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Post a summary of your character here, preferably with this format (though you can use any other format):






Power Class:




Other Stuff:

(For "Power Class" reference please refer to the scale at

Once you've posted your character, please wait for a mod to approve it, and then you can start using it. :D

7/25/2009 . Edited 1/5/2010 #1

*dodges bullets* :D

Name: Calixra

Gender: Female

Age: I dunno, but her maturity is around that of a 17-year-old human.

Appearance: She is a living shadow, which means she can change her shape at will to a limited degree, but generally she has a humanoid appearance. She can become three-dimensional or two-dimensional at will. Also, her eyes are green, making them the only part of her that isn't black/dark, though they can melt into shadows too. She is extremely attractive by her species's standards, which is why Virocter chose her.

Abilities: She is able to melt into shadows and hide in them completely invisibly. She can pull others into those shadows with her, too. Also, her claws are incredibly sharp and incredibly lethal, like all others of her species (Uxurci).

Weakness(es): Light. She's made of anti-light, so light will weaken or kill her on contact. The light would have to be pretty bright, though, in order to vaporize her on contact; on a sunny Earth day, she would just become dramatically weakened and fatigued.

Personality: She's always happy and thoughtful, and she tries to be nice to everyone. She does have a bit of a superiority complex, though, considering her standing in her people's society. Also, she is very flirty and girly.

History: She lives in an alternate universe from the ones humans live in. Its "stars" produce anti-light instead of light, which her species feeds on. Her father, Aludinar, is the leader of her people. She also is the mate of Virocter, one of the Four Heralds of Jahndius. The latter happened before the former; with one of the Four Heralds affiliated with him through his daughter, Aludinar became leader of the Uxurci by default. XD

7/25/2009 . Edited 1/24/2010 #2

Name: Captain Gorbech

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: 6'0", Brown hair, lean. He wears BDU's when sitting around, and a state of the art Ghilie suit when in the field.

Abilities: Good shot, can operate almost any weapon or vehicle, in great physical condition, has total support of USMC, airstrikes, extra soldiers, tanks, supplies, ETC.

Weakness(es): Fear of witches (Don't ask), an injury to his shoulder which is a weak spot for him.

Personality: Gruff, but gets along with other well (Even if he doesn't always play nice.)

History: Served as a scout sniper for years, till his spotter was killed by supposedly defected Libyans ( Spelling, and its ALWAYS the Libyans)

Other Stuff: Big fan of cigars, and Beer.

7/25/2009 . Edited 9/7/2009 #3

Okay, looks alright, though I should warn you he might seem out of place here.

7/25/2009 #4

Yeah, I understand, but Imma gonna try to make it work, I just started on earth.

7/25/2009 #5

Name: Hoshi

Gender: Technically genderless, but takes the appearance and form of a female

Species (You forgot this, Celly Welly): Comet

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Sometimes takes a the form of a streaking ball of light, but at other times, takes the form of a human female with platinum blond hair in a sort of short comet tail type of style and wearing a light yellow bodice-type tube top that shows off her mid-riff. In her most commonly seen form, her body trails off into a tail of stardust and light at about her naval area, but she is able to take a human form in which she has legs, and is wearing a short yellow miniskirt. When in her human form, she sports a bright fushia star tattoo on her right cheek.

Abilities: To grant others' wishes, to fly, to switch forms

Weakness(es): The wishes she grant can come into fruition in a time span of within 10 seconds to 10 years. It depends on how lucky you are. She has absolutely no combat experience or ability (basically she sucks at anything to do with combat)

Personality: Inhumanely innocent and naive, Hoshi loves to have fun, and will take almost anything as a party. Yes, you could throw her in prison and she'd still think it was a party. Completely pure, and loves music.

History: Unknown

Other Stuff: Crush of the Elder

7/25/2009 #6

Name: Natalie Amira

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 12

Appearance: She has hair described as "the brightest red" and it reaches mid-back. She wears her hair down. She has deep blue eyes. Usually, she wears a t-shirt, cotton shorts and sneakers.

Abilities: She has a book (I'll upload an image later, but it's purple with a big round crystal in the middle) that causes whatever she writes in it to become a reality.

