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This is a little planet at the edge of the Milky Way. It revolves around a yellow dwarf star called "sun" or "sol" by humans. For most of its lifetime, it has been populated with life, but only for a small portion of its lifetime has sentient life existed on its surface, in the form of humans.

7/25/2009 #1

(( My guy is a human...but that still has to be approved....))

7/25/2009 #2

(Mind if I start?)

7/26/2009 #3

(Not at all. I don't know what kind of place your OCs would live in, so... feel free to make it up.)

7/26/2009 #4

(My guy lives on a marine corp base. Maybe the gods can contact him or something....)

7/26/2009 #5

(Well right now there aren't any "gods" per se, since I'm trying to keep the number of OCs I have to keep track of down...)

(...Lemme see, if he's in the military, and we want him involved, the best way to get him involved is to get the military involved. And what better way to get the military involved than with a huge showy alien display, like in Transformers? :D)

(Or... we could do this: describe him doing some mundane task, and describe his surroundings, and I'll have a character meet him or something.)

(Coincidentally, what happened to Voth and Anna? They only existed for a little while, but they were still awesome. ^^; )

7/26/2009 #6

(Ah yes....)

( That attack thing could definetely work. It would depend on what is attacking.)

(Well, I couldn't really follow what was happening with Kotor's character, I couldn't tell them apart and he had so many. But they still exist, I'll try to get them back once the playground is back. I based them off a Little sister and a Big Daddy, except Voth has a Mask and a poleaxe instead of a Helmet and a Drill, And Anna isn't a little demon running around stabbing corpses with used syringes.

Instead, she's an oracle.)

7/26/2009 #7

(You can just reuse them here, there isn't any indication that the playground is coming back. And this is sort of like an alternate universe or something where Will's characters don't exist, so you wouldn't have to explain how they got out of the mess at the playground or anything.)

(Basically, this thing is completely separated from the playground. It's supposed to be its successor, but the events at the playground have no significance here.)

(Okay, lemme think of something. Why don't you describe the military base where your character lives? Or something. *shot*)

7/26/2009 #8

(Echo's last name is now Willow. I realized two of my characters have to last name 'Leon' and decided to change that. X3

They're on the run, you know. XD I'll make them be in a forest.


It was the night of the new moon, and where the moon usually was there was only an empty black hole. Only the stars gave off light, yet so faint it was still hard to see. Pale shadows were cast on the ground, barely visible. It was way past the dead of the night.

That doesn't mean everyone was asleep.

"Darn it, Cole, stop shifting!"

Echo Willow stood up crossly, blue eyes flashing with rare irritation. "It's cold, yes, but not that cold; it's the middle of summer! And you've thrown too much firewood in the fire!"

"'Stop shifting so much'; 'the fire's too hot'! You're always complaining about something I do!" Cole Jefferson shot back.

Natalie Amira had been the only one of their trio asleep. Now the argument dragged her awake, and she blinked sleep out of her eyes. "Stop it, you two!" she snapped. "It's the middle of the night, and unlike you two, I need to sleep!"

"Sorry, Natalie," Echo mumbled. Cole snorted and rolled over with his back to Natalie and Echo.

Echo rolled her eyes. "I'm going for a walk," she told Natalie. She walked away from their makeshift camp and vanished into the forest.

Natalie raised an eyebrow. Those two...

7/26/2009 #9

(Erm, how about they stumble upon the base, under attack?

This one is located a forest, apparently....Say, the appalachians?

It was a barbed wire fence all around, with watchtowers every four hundered yards, wit hfive guards each.

Oh, and sniper fireteams, you just can't see them. ;)

So...inside, there is a motor pool, barracks, an armory ,officers club, and various other building of little or no importance.

Gorbech wil be in the oficers club when this begins. Oh, and I changed his rank, cause he's a sniper. Not that it really matters.

As for weapons...there will be two battalions of marines, two plattoons of tanks, six Anti-air batteries, four apache helicopters, and a Missle frigate in striking range. and lots O' airstrikes.)

7/26/2009 . Edited 7/26/2009 #10

(Shank, RP something.)

7/26/2009 #11

(Oh, right! ^^;)

Captain Gorbech sat across from his commanding officer, clutching a beer in his left, holding his forehead in his right.

Major Allen looked at him. " Look, Gorbech, I understand losing your wingman. Especially one you've been with for so long. But Leaving the Corp? Thats your life."

Gorbech looked up. "No, its not. My relationship with the corp died with Beiber's betrayal."

Allen sighed. " Look, I know you have your suspicions..."

Gorbech slammed his fist on the table, making it jump.

" I was there. I saw what happened. It's changed me, opened my eyes to what the Corp, this whole damn country is turned into. I need a Cigar."

Allen shook his head as Gorbech stepped outside.

