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Just in time for us to take it over.

3/15/2010 #1,261

Noooooo, Lugia killed me!

3/15/2010 #1,262
Soul of Light and Darkness


3/15/2010 #1,263
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Ho-Oh was easy as cake for me....

3/15/2010 #1,264

Well, on the third try I caught Lugia with one Ultra Ball. But before that he kept using Aeroblast on me, which was annoying because it did a crapload of damage to my Meganium... And have I mentioned that I'm doing a one-Pokemon playthrough with just Meganium? :P

3/15/2010 #1,265
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Nice.... I'm not that brave, and combined with being a killer Typhlosion fanboy means Ho-oh could barely lay a scratch on me.

3/15/2010 #1,266

Actually, it's easier with just one Pokemon than with a whole party... All the experience goes to my Meganium, meaning it grows to insane levels and wipes the floor with everyone. XD Right now, it's at level 60, ten levels higher than any of the Elite Four's Pokemon... and I haven't even reached the Indigo Plateau yet. }:D

3/15/2010 #1,267

But whats gonna happen when you face Lance? Or Loreli, for that matter.

3/15/2010 #1,268
Zeal of 1200BC

I had a choice on Saturday between getting Pokemon Platinum or waiting until the next day to get Soulsilver. Being the impatiant creature I am, I got Platinum. But I hope to get it once my money builds back up! I get $5 a week for chores.

3/15/2010 #1,269

Well I just tried to beat the Elite Four and got stuck not due to being underpowered, but due to Koga's frickin' Crobat using Double Team like six times in a row.

3/15/2010 #1,270

Lol. Thats why I always have a pokemon that knows a move like shockwave.

3/15/2010 #1,271
Zeal of 1200BC

I hate it when they do that! You can never land a hit and they get all the hits. I can't quite remember what Double Team does, but I think it's the one that raises speed? I LOVE Pokemon. The first game that came with my Game Boy Advance was Pokemon Blue. Speaking of that, I should play it again.

3/15/2010 #1,272
Zeal of 1200BC

Sorry for the double post, but...

Celebi, wanna RP with Ml in Entria? I was hoping to use her some time.

3/15/2010 #1,273
Soul of Light and Darkness

I'mma hafta get off now. Bye all.

3/15/2010 #1,274

My Meganium can learn Miracle Leaf, which always hits, but it isn't liable to do much against a Crobat due to .25x effectiveness... I'll just have to hope I get lucky next time. And Primary, Double Team raises evasiveness.

Er, I have plans for Ml elsewhere... actually, all of my characters are occupied in some way or another... Sorry. ^^'

3/15/2010 #1,275
Zeal of 1200BC

That's OK. Gotta go too.

3/15/2010 #1,276
Splendour of the Machine
When I reached the Elite Four, I had a full party with everyone at level 70 or up...including my HM slave...
3/15/2010 #1,277

That must have taken some serious training, then... XD

I beat the Elite Four, just barely. My biggest problem was squeezing enough PPs out of one Pokemon to kill everything. Especially at Lance, when I ran out of PPs for my one non-Grass-type attack and had to kill two Dragonites with Petal Dance. Between barely doing any damage and him using Full Restore on them, it was incredibly tedious, taking roughly 20 minutes total. In order to keep him from killing me with Air Slash and other such super-effective hits, I taught my Meganium Attract and used it on each of his Pokemon. XD Yes, I went there.

3/16/2010 #1,278
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I overleveled my Typhlosion, but that's about the extent of it. Still saw me through the E4.

3/16/2010 #1,279
Typing Typhoon

Pokemon GS stories? Nice. I kinda wanna pourchase the new versions after my dozens of plays through the originals. My elite team consisted of level 62-70: Steelix, Feraligatr, Ho-oh, Sunflora, Hitmontop (Evolving Tyrouge was completely infuriating...), and Miltank.

I never went single pokemon though, it gets kind of boring after awhile and it leads to some awkward moments when your friends take you on 6 to... well... one...


3/16/2010 #1,280

I beat Lt. Surge and Sabrina now, too, using only my Meganium. I'm about to take on Erika. :D

3/16/2010 #1,281
Typing Typhoon


3/16/2010 #1,282

Erika is proving incredibly annoying. Synthesis is great when you're the one using it, but on NPCs, not so much.

3/16/2010 #1,283
Typing Typhoon

Most grass types have faltering defense stats, does your Meganium know body slam?

3/16/2010 #1,284
Zeal of 1200BC

Hmmm... Let me see... *Rummages through box of old handheld games* On the subject of old Pokemon games, I have Silver, Red and Blue. Wait... OH NO! My Gameboy SP is MIA! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!

3/16/2010 #1,285

Yeah, it knows Body Slam. But its Grass-type moves, I just discovered, actually do more damage. Probably due to it holding a Miracle Seed...

I won, though. :D Now on to Misty...

3/16/2010 #1,286
Zeal of 1200BC

Crisis averted, I found it. Now to play Silver...

Fun fact about me: Although I'm 13 and should be like all kids my age and play only M-rated games on PS3, I prefer the graphics of the GameBoy line. Specificky Original and Color.

3/16/2010 #1,287

I don't care about graphics that much...

3/16/2010 #1,288
Zeal of 1200BC

Who should I pick? Totodile, Cyndiquil or Chickorita?

3/16/2010 #1,289

Chikorita is hardest, Cyndaquil is easiest.

3/16/2010 #1,290
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