Weakness(es): The book can be taken from her (and there is someone else who can use it the way she can), she's afraid to use it, and she's afraid of fire. She has no idea how to fight and has to rely on her friends-who would gladly fight to protect her, although one of them can't fight, either.

Personality: Natalie is a rather quiet girl who loves to write. She can also be a little moody at times because of her sister's death, but is all-around a kind person who cares about others more than herself.

History: Natalie's father was killed in a car accident soon after her sister was born. When Natalie was younger, she did have several friends. She was more cheery then. But accidents, such as her friends hurting themselves whenever they were around her, kept occuring until everyone was sure they would be cursed if they hung out with Natalie, so she was left alone. Only Aurora, her younger sister by about a year and a half, stuck with Natalie. But a few months ago, there was a fire and only Natalie and her mom survived; Aurora was killed. Natalie and her mother moved.

Eventually, Natalie found the book...

Other Stuff: Her title is the Book Keeper.


Name: Echo Willow

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 11

Appearance: She looks like a smaller version of Natalie except with green eyes, and she's small for her age. She wears her hair in a braid with a hair clip on each side to hold back her bangs.

Abilities: She can read minds, emotions and tap into other people's memories.

Weakness(es): She is a terrible fighter, like Natalie (except for firing arrows, daggers or the like-she has wicked aim). Although she can easily read minds and emotions, tapping into memories drains her energy fast.

Personality: Echo is a cheery girl. She's a pacifist and hates fighting, resulting in her inability to fight well. She's very empathetic (literally) and tries to satisfy all of her friends' wants and needs, causing her a lot of inner turmoil.

History: Echo is Natalie's first creation, brought into reality by the book. Echo is practically a clone of Aurora, as Natalie based Echo on her sister. Unintentionally, Natalie gave Echo Aurora's memories along with Echo's abilities to read minds, emotions and tap into memories, since the Book Keeper was thinking very hard about Aurora.

In the story that Natalie was writing about Echo, she lives a near normal life-with the exception of her abilities. This enforces her status as an outcast, although Echo remains cheerful none the less. Echo also carries a terrifying secret that not even Natalie knows...

Other Stuff: When Natalie named Echo, she said that Echo was "an echo of Aurora and the past".


Name: Cole Jefferson

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 13

Appearance: He has brown hair that has a bronze sheen in the sunlight. He has rather dull hazel eyes. Despite his wealth, he usually wears raggedy jeans, a simple t-shirt and black sneakers.

Abilities: He's the only one out of the trio capable of fighting. No joke. He'll take a pole and beat someone up easily. That was his usual weapon: a pole. Though once they found a sword and that's Cole current most used weapon.

Weakness(es): He's human, so he can die. And he doesn't have super strength, sharp eyesight or hearing, nothing. He's a "normal" human-except he's wealthy and he can fight.

Personality: He's cold and silent, and rarely accepts pity. He's fierce in battle, and doesn't like help-although he'll know when he needs it.

History: Cole is rich. People bullied him for that so they could ward off possible future mocking from Cole about being rich. He eventually began picking fights in secret before leaving his house altogether for an adventure.

Other Stuff: He met Natalie and Echo twice. The first time he almost killed them. He left to be on his own again. The second time, he almost got run over by a taxi. He agreed to travel with them afterwards, but for who-knows-what reason.


There are two...minor characters, too. Aurora, Natalie's sister; and Verity, the Voice of Truth.

7/25/2009 . Edited 8/3/2009 #7

All of them are approved. (And species was supposed to go in "Appearance", but whatever. XD)

7/26/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #8
The Dragon Lover

Name: Arc (still haven't thought of a last name yet)

Gender: Female

Age: Technically, not even 1, but looks to be in twenties (if you use human standards)

Appearance: A humanoid/anthropomorphic dragon, scales that are several shades of green, and stands at about 6' 4". Eyes are like a normal dragon's, having a slit-shaped pupil and showing no white, and are colored yellow. Has spike-like protrusions (I guess they could be called blades) on her elbows (think Grovyle) and an arrow-pointed tail. Wingspan is around 12 feet.

Abilities: Can use various types of magic but is not extremely talented in any (at the moment). Also can ask her "higher power" to teleport her to places, although it's not always reliable because she has to get permission. Also, because she's a dragon, she can withstand strong physical blows and, obviously, fly. Can speak any language (and slang) because the "higher power" basically translates it to her and whoever she's speaking to. Can also use a disguise as a human with green eyes (yellow would look weird) and long brown hair, wearing normally green attire and being very tan.

