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What about me? Am I approved? Everyone hates meeeeeeeee... *shot*

1/28/2010 #511

The last one you submitted was approved...

1/29/2010 #512


*shot again*

1/29/2010 #513
Splendour of the Machine favourite person in anything is a dude I haven't submitted yet. ^^ Raltz is based on him ~ Except this guy ain't a pantophobic little t***. XD

1/30/2010 #514
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Luminari

Gender: F

Age: 2 years younger than Markos

Species: Ramynist

Appearance: Luminari stands at just under fifteen feet high, average by Ramynist standards. Her hair is waist-length and golden, and her eyes are solid blue, in a similar manner to those of her siblings; no distinct pupils or the like, the entire eye is a single solid shade of blue. Her right ear is pierced; the earring is shaped like a pair of crossed crescent moons. She dresses much less intimidatingly than Markos, wearing a golden-trimmed toga-like outfit and golden boots. She has a small knife for defensive purposes.

Abilities: Luminari is the mind-based member of the trio. Her psychic powers are almost unmatched by just about anything in the known multiverse (obviously a class 5 would theoretically be stronger, and with a few possible exceptions on a class 4 scale); She can predict future events down to the exact nanosecond; her psychokinetic powers are capable of moving entire solar systems. In addition, she is all-but invulnerable, having a single weakness, just like her siblings.

Power Class: 4

Weakness(es): Her mind is her weakness; if her sanity were ever damaged she would be mortal until it was repaired. Her tendency to overreact makes her easy to get rid of, and, like her siblings, proving a sufficient threat to the others would be enough to prevent her from doing anything against one's wishes. In addition, she's rather pacifistic, so fighting her at all is unlikely.

Personality: She's rather timid compared to her siblings, and has a tendency to freak out over relatively minor things. She tends to be the most peaceful of the three, preferring diplomacy to violence. She has often been the recipient of Markos' short-lived attempts at poetry.

History: Luminari was born a year after Markos and Rane, and even at a young age showed a proficiency in learning. She devoted a lot of her life to the pursuit of knowledge. She was studying a rare geological find when the Great Banishment occurred, leaving only herself, her siblings, and a few dozen others alive. She and her siblings have become the central deities of Skorin religion; in addition, Luminari is often hailed as a god by the Argenai.

Other Stuff: Again, lemme know if it's too powerful.

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #515
Splendour of the Machine

all but unmatched by anything in the known multiverse

...and since CLYSMIC is not actually a part of the multiverse...

1/30/2010 #516
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Either way, I said All but unmatched, meaning that there could theoretically be someone stronger.

1/30/2010 #517
Splendour of the Machine

^^ Like my UNIVERSE-EATING lovely ~

1/30/2010 #518
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Ah, but even your universe-eating lovely can't eat her. :]

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #519
Splendour of the Machine

I still think CLYSMIC should be 4.5 or something. ;) What if your person were in a universe CLYSMIC was eating at the time? :D

1/30/2010 #520
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Nope. All present and future Ramynist characters can only be killed by their specific weakness. I designed them to be a lot less unuberable by the silly little Wv.

1/30/2010 #521
Splendour of the Machine

I designed them to be a lot less unuberable by the silly little Wv.

:D *cheesy grin and thumbs up*

1/30/2010 #522
Thunder Lord Aeatos

it's like, each one is also unique in their weakness, no two can be killed the same way. One of them, who I may introduce later, got thrown into a black hole. He's still there, not even crushed an inch. He's stuck for now, but unharmed.

1/30/2010 #523

All I can rely on now are Halifax and Haylla.

...and of course, their boss, if I ever introduce him.

1/31/2010 #524

Luminari is approved.

CLYSMIC is not a 4.5. She can eat universes, but most other class 4 characters can do that too. A class 4.5 would have to be able to destroy universes en masse. Like, ten or more at the same time.

1/31/2010 #525

Name: Julius Argonian

Race: Drakken

Gender: Male

Power Rating: 2

Appearance: Tall for a Drakken, at 2.2 m. Slim, intense green eyes, grey coloration. (I forgot to mention, most drakken have either brown or grey or occasionally green coloration, Caius Volsivius is brown). Typically wears a blue jumpsuit, which is the base for a whole series of modular upgrades: armor, artificial muscles, computer uplinks, etc.

