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He's a robot, remember...? Most robots have very few weaknesses.

7/30/2009 #31
William Frost

He's supposed to be the ultimate robot. -.- He's still capable of rapid corrosion and the magnet really frys his systems. Ever stuck a magnet to a computor? Same concept.

7/30/2009 #32

I think Hyperion should be approved.

7/30/2009 #33

Ah. I see.

Approved as well.

7/30/2009 #34
William Frost

Okay... Now what?

7/30/2009 #35

I reccomend he stumble upon the base, or whatever you like, really. Thats where everyone else is.

7/30/2009 #36

Out of bordom, I decided to submit another character. I may end up doing this often.

Name: Thiden

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Appearance: An old man, with a medium-length dark grey beard and yellow-eyes(meaning the iris, not the entire eye). He wears leather pants and a gold chestplate, as well as metallic-blue paldrons and a bizzare blue device on his wrist. He carries a gnarled wooden cane which has four charms hanging from it.

Abilities: He can change the speed of time in a small area, but not to the point that it slows or things start moving faster than five times their normal speed. He can also temporarily freeze a person completely. The device on his wrist can turn back time on himself, making him younger so that he can fight easier. He also controls a small dragon-like creature that is his familiar. Her name is Naidein

Weakness(es): When Thiden is not younger, he cannot fight or even jog for that matter. Also, all of his powers, with the exception of the ability to control his familiar, Naidein, are tied to the four charms on his cane.

Personality: Wise, Paitient, Generous

History: Thiden is a chronomancer, a being that helps control Time. He is tasked with ensuring that the timing of each world is equal(Example: 2010 on Earth is the same as 2010 on Mark IV). He does this by going to worlds and stopping certain events and causing some others to occur.

Other Stuff: Thiden's power is based on a system that focuses on Time itself. Time has to move all things forward. When people relax, Time does not have to use some of its power to move them along. This spare energy is given to the four Chronomancers, in the form of "Spare Time" This "Spare Time" is like the chronomancer's verson of mana. The amount of "Spare Time" that each one possesses is monitored on their wrist device. This can also be a potental weakness. If enought panic and chaos is caused on a world, Thiden loses power.

7/31/2009 #37

(Smashes table with gavel)


7/31/2009 . Edited 7/31/2009 #38

Name: Isabella Sarico

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance:Human. Brown Hair. Blue Eyes. Very good-looking.

Abilities:A variety of spells based around three fields, Holy(Divine), Elemental, and Mental. Also has two light-blue, white, and gold swords named Father and Son.

Weakness(es):She's vulnerable to anything.

Personality:Spunky, Rightgeous, Kind

History: Before the Demonic Invasion of Terra, Isabella was a Police Commander for the city of Kerei. Her main nemesis was Blade Rex and the Shadow Patrol. However, once she and Blade were forced onto the same team, she acctually fell in love with him. Sometime during his adventure, when Blade was severly injured, Isabella was given her powers in order to save Blade from dying. However, she did not have enough power to save him, so the Gods linked her and Blade together so that she could draw upon his power to save him. Some random adventuring later, Blade killed himself in order to take his Demonic-Other with him. She acctually gave up her powers to revive him, but they were returned to her sometime later as a gift for her unessessary sacrifice.

Other Stuff: TANK!

8/1/2009 #39


8/1/2009 #40
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Samiyra (Or "Sam" to Friends, Family, and any guy she happens to take interest in)

Gender: F

Age: Estimated at around 7,300 Earth Years

Species: White Wolf

Appearance: Samiyra is a large wolf with pure white fur, save for a single black streak running down the center of her face. She also transforms into a human female with pale skin and raven-black hair.

Power Class: 1

Abilities: Able to recover from most fatal wounds (In other words, you can't use brute force to kill her unless you go all-out and tear her into tiny pieces), able to disguise herself as human, lifespan of around 500,000 years.

