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1/10/ 2013 - Starting fresh. LOOKING FOR NEW ROLEPLAYERS. APPLY WITHIN. Spooky Hollows is a town with a history. Visit the famous Patten House, but be sure to sleep with the light on. RPG. NEWBIE-FRIENDLY. Come, play with us.
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R. Lauden

A fat moon dangles in the night sky. You give a light rap on the door, hoping for an answer. The town is quiet, everyone nestled safe in their beds. The porch light flickers to life, the door swinging open. A young woman stands in her nightgown, rubbing sleep from her puffy blue eyes. You request a place to stay. She steps aside, waving you in. The entryway is decorated with heavy carpets and portraits. "Rooms are fifty dollars a night. I do not cook. I do not make beds. I definately do not do laundry." She tells you, leading you up a narrow staircase. You follow her closely, afraid of getting lost in the large mansion.

She points out the bathroom, continuing down the wood-panelled hallway. Stepping into a quaint room, she flips on a artistic lamp. The enormous bed is draped with a lace canopy. Exhaustion ebbs at the corners of your mind. You apologize for the late night vist and thank her for the bed. She nods and disapears into the large house. You hear her footsteps fading into the distance.

(Admin Note: The Patten House is a temporary residence. Your characters may choose to live here if there is no other properties avaliable. They may also live here because they feel like it. The number of people living in the Patten House is unlimited.)

7/24/2009 . Edited 1/10/2013 #1
R. Lauden

Ellestial stirred, kicking away the heavy blankets. She stretched across the enormous bed and blinked at the canapy. She dreamed the latice was a net, capturing her in her sleep. An unpleasant feeling rippled through her. She rolled off the bed, pulling on a pair of shorts. She heard rain rattling against the windows, loud and steady. A flash of lightening split the sky in two.

She pulled her hair into an elastic, piling it atop her head in a messy fashion. A few strands became unraveled, draping across her pretty face. Laughter filtered up the main staircase, a familiar laughter. She pulled on a tank top and went to investigate the disturbance.

7/31/2009 #2
R. Lauden

Xekial sat beside the gothic girl and laughed at his own jokes. He had her wrapped around his finger, hanging by his every word. Twice, he almost sunk his teeth into her neck. Twice, he had second thoughts. His jaw was throbbing. His hands were shaking. In hindsight, he should have helped Max catch the deer. Thunder clapped outside, loud and vibrating in his ears. "You said you were just passing through?" He recalled her words. She nodded, taking a bite of bagel. He watched her swallow, considering her neck.

"Yeah. I ran way from my foster parents." She announced, casting her eyes on the table. He considered her answer. That meant no relatives, no connections. No one would ever know. He leaned closer, watching her blush.

"You have the most beautiful eyes." He told her, staring deep into them. Every girl was a sucker for the line. Every girl melted when he looked into their sole. His cold and shaking fingers cupped her chin, lifting her lips ever so slightly. He hovered his close, listening to her racing heartbeat. She wanted it, he could tell.

"Xeke, you said my eyes were the most beautiful." The siren broke his concentration. He glanced at the door, seeing her standing there, hardly decent. She wore short shorts and a tank top to showcase her thin waste. Her hair was pulled back. Her bare neck spoke to his hunger. He released the girl, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. Elle was oblivious. She would be his, sooner than later.

7/31/2009 #3
R. Lauden

"I said your neck was the most beautiful, babydoll." He stood from the chair, walking across the cluttered kitchen. She stood her ground as he approached, leaning against the doorway and tilting back her head. She smiled, knowing she had sabatoged his dinner. He was shaking, his thirst getting th best of him. He paused before walking through, turning to her with a gleam in his eye. "Remember that night in Louisville?" He asked, his voice smooth and melodic. She remembered the night well.

He picked her up in the bar. She roped him along. They fought in an alleyway and he tried kissing her. She responded by pressing her hand against his cheek and making him sick with the sensation of healing.

"I do." She told him, her body square with his. "The night I almost killed you."