Abilities: Drakken magic and not having a damn care in the world. Skilled engineer, programmer, and mech pilot.

Weaknesses: standard what-have-you.

Personality: Carefree, Ford Prefect-esque. Not a care in the world, at least not any that he shows.

History: One of the few members of the crew on the Saviour's Vessel without some sort of grievance against the Drakken authorities, he simply joined up for the heck of it. His attitude has made him one of Caius's few friends.

1/31/2010 #526


1/31/2010 #527
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Somebody been playing some Elder Scrolls, or are we talking coincidence here?

1/31/2010 #528
Splendour of the Machine

CLYSMIC is not a 4.5.

most other class 4 characters can do that too


She could feasibly eat AS MANY AS SHE WANTED TO at the SAME TIME. She just only really eats as much as she needs to survive. Thus, CLYSMIC has the potential to destroy THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE IN A FEW SECONDS.

1/31/2010 #529
Thunder Lord Aeatos


*head grows to ridiculous proportions*


*points* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX! *flying computer monitor of doom*

1/31/2010 #530


1/31/2010 #531

...Uh huh. Let me put it this way: I have two class 4.5 characters in reserve. One could destroy the multiverse (and more) in no time at all if it weren't stopped by its gibbering insanity. The other is like, all of existence compressed into a single point. Or something.

1/31/2010 #532
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: SRN-324-Delta, Zentrin

Species: Unknown

Gender: None

Age: Unknown

Power Class: 3

Appearance: SRN is an artificial intelligence unit that is infected with a virus that it refers to as “Zentrin”. It has the shape of a lion or jaguar, and is just open frame work. The moving parts are able to be seen through the dusty-red scaffolding. The virus, Zentrin, has no appearance.

Abilities: SRN is able to run at great speeds and can think out almost any problem. It is equipped with a Time-Space transporter, although only Zentrin can activate it when it’s in control. A voice synthesizer helps it communicate with other beings. Zentrin possess the ability to hack into computers and find specific information in seconds.

Weakness (es): The only major weakness SNR and Zentrin have is that when either Zentrin or SNR are switching control of their body, there is a 5-10 second delay while one cancels all the other’s processes. This leaves the body unprotected as it can’t move while this is occurring.

Personality: SNR and Zentrin have conflicting personalities; SNR doesn’t care about other organic beings, while Zentrin dislikes them. Zentrin may assume control of the body if SNR doesn’t constantly supply its firewall with power; the same goes for Zentrin if it’s in control. Zentrin and SNR constantly fight, and since SNR must think out loud, their conversations are heard by all who will listen.

History: SNR was infected by the virus Zentrin when it first came online. It knows who its creators are, but neither SNR nor Zentrin disclose who they are when asked. It is thought that they share a common creator because when asked they usually reply “A people of great knowledge, but little tolerance of others of its own kind.” Its time system is off by +700 years and is set to Earth’s orbital calendar, so some believe it is an AI unit from Humanity’s future.

Source: Terminator 1-3, Code: Lyoko

1/31/2010 #533

They're accepted. Very original, I haven't seen anything similar before.

1/31/2010 #534
Zeal of 1200BC

Thanks. I was watching all three Terminator movies today. It's weird to go from 1984 to 2003. The graphics were considerably good in the last moive.

1/31/2010 #535

About the Elder Scrolls, here are my thoughts after seeing the comment:

W** is he talking about?

*looks at character*


*sees name*


I have been playing Oblivion lately, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the name, or the race for that matter. I just had the word "Argos" on my mind when I came up with the character. Strange but true.

1/31/2010 #536
Thunder Lord Aeatos


I love Oblivion. I play pretty obsessively myself.

1/31/2010 #537

I've never played it. I don't do a lot of FPSs besides Metroid Prime...

Today I preordered SoulSilver and got Spirit Tracks. I'm playing the latter right now, it's pretty fun. :D

1/31/2010 #538
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Oblivion's not an FPS -_-;

1/31/2010 #539

Well then that proves I've never played it. XD

1/31/2010 #540
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