Do you ever find your brain interrupted with the most silly of things. This is the place to get all these hinderings out of your system, where they can lay here randomly forever
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Slight Serenity

Hi I'm Slight Serenity.

There aren't really rules to this forum. All I ask is that you be nice. I don't care about your spelling like some forums do and I don't mind role playing and stuff. So enjoy, this forum is at your disposal. Talk about anything and everything, welcome :)

7/20/2009 . Edited 7/20/2009 #1

Thought i'd drop in for a chat and say hi!

I dont like going to the overfull forums, it daunts me!

So this is refreshing. :)

7/23/2009 #2
Slight Serenity

Hi :)

Me too, i dont like forums that are way to crowded. I get confused on which topic its on and the overload of chit chatter. So i usually go for small forums. So its nice to meet you.

Im Savannah! lol

7/23/2009 #3

Nice to meet you too Savannah! :)

7/23/2009 #4
Slight Serenity

So...i guess i should start a conversation....hmm.

Well whats ur favorite kind of stories?

7/26/2009 #5


Umm, fantasy, romance, history, sad and real....

I dont like boring things though, too based on real life. :)

And you?

7/26/2009 #6
Slight Serenity

well my favorite is romance, but i like fantasy too. I am the best at writing romance so i usually stick to that.

7/26/2009 #7


What kind of endings do you like? Happy? Bitter-sweet? Tragic?...

7/26/2009 #8
Slight Serenity

well it depends on the story. The more i like a character the more i want them to have a good ending, but i usually try to have it bitter sweet to create a realistic balance.


7/26/2009 #9

Like yu say, depends on the story. I like bitter sweet endings in Cecelia Dart Thornton's novels, but i like happy endings elsewhere. And tragedy has its place, u just have to be prepared to be depressed! :)

7/27/2009 #10
Slight Serenity

i love tragedies...but not tragic endings. Most of the time I love reading/writing a character with tragic struggles but having a happy resolution to a tragic story usually keeps me from going crazy lol.

7/28/2009 #11

:) I see!

Well most adaptations of Romeo and Juliet i dont like, although i did like the movie... :)

7/28/2009 #12
Slight Serenity

I have actually never read Romeo and Juliet or have seen the movie. I should get working on that tho :)

7/29/2009 #13

You should!

Shakespeare's comedies are better though. :)

7/29/2009 #14
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