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Thunder Lord Aeatos

Anybody know where EC has gone? cause this thing is kinda dying without her.

10/21/2009 #301
Splendour of the Machine

No, but I just started up Terra Atra, if people want to join.

10/21/2009 #302

She just showed up at LM not long ago, but right now there's a huge fight/war going on there (has been, for the last week or so) with basically everyone against me, and I don't think that anyone is likely to listen to me right now. But I think it's about to be resolved. It's starting to die down.

Heh, I can hold my own in any debate...

10/21/2009 #303
Splendour of the Machine

I'm only fourteen, but I can probably hold my own in most debates if I keep my head cool...

Cel, wanna join Terra Atra?

10/21/2009 #304
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I hadn't heard about that. (In truth I forgot LM AGAIN....)

10/21/2009 #305

I'm only fourteen, but I can probably hold my own in most debates if I keep my head cool...

My philosophy for debates is, if you ever doubt it at all, don't support it. XD

Cel, wanna join Terra Atra?

Sure, though I'm not sure what characters I could use... I don't wanna add more characters, I want to keep the number of characters down to a minimum. But most of mine are occupied right now... Though Ml could probably be there and monitor Divonus at the same time, but I'm not sure anyone wants him there. XD

@ Kotor: Do yourself a favor and don't get involved. It's pretty nasty.

10/21/2009 . Edited 10/21/2009 #306
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Don't worry, I won't. I don't know W** is going on, and I think I'd prefer it to STAY that way.

10/21/2009 #307
Splendour of the Machine

I wish everyone could just be friends and we could all be happy. :(

10/21/2009 #308
Thunder Lord Aeatos

That's my philosophy:

"Aren't we supposed to be friends here? BE HAPPY OR I WILL USE MY MIGHTY THOR-HAMMER ON YOU."

10/21/2009 #309
Splendour of the Machine

XD That's a good stratagem to be sure.

10/21/2009 #310
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I actually have a couple big frickin' hammers.

Both are comprised of a broom shaft and a block of painted styrofoam. XD

One is a Thor-hammer and the other is a Banhammer.

10/21/2009 #311
Splendour of the Machine

*recognises reference*


10/21/2009 #312

Thor's hammer is called Mjollner *eaten because no one actually cares*

10/21/2009 #313
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I also wield both with great proficiency.

The Thor-hammer was built because I was playing, well, THOR, in a school play. I got to thwack my best friend over the head with it. Several times.

The banhammer was just made for the lulz.

10/21/2009 #314
Splendour of the Machine


I will save you from that bloody maw!

10/21/2009 #315
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yeah, I knew that.

And It's spelled Mjolnir. *also eaten. XD*

10/21/2009 #316
Splendour of the Machine

Loki and the dwaves had a competition to see who could make the best pressie for Thor. Loki bet HIS OWN HEAD that he could make a better one. The dwarves won, making Thor's hammer and the glove he needs to weild it. So Loki said that they couldn't have his head without harming his neck, which wasn't part one the deal. So the dwarves sewed up his lips in revenge. ^^

*also ALSO eaten*

10/21/2009 #317
Thunder Lord Aeatos

XD So basically we're like a three-course meal for some unknown entity. XDDDDDDDDD

10/21/2009 #318
Splendour of the Machine

I dibs dessert!

10/21/2009 #319
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yeah, cause you were third. XDDDD

10/21/2009 #320
Splendour of the Machine

^^ I shall be chocolate and vanilla cheesecake!

10/21/2009 #321
Thunder Lord Aeatos


10/21/2009 #322
Splendour of the Machine

I do thank thee very much, Lord Aeatos. XDDD *bows*

10/21/2009 #323
Thunder Lord Aeatos


Yeah, the name is just for randomness.

10/21/2009 #324
Splendour of the Machine

And so is my av. XD It's a muppet in mid-flail. :D

10/21/2009 #325
Thunder Lord Aeatos


Methinks we should relocate to chat. XD

10/21/2009 #326
Splendour of the Machine

*warps to chat*

10/21/2009 #327


I was looking around and this forum caught my eye.

Mind if I join in?