Weakness(es): Often dislikes orders to keep balance and will go against them, although only in little ways because she'll be "dealt with" otherwise. Has to balance usage of magic, i.e. must take away heat after giving up heat. Also has a weakness to being stunned, which I blame her scales for. She's very inexperienced in battle and might even be a hindrance if taken out of her comfort zone of mainly aggressive magical attacks.

Personality: Talks formally, although at times she will crack a lame joke. She loves corny things, actually, and will try to throw one in whenever possible (even in the middle of battle). Other than that, though, she is quiet and polite, preferring to stay out of conversations unless it involves her. She will get talkative whenever the conversation turns to good, evil, or the balance of the two - she's very opinionated, since she was literally born with that in the center of her attention. (She reminds me of a little girl surrounded by a bunch of grown-ups who believe "children should be seen, not heard")

History: She's not lived long, although she is in the form of an adult humanoid dragon, so she doesn't have much of a history. She was created by the "higher power" to keep balance in the universe, and she was sent to Earth to start her work there. She learned of her abilities when fighting in a subway station twenty minutes after getting to the planet, so she's still trying to work things out.

Other Stuff: Likes to hang out in the wild, where nature is balanced, and feels uncomfortable in cities, where humans have "tipped the scale in their favor".

7/26/2009 #9

I didn't know she was anthropomorphic. D: When you said "dragon", I assumed... well, a dragon. But she's approved. ^^

7/26/2009 #10
The Dragon Lover

I thought I'd said that before.... ^w^; Whoops!

7/26/2009 #11

Name: Corwiar & Ziritrin

Gender: Both male

Age: Roughly 9 billion, but were in stasis for most of that time, so are actually roughly 16 Earth years old. They are about as mature as a 20-year-old human.

Appearance: They are of the same race that created Xemtul and the Vivid Tablets. Meaning they look like human children with completely white skin and irises, and no noses. However, they have also been altered artificially, so they have some metallic components. They also both generally wear white skintight jumpsuits, made of a material that is both flexible and strong, as their standard uniform. Finally, they look exactly the same, as they are identical twins.

Abilities: Their minds are both linked together telepathically, making them essentially one being. Corwiar also has the ability to heal even mortal wounds almost instantly by speeding up the immune system of a creature, just by touching them, and Ziritrin can cause objects' atoms to become overexcited and fly apart, also just by touching them. Note that these abilities aren't always on, they can activate them at will. Their bodies have also modified to make them more resistant to damage; a normal bullet won't cause any damage at all, though it might sting. And they are both more agile and physically strong than normal members of their species.

Weakness(es): Corwiar can't fight at all, and Ziritrin is vulnerable to some ranged weaponry.

Personality: Corwiar is, predictably, calm and logical. He is always careful and tries to figure out every possible option before choosing one. Ziritrin, on the other hand, is trigger-happy and a bit of a pyro. He's impulsive and he prefers to shoot before asking questions.

History: They were genetically engineered and artificially altered by their home country in order to be weapons, because at that time their world was in a constant state of warfare. However, before they could be used the war ended, bringing with it the extinction of their entire race, except for them. One of their creators, before she died, launched them into space.

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #12

Name: Blade(Criminal Alias, no one knows his real name) Rex

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Human. Black Hair. Brown Eyes. Rugged. Good Looking, but nothing special. Has special markings burned into his skin called Runes.

Abilites: A large repitoire of spells based around Fire, Darkness, and Blood. I'll list them all if I need too. He also has three magical swords which he is incredibly skilled with, named Ember, Shadow, Rage.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to anything, but nothing like Kryponite.

Personality: Dark, Devious, Intelligent, Isolated.

History: Blade is the victim of a Demonic Mutation. He was a thief and terrorist, but when a demonic invasion struck his world, he became a hero. After a long adventure and the slaying of two demons, he attained the rank of One Demon(Kind of like the Satan of my universe, only not so evil).

Other Stuff: Blade was forced to kill his parents. He has a little sister that he has devoted his life to protecting named Hazel.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #13

If I can approve, I do. And now, I have to go.


