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I think I want to change her name, too... Originally she was going to be a guy.

8/6/2009 #61


Oh, and Voth is going to get new weapons from the Marine corp, so he'll be an even bigger tank.

8/6/2009 #62


I thought he was a fantasy-ish character? What exactly is he? I was under the impression he wasn't human...

8/6/2009 #63

...He doesn't ring a bell.

8/6/2009 #64

Of course she doesn't, she never appeared while you were there at the playground.

And I was asking about Voth. ^^;

8/6/2009 #65


Well, you see thats the reason he wears a full facemask. He's not human.

Can you guess what he is? Humanoid appearnce, completely ripped, twelve feet tall...

8/6/2009 #66

I'm guessing he's some sort of demon. Or maybe a werewolf...

8/6/2009 #67

Nope. Different mythological creature. Why would he hide his face?

8/6/2009 #68

...He's a Gorgon? *shot*

8/6/2009 #69

Heh, good guess. But he's a Cyclops.

8/6/2009 . Edited 8/6/2009 #70
William Frost

Hmm... What mythos is he from?

EDIT: A facemask wouldn't cover that. A facemask really only covers your mouth and nose. You meant to say a mask.

8/6/2009 . Edited 8/6/2009 #71

...Ah. But then, if he hides his eye, how does he see?

8/6/2009 #72

@Will, he's......just a Cyclops. And yes, your right. It looks like he threw a blanket over his head.

@Cel, Well, they do make one way maskes. They exist, and I'm sure since his the higher power that commisioned him could make him immortal in combat, they could give him a magic mask.

I've also considered saying the mask is simply an illusion, and people just can't look at his real face.

And now, I have to go.

8/6/2009 . Edited 8/6/2009 #73

Okay, bye.

8/6/2009 #74
the Italian

Suppose I'll try this out.

Name: Jack Fate

Age: He can't remember (looks about twenty)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Human. Five foot nine, of slim build with frizzy brown hair down to just below his ears and strangely noticable blue eyes. Wears tattered blue jeans, cowboy boots, a brown fedora and a white T-shirt with black writing on the front which appears as text of whatever he is saying (there is no text at all if he isn't talking). The T-shirt is completely indistructable, and never gets dirty or stays wet, though it offers no more protection than a normal cotton T-shirt.

Abilities: Using his fingers, he is able to draw glowing, technicolor lines in the air which are for a moment both tangable and completly unyeilding. He uses these as shields, or just draws them for their aestetic value. After a moment they waver like smoke and fade away.

Weaknesses: Knows absolutely nothing about fighting, and thus lacks any offensive abilities, short of causing opponents to crash into designs drawn in the air. Must be in a calm, transendent state of mind to produce the lines, which he is in most of the time, and he is very difficult to stress out enough to stop him using his ability.

Personality: Always calm and collected. Very much an eccentric, and could be called something of a hippy. Jack drifts merrilly from one place to the next, simply trying to enjoy his run. He usually keeps to himself, though he will join in what he perceives to be a good time, and generally interferes if he sees someone being attacked without reason. Tends to make strange observations.

History: Jack woke up in an alleyway on Earth with complete amnesia. Stuck to the palm of his right hand, he found a sticky note which read, "Wake up, Jack." In his left, he held a rock with the words, "Good morning, Mr. Fate." smoothly impressed into it. After wandering around the city for a while, completely amazed by what he saw, he decided he'd try to see more of this universe, not caring much about how he'd come to be here. Jack is totally oblivious to anything technological or cultural he hasn't already seen for himself.

8/8/2009 #75

First off, the T-shirt needs to go. Second off, do you have any sort of explanation for his powers? What are these lines made of? Like the rules say, your characters have to follow the laws of physics. I also would like to know what job/occupation he has, if any, and if he doesn't have one, how he survives. And finally, I need to know where these powers came from, since he's human and humans obviously don't do that.

Magic is an okay explanation for how the powers work, but I still need answers for all of my other questions. And your magic needs to be consistent, too.

8/9/2009 #76

*dodges bullets*

So, after a bit of fooling around with names, I decided to change Beplulr's name to "Belpura". It's mostly the same, just switching the "l" and "p", taking out the last "l", and adding an "a". Mostly to make it a little more feminine, because like I said she was originally going to be male. But I want to see what everyone else thinks; do you like it, or should I keep her old name, or should I make a new one?

8/9/2009 #77

......I honestly don't think it makes much of a difference. Whatever you decide.

Also, is the reason you want to get rid of the shirt becasue of thr appearing text?

8/9/2009 #78

Well there's that and the fact that it's apparently indestructible, and also the fact that it apparently came out of nowhere. And it just seems unnecessary as it has nothing to do with the character.

In short, it's just really, really weird, and really, really random.

8/9/2009 #79

Well, it could have something to do with the character, but he has amnesia. So...he's looking for the answers?

And even if it is indestructible, doesn't make him invincible.

In short, it's just really, really weird, and really, really random.

So? Just about everything else here is too.

8/9/2009 #80

My point is that it doesn't seem to have any relevance to the character, and it doesn't seem to have any point either. I'm not sure why a normal T-shirt wouldn't be just as effective as that one.

8/9/2009 #81

Because, why not? Maybe it does have some revelance to the character, but his purpose in this RP is to find out what that is.

8/9/2009 #82

Well, then, he needs to say that. And I can't think of any way a shirt like that could be relevant to the character.

8/9/2009 #83
the Italian

Though I don't see what's wrong with it, the T-shirt can go, and as for his powers, I guess he can temporarily make abstract thoughts, like about colors, physically real. Because they're not made of any "material", they are indestructible for the few seconds they last. When he fights, I guess I guess it would look like Ti-Chi, drawing tracks of rainbows across on-coming blows and such. How he is able to do this probably has to do with his amnesia, and whoever was able to naturally form a rock with the words "Good morning, Mr. Fate" in it. Therefor, maybe he's a demigod, some divine power's wayward son. He survives by pure happenstance, stealing a can of beans here and taking a handout there.

8/9/2009 #84

Alright, then, he's accepted. If you need help figuring out how to introduce him, ask and someone can probably give you a summary of what's been going on so far. ^^

8/9/2009 #85
William Frost

Just don't ask me. I'm not even paying attention atm. Just waiting for a chance to activate my plot line.

8/9/2009 #86

Activate your plot line? Oh boy, I don't like the sound of that.

:P Kidding. ...Maybe. ;\


8/9/2009 . Edited 8/9/2009 #87
Soul of Light and Darkness

*puts down anti-matter gun*

what? Didn't you say it would be epic Cel?

8/9/2009 #88

I didn't mean used on me! D:

8/9/2009 #89
the Italian

The T-shirt was just supposed to be the unlikely trappings of an unlikely man. I was in sort of a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" state of mind when I created the character.

As for how to introduce him, I thought that would be easy enough; he is essentially just a road-tripper in space. Think Jack Kerouac meets Star Wars.

8/9/2009 #90
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