Name: Zen D-Sera'k


Age: 34

Species: D-ra'k, (another) Humanoid/anthropomorphic dragon-type species. D-ra'k evolved on the world of D-kerraaz'k. They utilize the fact that reality can be molded by a sentient mind (at least for them) to make use of a kind of magic. However, they do not know that, and believe that they are tapping into a cosmic energy that they call "The Flow". D-ra'k bodies are slender, without a tail. They have longer scales which protrude from the base of the jaw, and have two "whiskers" which extend from beside their nostrils. These can sense the distortions in reality caused by the use of various types of magic.

Appearance: Slightly tall and slim for a D-ra'k, she stands at approx. 2 meters tall. Her scales are either a light green on the undersides of her arms and on front, or a darker green on back. Her eyes are yellow, and glow when she uses magic. She has a painting of the three lines of D-ra'k society painted on her cheek, and the "K'ra" syl painted on the center of her chest. She wears a simple tunic and skirt, like all D-ra'k Luxomanci. If she ever sets up an illusion of herself as another species, she appears slightly greenish-tinged, and she cannot change her eyes.

Abilities: Zen D-Sera'k is a Luxomanci. Of the three branches of D-ra'k magic (luxomanci, spellsinger, spellweaver), the Luxomanci has access to the most raw "energy". In reality, they are the most skilled at bending reality to channel forms of energy to make spellcasting easier for the other professions. They may be able to bend reality, but D-ra'k magic still has to follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter. If you see a D-ra'k firing a beam of light, what they are actually doing is channeling nearby photons, aligning and coordinating them so that they cohesively blast a target. She has extremely powerful close-range blasting abilities, and is especially skilled at the use of a "light staff", formed out of whatever matter (usually air) can be found nearby, and can be shaped into a deadly cutting edge or used as the focus for heat, electricity, etc. Seeing her wade into battle is somewhat like watching the opening battle in Lord of the Rings when Sauron is blasting elves left and right.

Weakness(es): She may be powerful, but she's still mortal. Also, she has to follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter.

Personality: Luxomanci tend to be the most passionate members of D-ra'k society, and Zen is no exception. She believes very strongly in a universal justice, and will zealously defend any who she feels is being taken advantage of. This sometimes puts her at odds with her crewmates (yes, I've got more characters coming).

History: Born and raised conservatively on D-kerraaz'k, she joined the D-ra'k Universal Guard Initiative at the age of 23, deciding that this would be the best way she could serve her people. However, due to an incident which involved two bullies, the class runt, and a barracks which was in need of dire refurnishing anyways, and therefore wasn't too much of a loss, she was reassigned to patrol duty with a Spellsinger and a Spellweaver on the Aethership "Infinite Patience", watching for any suspicious bends in reality, intruding extra-planar beings, stuff like that. Since she was such a fine fighter, however, her superiors decided that the crew of the Infinite Patience were to be given the authority to act autonomously should they find anything suspicious.

This is based on a story which I have been writing, and for which I joined this site, so I could get feedback on it. I happened upon this forum, and decided: why not? This is the result.

Two more characters coming soon!

10/30/2009 #328

Zen is accepted.

10/30/2009 #329

Name: Kex Zanneer

Gender: M

Age: 46

Appearance: D-ra’k, with tan/light brown coloration. Stockier then Zen, at 1.8 meters, he is also more muscular. He wears light plate armour, without a helmet, really only providing a moderate level of protection. If he disguises himself with an illusion, he appears yellowish, and his eyes remain reptilian.

Abilities: As a Spellsinger, his training was less direct conjuring of energy than the channelling of said energy.A skill Spellsinger (as himself) cannot use as much brute force as a Luxomanci, but instead is capable of projecting that force over long distances to strike at enemies or disabling those enemies by taking control of whatever they were planning on using to cause harm.To use terms understandable to those familiar with the Halo franchise (don’t look at me!), Zen is the Gravity Hammer, Kex is the sniper rifle.

Weakness(es): As with all D-ra’k, he is mortal, and must follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter. (why? why the limitations? why can’t I just pwn without mercy? why? (that was rhetorical; no need to answer :p))

Personality: As the oldest in the group, Kex has the most experience and likes to take control of difficult situations.A bit of a cynic, he is often at odds with Zen.

History: A veteran of the Glacium Incident, Kex has been serving the D-ra’k Universal Guard Initiative for twenty-some years. Wishing for a quieter job, he volunteered to supervise a patrol group, and got stuck with the crew of the Infinite Patience.

One more!

11/4/2009 . Edited 11/4/2009 #330
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