot, or a new academy grad, the Captain would see it best that you all review the basics of the space missions.

1. First and foremost, the Hive are unpredictable, and should be treated with caution, no matter what. (I.E: You have some control over the Hive fighters, but I decide whether or not you manage the kill based on pilot skill and fighter type. I also control the Hive numbers per mission. You can always expect at least 1 kill per sortie.)

2. When completing a mission, make sure to land in your assigned Hanger. We both know this ship has two different hanger ports, so be sure to land in the one you are assigned to, or you can cause a massive explosion. (I.E: Make sure your first post when you return from a mission, whether ejected, or in your spacecraft, that your first post back is in the Hanger.)

3. If you eject, do not worry. Assuming your wingman (or someone from your wing made it back), an SAR will be dispatched to find you. From there, you will ride it in to a hanger, and will report your fighter as destroyed to one of the Flight Engineers. (I.E: This one will take a bit to explain. If you eject, your character is done until either one of two things is completed. The mission is completed, everyone retreats/ejects/dies. After everyone successfully returns, an event will occur, meaning this will be used to signify you are being rescued, or, if you have chosen so, captured. I will then finish the pickup in the Hanger thread, where you will exit the SAR craft, and report to either an RPC Flight Engineer, or an NPC Flight Engineer your destroyed ship. And trust me, most Flight Engineers hate it when a ship doesn't come back.)

More will be added to this list as seen fit by the Captain. Best of luck to you all,

Admiral Casey.

8/28/2009 #1
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