"But you didn't." He smirked, stalking past her and down the hallway. He would have to drive to the next town for any kind of sustanance. This place was getting too crowded anyway.

7/31/2009 #4
R. Lauden

Xekial Leaving for Wilderness

8/2/2009 #5
R. Lauden

Ellestial watched him leave, truning back to the black-clad young woman. "We're on our honeymoon." She smirked. The girl gave a silent nod, blushing a bit. Ellestial leaned off the doorway and went for the door, following Xekial into the rainy morning.

8/2/2009 #6
William McKinney

The line of black sedan's and SUV's quickly made their way to what appeared to be the only hotel in the area. The driver was ordered to ignor the townhall, as Morgan Nightstalker had all of the information about the town that e needed. As the vehicles pulled up out in front of the building, Morgan quickly disembarked, looking around through the black mirrored sunglasses he wore. he snapped his fingers and the armed guards followed him inside, and he turned to the reception area.

"I need a few rooms, something nice, perhaps with a veiw....." his voice was cold, he had been robbed of most of his emotions hundreds of years ago, the only ones remaing were anger and hatred. he smiled, the look appearing cold, with no happiness or friendlyness in it. "So what do you have?"

8/12/2009 #7
R. Lauden

Xekial lifted his collar and zipped up his jacket. Rain drizzled from the sky, pelting the fabric and soaking him through. As he approached the Patten House, he watched the line of black SUVs. A few days ago, the town was almost abandoned. Now, there were SUVs lining the streets. He ran a hand through his wet hair and pushed through the door. A bell chimed, announcing his entrance. He stopped in his tracks, staring down a band of vampires. He considered turning on his heels and leaving, but that might hoist a red flag. He shook the water from his hair like a wet dog, his blue eyes glowing in the dim hallway. He tried slipping past without being noticed, but the woman behind the counter moved her gaze to intercept him. He flashed a small smile, nodding at the woman.

8/14/2009 #8
William McKinney

At the womans slight movement, Morgan whipped around and spotted the man standing behind him. Vampire. his mind shot at him quickly. A young vampire. "Well hello there, who are you?" He asked, his voice cold and full of malice. He smiled, his cold smile mixing with the mirrored sunglasses to produce a truly creepy look.

8/14/2009 #9
R. Lauden

Xekial cast his glacial eyes on the ground, before glancing up. He fidgeted with his room key. He never wanted to see Ellestial more than he did then. "Xekial Delequoix." He responded, scratching the back of his head and leaning against the wall.

8/14/2009 #10
William McKinney

"Delequoix? The name seems familiar, but it illudes me. I think i's remeber, but have i met you before young man?" He was a younger vampire, perhaps a fairly recent generation even. He smelled of a prominent blood line, but Morgan wasn't entirely sure. he seemed too scruffy and didn't seem like he was from prominence.

8/14/2009 #11
R. Lauden

"Probably not. I am kind of new to the game." He smiled, glancing down at the key in his fingers. He thought about running, but not yet. The distance between them was comforting. Besides, there was no reason for the ancient bloodsucker to attack him. Morgan knew nothing.

8/14/2009 #12
William McKinney

Morgan smiled agian. "Oh well. Run along then, you look like you'd rather be anywhere but here right now my boy."

8/14/2009 #13
R. Lauden

Xekial flashed another smile, thankful for his escape. He started up the stairs, knowing that Ellestial would be returning soon. Morgan would know everything about her with a single look. He would need to warn her, somehow. With vampires guarding the downstairs, he would need to find another way out.

8/14/2009 #14
William McKinney

Morgan keapt smiling until Xekial was no longer in sight. "Keep an ey on him, i want to know everything he's doing, something doesn't smell right about that one." One of his men nodded, and walked off, up the stairs quickly.

8/14/2009 #15
R. Lauden

Xekial stalked into the room, shutting the door with a quiet click. He went to the window and unlocked the frame, trying to hoist it up. Nails drove it into place. "That's a fire hazard." He mumbled. He could probably break the window, but that would only draw attention. Rain pounded the glass and wind shook the panes. He went to the other window, locked. Damn. He thought, yanking open the bedroom door. He remembered a window in the bathroom.