7/28/2009 #14

Yeah, you can. And I would have approved it anyway.


7/28/2009 #15
Soul of Light and Darkness

Name: Portensus

Species: Aura

Gender: Technically he can be either, both, none, or several you've never heard of, but since 90% of the time he poses as a male, he sees himself as male.

Age: Unknown. He's been around so long that even he can't remamber.

Appearance: Portensus can take any shape he wishes. However, the form in which he is most often seen is that of of blue, transparent human male.

Abilities: Quasi-omnipotence. Given the limitless potential of aura his abilities are bound only by his imagination. While in his home plane, the only things more powerful than him are Jhandius, Venrib, and the Elder. When outside of his plane his power is greatly diminished but still formidable.

Weakness(es): Being a construct of aura, Portensus is incredibly vulnerable to any beings capable of manipulating aura, although anyone attempting to mess with him needs to be at least half as powerful as him to actually overpower him. For example, a fledling human aura wielder would not be able to do anything to him. Also, he is ly weak to aura poison, which is basically the corruption of normally pure aura. While aura poisoning is a rare and highly dangerous art, even the smallest sample is all but, and often completely, lethal to him.

Personality: Portensus is possessed by a strong sense of justice, and feels morally obligated to help those suffering or in need. This sets him apart from other aura beings, who are very much content to sit in their home planes and do nothing while neighboring planes are torn to pieces. A friend of Portensus has a friend for eternity, and can be sure that if they are in peril Portensus will appear to aid them. He also feels that since it was by the grace of Jhandius that he even exists he should do his part to assist in Jhandius' efforts, and can often be seen following after the four Heralds. He also believes very greatly in caring for those who are less fortunate than himself, and will gladly offer the full extent of his hospitality to any deity passing through his plane. Any god or spirit needing sanctuary can depend on Portensus' goodwill, even if they have never met him before.

Portensus is very wise, a trait gained through innumerable millenium spent in silent meditation. He can therefore be counted on to impart a sage piece of wisdom when the time calls for it. However, sometimes his advice, while pertinent, can come at a time when it is unwelcome. Also, being an aura being he has knowledge on the inner workings of reality that most people cannot hope to grasp at. He loves sharing little tidbits here and there, but unfortunately he has developed a slightly bad habit of correcting people on harmless mistakes for no real reason.

Portensus is very disdainful of those with overinflated egos. He believes that no one can be truly perfect, and is disgusted by those who believe themselves better than they are. He simply delights in cutting these people down and forcing them to accept their shortcomings, and will go to great lengths and construct extremely elaborate traps and scenes to this effect.

History: Portensus was born with the creation of his home plane. He is the physical embodiment of all the aura of his home world, and as it grew and developed, so did he. For most centuries than any being could count, his plane swelled and grew onwards toward infinity, and with its expansion Portensus' power and intelligence grew. This time he spent learning about himself, about the aura, and about the universe as a whole.

For what seemed an eternity Portensus sat alone within the void. There were no other gods within his plane, and he could not interact with mortals, so he was for all intents and purposes alone. This did not trouble him at first, for he believed it to be his lot and accepted it silently.

It was entirely by that Portensus learned about alternate planes and about the worlds beyond his own. One day, just like so many others that had come and gone before it Portensus was quietly crafting a star nebula when a deity from an outside plane erupted quite by into his own. Portensus now knew of the worlds beyond his own, and was no longer content to sit in isolation any longer. He has since spent much time outside of his home plane, exploring other worlds and meeting other dieties (including everyone currently approved in this forum).

Power Class: 4.5 within his home plane, 4 everywhere else

Other Stuff: Portensus possesses a blade made of crystalized aura, named Secare. Secare is a sentient weapon with more than a little attitude, and is not afraid to let just about anyone have it. She communicates with a series of chimes not unlike those heard from crystal bells, and although only Portensus can perfectly undestand her, her peals possess an expressive quality quite removed from normal music, so just about anyone can guess at what she is thinking.

Also, in another time and universe Portensus became well aquainted with the Herald Belpura. For a brief time he considered attempting to woo her, but eventually decided that she wasn't quite what he wanted to find in a mate. The two still know each other fairly well, and as far as Portensus can see they are on pretty good terms.