Weaknesses: Particularly vulnerable while recovering from injuries, her issue with single men (Very exploitable)

Personality: Samiyra is somewhat unstable, often exploding into excessive rage at small matters, and has a deep mistrust of humans. She also has difficulty keeping herself in control around males, although she has enough sense not to try anything with any male who already has a mate.

History: Samiyra was born around the same time as the emergence of Sumerian Civilization, and thus had to learn how to live in human society in addition to living as a wolf. It would be nearly six thousand years later that she took interest in a mate, a human man called Ganos. She later learned that Ganos had betrayed her, so to speak, with a human female. She killed both of them in vengeance. She has since become a lone wolf (pardon the pun), although this has some noticeable drawbacks.

Other Stuff: Will hit on any single male she finds suitable. Which is about 95 percent of them.

8/3/2009 . Edited 1/11/2010 #41


8/3/2009 #42
William Frost

Name: Malados Terrablis

Gender: Male

Age: Somewhere from 18 to 23.

Appearance: A 6'2 human male with strange purple hair, ... Oh forget it, you guys know what he looks like by now.

Abilities: NINJA SKILLZ! 8D

Weakness(es): He's only human.

Personality: I dun wanna take the time to put it.

History: Dun wanna take the time.

Other Stuff: He's a rouge. He likes swamps. He doesn't like to take sides. TACO.

8/3/2009 #43

...Uhh....Approved. "Ninja Skillz?"

8/3/2009 #44

This is the infamous Darkest Shadow.

Name: The Darkest Shadow

Gender: Male(...I think. -Shot- Kidding, kidding.)

Age: He's been around for a long time...

Appearance: When he isn't inhabiting someone, he simply looks like a humanoid shadow with blood-red eyes. He takes on the form of his vessel when he has one-regardless of gender. XD

Abilities: While he has a vessel, he reigns manipulation over the weather and he wields the ability to corrupt others-easily. All of his injuries will be transferred to his vessel.

Weakness(es): He is virturally defenseless without a vessel; if found, you can easily kill him by just normal human killing methods. ;|

Personality: He's evil. -Stabbed- He's rather scathing and doesn't care for others. He mocks others to get them to attack him, then he goes in for the kill. He's a coward and usually flees if someone finds him.

History: He was once Verity's rival, then her foe. To this day, they try to destroy each other.

Other Stuff: This is one of the times when he has a vessel, but no one knows who it is. He's stayed hidden for a long time. His name was originally Donovan.


And now two other characters.


Name: Verity, The Voice of Truth

Gender: Female

Age: She's been around for a long time. She looks eighteen.

Appearance: She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears metallic, silvery clothes and tan sandals. Over her clothes, she wears a brown cloak. She has a brown staff with a large orb on the top; this is where she fires her attacks from.

Abilities: She knows just about all there is to know. She can manipulate the elements (air, fire, water, earth).

Weakness(es): She can't be killed, but if someone strikes a fatal wound on her, it can take her just about forever to heal.

Personality: She's kind-hearted and wise, but elusive and mysterious.

History: She was once the Darkest Shadow's rival, then he her foe. To this day, they try to destroy each other.

Other Stuff: She's disappeared for centuries now, ever since she fought the Darkest Shadow so long ago.


Name: Aurora Amira

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Appearance: She has bright red hair and blue eyes. She usually wears floaty blouses, denim skirts and semi-sturdy tan sandals.

Abilities: She can contact others through dreams.

Weakness(es): She's dead, so she can't really do anything.

Personality: She's kind and rarely gets mad. She's persuasive (in a "good" way).

History: Her father was killed in a car crash soon after she was born. She was the only one who really stood by Natalie after all of Natalie's friends deserted her. She was killed in a fire that suddenly took place in their old home...or was she?

Other Stuff: She's Natalie's younger sister.


I'd also like to note that I'm changing Echo's eye color to green instead of blue.