8/14/2009 #16
William McKinney


Sonya crept in through the back door, avoiding the vehicles and men outfront. She stalked slowly forward, and into the room her father had just left, his room. Inside were his few belongings he had brought with him, among which were the masive black pannled Coffin in which he slept, a relic of the vampire golden age, when the freely walked about the earth and people knew who they were and they feared them.

She searched through the his belongings, util she opened a small ornate box and found what she was looking for. A silver pendant, an ornate circel engraved with special markings. It had been her mothers, and now it was hers. She snatched the pendant out of the box, and walked out of the room, making sure nothing was out of place.

8/14/2009 . Edited 8/14/2009 #17
William McKinney

Morgan's man stood outside the door of the room, hearing movement of the man, Xekial inside. He clicked his radio, making sue that another man was walking around to check the windows of Xekials room. However, it would take him a few minutes to get there.

8/14/2009 . Edited 8/14/2009 #18
R. Lauden

[[Not sure what the action was there. Are they outside his room?]]

8/14/2009 #19
William McKinney

[[One's outside the door, the others walking outside, all the way over to the windows, sorry for not being too clear on that one]]

8/14/2009 #20
R. Lauden

[[Haha. S'all good.]]

Xekial pulled open the door, coming face to face with an ugly vampire. "Hi." He smiled, trying to fein innocence. He grabbed blindly for the towel hanging on the back of the door. "I was just about to take a bubble bath. Does wonder for my pores." He stepped into the hall, pulling the door shut behind him.

8/14/2009 #21
William McKinney

The vampire was taken aback. He had no idea just how to respond to that statement in any way shape or form. So he just backed up and watched Xekial step into the hall.

8/14/2009 #22
R. Lauden

Xekial slung the towel over his shoulder and started towards the bathroom. He had not expected his ploy to actually work. He smirked with his back to he vampire.

8/14/2009 #23
William McKinney

The vampire stared dumbfounded after him until Xekial was out of site, and then remembered his orders, and stalked quickly after him, hoping he hadn't lost the man. If he had, he was in some serious trouble, Morgan would be pissed.

8/14/2009 #24
R. Lauden

Xekial heard the heavy footsteps and dodged into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. "Not enough room for two, sorry." He called out, stalking to the tub and flicking the handles on the faucet. Water gushed out, masking the sound of his footfalls. He glanced at the windowsill... nailed shut. He wrapped the the towel around his fist, smashing it into the glass, which shattered on impact. He was a vampire, but smashing glass with his bare hands still hurt. He tossed the towel aside and boosted onto the rim of the clawfoot bathtub, peering out and seeing his brother's jeep driving past. Jumping from the second story, that would hurt too.

8/14/2009 #25
R. Lauden

[[William, are you subscribed to the Cemetery thread? Xaden is entering.]]

8/14/2009 #26
William McKinney

The vampire stopped when he heard the water start, and waited, thinking quietly to himself, He'll be back.

8/14/2009 #27
William McKinney

Morgan heard the screeching from a hand brake coming from outside and turned to his second in command, Dominic. "What was that?"

8/14/2009 #28
R. Lauden

"Dammit." Xekiel cursed, boosting himself through the tiny window. Stray shards of glass bit through his shirt and into his abdomen. He winced, feeling his flesh puncture. The sound of the jeep squealing to a stop made him shudder. His brother was always one for the theatrics. He stood on the narrow ledge, running his fingers over the wound. To heal a wound like this, he would need a proper quanity of blood. He growled, the wind pulling at his agile frame. He glanced down at the tangle of weeds and brush below. He needed to jump. He knew that much.

8/14/2009 #29
William McKinney

Morgan directed a group of vampire's, as the formed up i nthe Patten houses lobby. He looked over at Dominic, and nodded. "Alright, arm up." Dominic said, and the all drew gun's from out of their fancy suits, and got ready to move outside, to investigate the squealing and the sound of breaking glass from the bathroom.

8/14/2009 #30
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