7/26/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #12

(It's the middle of the night...? 8D?)

It was awhile before Echo came upon the metal fence (I think there's one...), but nonetheless, she came upon it.

"What's this metal fence doing here?" she wondered aloud. She banged her fist against it, creating a clang that reverberated through the air.

7/26/2009 #13

In the darkness nearby, two green eyes opened, blinking sleepily as their owner emerged into full wakefulness, having been awoken by Echo's noise. When they spotted Echo, they widened, and the body of their owner stiffened fearfully. But after a few more seconds, the being realized that Echo didn't mean any harm. Hesitantly the green eyes lifted from the ground, and their owner began to approach Echo stealthily. Should I...? It might be hostile, but there's always a chance it'll help...

When the being was practically right next to Echo, but still hidden in the shadows, it spoke. Its voice was feminine, and it carried a nervous and frightened tone. "Um... E-excuse me, but... Can you... help me?"

7/26/2009 #14
The Dragon Lover

((I...have no clue how to start. D:))

7/26/2009 #15

(Have her... appear. Or something. Just have her be walking. *shrugs*)

7/26/2009 #16
The Dragon Lover

((Alright. XD))

Taking cautious steps, a seemingly normal human walked around the forest ((everyone's in a forest, right?)) with her green eyes searching the darkness for movements.

((......*mauled for failing so hard* DX))

7/26/2009 #17

((So... What now?))

7/27/2009 #18

(Uh... I dunno, the last time I checked they were in the middle of re/entry. ;\ So, uh, let's pretend like they landed and are trying to blend in...)

(Do you want them to be on the light side of Earth, or on the nighttime side so they can be where everyone else is?)

7/27/2009 #19


Hoshi landed on the surface of the planet known as Earth. She looked around, and figured that she was in the middle of a quite suberbian road with houses and front yards lining it. The street lights were alight, and Hoshi began to glow slightly in excitement and glee, as if the light had been sucked towards her from the lamps like metal to a magnet, and orbited around her lithe frame slowly.

7/27/2009 #20

The Elder (dunno really what to call him, I'm just using that name for consistency's sake) landed next to her a moment later. He surveyed their surroundings, making sure that they hadn't been seen falling from the sky. They hadn't, luckily. He then glanced at Hoshi and realized she was glowing. "Hoshi, humans don't glow," he whispered.

7/27/2009 #21

Hoshi's glow faltered for a moment, then disappeared completely. "Yeesh, alright... But it's so dark here! Figured that the humans could use a little more light...." She whined. The comet survyed her surroundings again. "This place is no fun. How about we go..." She pointed a finger at the glowing neon lights of a distant city, a smile brightening her features in a way no glow could "There! It looks nice and bright and fun!"

7/27/2009 #22

He sighed in exasperation, but a smile was barely visible on his face. "Alright... How do you want to get there? We could go as humans, or I could get us there a lot faster, but there's a chance that it'll startle some humans..."

7/27/2009 #23

Hoshi thought for a moment, tipping her head to the side for a moment, then snapped her fingers. "We'll get there as humans. It's about time I introduced you to the wonderful human invention known as taxis... Now to find a phone booth... Mind magicking some human money for me, Elder?" She chirped as she dashed towards the nearest phone booth at the end of the block.

7/27/2009 #24

He grimaced and chased after her. "Wait, I can't just pull money out of thin air!"

7/27/2009 #25

Hoshi seemed to deflate. "Aww... You can't? Oh well, guess we'll just have to do it your way," she commented, straightening up again.

7/27/2009 #26

He stopped and shook his head. "I could make some out of my own body, but then it would be sort of inconvenient for me to give it away..." He paused. "Wait, maybe I can make some out of air. I just need to know what one looks like."

7/27/2009 #27

The platinum blond 'girl's face soured as she realised that she had absolutely none on hand. "So... No money. Guess we can't travel the human way after all," she sighed.

7/27/2009 #28

The Elder looked at her in concern. "Uh, how do humans get money anyway?"

7/27/2009 #29

"What's this metal fence doing here?" she wondered aloud. She banged her fist against it, creating a clang that reverberated through the air.

((Um that would probably get her shot....So I'm just going to wait for everyone to get here before the guards are alerted. But, I'm going to assume that everyone is going to the base, right? In any case, the captain is going to give a rather depressed monolague. Italics are thoughts, right?))

Gorbech exited the club into the crisp night air. He looked up at the full moon, in all its mysterious emptyness.

I wish I could leave this planet....theres no hope left for its people...everyone , even the best of us have been corrupted by the true evil within all men's hearts....Even me...

He thought of all the horrible things he had done, espicially during his last mission.

He have a depressed sigh, and lit his cigar.

((Hint, hint Ray.))

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #30
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