8/3/2009 #45
William Frost

He's a ninja. In some incarnations he's merely a rouge. But in this one I'm going with his original form and using the ninja Malados.

8/3/2009 #46


@Will, Ah. I see.

8/3/2009 . Edited 8/3/2009 #47

I really would like all of the sections except "Other Stuff" to be filled out, but... It's fine, just telling you all so you'll know later.

8/4/2009 #48
William Frost

Well, I usually adapt my characters from other places where I've used them. Malados actually started out as a pokemon.

So, even though I've made histories for them, sometimes it simply wouldn't make any sense with where I've placed them, like with Malados.

And as for the personality thing, I've always had trouble with that. XD

8/4/2009 #49

Okay, well, sometimes people don't have a history, I guess. XD

For personality, you really just need "shy", "manipulative", "optimistic", etc....

8/4/2009 #50

*shot for double-posting on his own RP* So, I decided that it was about time I made someone who can predict the future, since Shank, Will, and EC all have theirs. :P

Name: Sadrikas

Gender: Female

Age: About 8 billion Earth years

Appearance: She is a mineral-based creature. Her brain is formed by a complex web made of glowing minerals, which resides in a huge cavern in the heart of a mountain, cannot be moved, and is encased completely in a thick layer of rock. She interacts with the outside world through a smaller cavern in the side of the mountain, which is accessible from the outside and in which there is a pool filled with a silver liquid. This silver liquid flows between the pool and her brain chamber, and she can manipulate it however she wants, at will. Its practical purpose is to carry information between her brain and the pool, but she can also form it at will into an appearance that will facilitate her interactions with other beings. However, the liquid and any form it might take cannot leave the pool.

Abilities: She can send information between different parts of her brain at any positive speed. This means that by sending it at a faster speed than the speed of light, she can send it to herself in the past. Due to this, she is capable of predicting the future up until the time of her death, which is in the far, far future. She sustains herself by absorbing minerals, through the silver liquid, from the rock surrounding the pool. However, her body is so energy-efficient that she only needs to absorb one gram of rock every 200 million years. She also, as stated above, can manipulate the silver liquid to a degree. Finally, she is able to communicate with others through a form of telepathy which is catalyzed by the silver liquid.

Weakness(es): Obviously anything capable of destroying rock can kill her. She also is completely immobile and cannot fight at all, meaning she's effectively helpless.

Personality: She's shy and quiet, and she spends most of her time pondering everything she knows. However, as she's isolated from most other beings, she loves visitors and is very grateful for any who happen to come her way. She views everything with a mixture of happiness and sadness, as she knows what's going to happen, meaning she knows of both the good and bad things that are about to happen. She hates that she can never do anything about them but watch them happen. Also, she always thinks about others before herself, and will always try to help others even if doing so proves detrimental to herself.

History: She evolved in isolation on the home planet of the beings who made Xemtul and the Vivid Tablets, after said beings had died out.

8/4/2009 . Edited 1/24/2010 #51

Well, my guy can't predict teh future, he's just the ultimate stalker. :D


8/4/2009 #52

Well, I was referring to Anna, I think. ;\

And I don't need mine approved, I'm the admin. XD *shot*

I actually made those profiles before going on the trip, I just didn't post them here until now. *shot thrice*

8/4/2009 #53

Oh...right. Well, I'm not going to recycle them. Just yet.

8/4/2009 #54

D: Aw, Anna was epic. *kill'd*

8/4/2009 #55

Yeah, they were great, but I'm going to bring them back after The shadow gets his a** handed to him.

8/4/2009 #56

Okay. :D

I have a villain in mind... Heehee. I was actually going to use it for the playground, but...

8/4/2009 #57



Now the Lybians will never realize their full potential.

8/4/2009 #58

XD You can still use yours. The one I'm planning isn't going to show up for a while...

8/4/2009 #59
Soul of Light and Darkness

Very well then. I must ammend my profile to include the bit about Beplulr. I'll go do that now.

8/6/2009 #60
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