7/29/2009 . Edited 3/10/2010 #16

Approved! ;)

7/29/2009 #17

Name: Braac

Gender: Technically genderless, but acts like a male.

Age: No one, not even he knows.

Appearance: He has no physical appearance. He is only a consciousness. The relic is solid gold, encrusted with emeralds, with a statue of an eagle on top.

Abilities: He can control most nature, use telepathy, and has the ability to see anything in the universe, but not all at once. His consciousness can only be in one place at once. If he has a weak minded person, he can control them, or shatter their mind. His greatest ability is to convince people though.

Weakness(es): If the relic gets destroyed, so does he. Powerful enough minds can prevent him from using telepathy, and other "psychics" can attack his mind, but they'd have to be absolutely, ridiculously strong to hurt him. Mental barriers can also be conjured to prevent his presence, but again, they require huge amounts of power

Personality: He is happy, witty, and sociavle, with a strong curiosity about the universe around him.

History: He became aware of himself many, many, years ago, only knowing his name. His conscious traveled far and wide, learning all most all there is to know.

Other Stuff: His "mind", or his essential being, (Cause thats all he is, a conciousness) originates from a mysterious relic in an unknown place in an unkown planet. He doesn't know the name, its abandoned. He's existed for unprecendetned amounts of time, seen almost evrey corner of the universe.

7/29/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #18


7/29/2009 #19

And I approve TD's edit.

Name: Major Allen

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Appearance: Graying black hair, 5'7"

Abilities: Excellent fighter and tactician.

Weakness(es): He's human.

Personality: Very kind, understanding and wise.

History: Enlisting for the vietnam war in '70, he won the medal of honoring for saving four fellow marines from a Vietcong ambush. He continued through the war wounded during a retreat. After the war, he continued in the military, achieving the rank of major. He refused to go any higher, wanting to stay on the frontlines to direct his troops. He still however, was treated with the regard of a four star genreal throughout the military.

Other Stuff: He's old, but he's still a tank. He can kick almost anyone's a**.

7/29/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #20
William Frost

Ack it was a pain in the a** to get back into this account.

Name: Obsidian

Gender: Male

Age: 212 (He is about equal to a human in his early twenties)

Appearance: He is a eight foot tall humanoid dragon, clad in futuristic mechanical armor, with scales of the deepest black and eyes of a red which are devoid of all kindness. He has two straight horns pointing backwards, like ears, colored ivory white.

Abilities: Flight, Enhanced strength, access to the most powerful and advanced technology on his side of the universe. He also carrys a black katana forged in the core of a now destroyed planet.

Weakness(es): He is still quite mortal. He can be killed in many conventional ways. He is utterly incapable of kindness.

Personality: He's a terrible villain, who once sought to enslave his entire quadrant.

History: (For this you're gonna have to wait on the book from my novel concerning his conquest. :P)

Other Stuff: Being the leader of his kind, he can call upon their mighty fleet of warmachines and star ships.

(I decided to use someone far different this time. :D Yes he is of the same species as Drac.)

7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #21

"Humanoid dragon"? Like DL's character?

7/30/2009 #22
William Frost

Huh? No, not exactly. Crap. I forgot to tell about his horns.

7/30/2009 #23

Okay....I think he'll still be approved.

7/30/2009 #24
William Frost


7/30/2009 #25

But if he's a villan, you might want to make a hero, because we're going to deal with EC's villian first.

7/30/2009 #26
William Frost

Okay, let me pick an OC from the giant barrel of names.

7/30/2009 #27

I would reccomend him/her/it arrive at the marine corp base to meet the other characters, but whatever you decide.

EDIT: Pending, pending....

7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #28
William Frost

Name: Hyperion

Gender: Considered male

Age: Estimated time of construction unknown.

Appearance: A 6 foot golden humanoid robot with no visible weapons.

Abilities: The large arsenal of weaponry concealed under his armor. He can 'fly' with the rocket boosters in his feet.

Weakness(es): He is made of metal. He can be shut down with a large magnet.

Personality: I dunno how to describe it.

History: Hyperion has been the greatest fighter on mechanica for many years.

Other Stuff: He is technically good.

7/30/2009 #29

His only weakness is a magnet? Otherwise indestructible?

7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #30
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