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In this RP, you can do anything you want, as long as you follow a few rules. The universe is a blank slate, and you have just been given the tools to make it more. Destroy it, help it, the choice is yours.
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Here are the rules:

1. Trolling, spamming, and flaming are not allowed and will be severely punished.

2. Please make sure your posts are understandable. When RPing, use the past perfect tense and a third-person point of view. Also, please enclose out-of-character comments in parentheses when posting in the RPing (non-pinned) topics.

3. All characters' profiles must be submitted to the "Characters" topic and be approved by a mod before they are used, unless rule #9 takes effect. Also, please notify a mod if you edit your character's summary, so they can approve the changes to your character.

4. No sexually explicit material or links to such material. Characters are allowed to be involved in sexual activities with one another, but please do not go into detail regarding such activities; keep things down to the M-rating at most. Time skips and scene changes are appropriate for such instances.

5. Your characters, and all objects and locations you use in this RP, must obey the laws of physics. That doesn't mean that they can't use magic or advanced technology, but said magic or technology must work the same way consistently and be subject to the laws of cause and effect.

6. Romances and other relationships between characters are allowed, but please don't try to set up a relationship with another RPer's character without their permission. Characters expressing romantic interest in each other does count as permission. Please note that while incestuous and pedophilic relationships between characters are not allowed, most other kinds of relationships are allowed.

7. No godmodding, unless you are a mod. This means that only mods are allowed to take control of others' characters.

8. Minor NPCs and wildlife may only be controlled by mods. Other RPers must submit all characters and gain approval for them before using them. Similarly, only mods may control natural phenomena such as weather, unless controlling said natural phenomena is a stated ability of a character.

9. If a character is submitted to the Characters topic but is not accepted or rejected by a mod within two days of its submission, that character is temporarily accepted and may be used in the RPing (non-pinned) topics. However, the admin or a mod may suspend that character's temporary acceptance at any time.

10. Rules will be enforced at the mods' discretion. The admin, however, has the final say in everything, unless a majority of the mods disagree with the admin, in which case the admin will be overruled.

11. These rules cannot be changed unless the admin AND a majority of the mods agree to the change.

12. Please try to place limitations on abilities that could potentially become overpowered, such as telekinesis or aquakinesis. No ability should allow its wielder to perform one-hit-kills on anyone.

13. No characters with power levels above 4 on TVTropes's Super Weight scale ( are allowed.

14. Non-mods may have only one class 4 character at any given time.

15. Your character cannot have any powers or items in its possession except for those that were listed in its character summary in the character thread. The exception for items is if it is likely for the character to possess those items; however, all powers must be listed in the character summary.

16. RPers may not submit any characters, weapons, items, or locations that violate existing copyrights not belonging to themselves. All characters must be original characters; they cannot be drawn from any other canon, even if they are characters invented by the RPer for that canon. So, no made-up Yu-gi-oh duelists or Pokemon trainers.

17. Any location is open to anyone no matter who suggested it. When you suggest a location you do not have any sort of "ownership" toward it except what other RPers give you. This means that other RPers can use your location however they wish, as long as they stay true to the setting and do not break the laws of physics that have been established for that location.

And most of all, have fun!

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