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Soul of Light and Darkness

The night air whispered through the trees, the rustling, melodious sound of the leaves shivering in the wind apparent all around. The grass hung heavy with dew, and the stars twinkled merrily around a black disk of nothing that was the new moon. A lone figure walked quietly through the trees, his (or her) body obscured by a thick woolen cloak. The figure strode confidently through the darkness, and although there was nary any light to be found, the figure stumbled not once and never hit a tree. In fact, the walking figure made nary a sound at all.

In the time, the darkness began to falter before artificail light, and it was to this light that the figured walked. As the figure traveled, the scent of burning metal came across the wind. The figure strode faster, and in time the trees began to thin, and then they parted before a large military base of some nature. As the figure walked, it took note of the smoke rising from one portion of the base.

The figure reached up to its hood and pulled it back to reveal a bald, blue head that glowed very faintly. Portensus looked at the base with an unreadable air. Somethign was happening here, of that he was certain. The only question now was, what?

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The segeant looked at the building, then the group.

"Lets go. Theres someone in there that needs to talk to you."

He began walking in, M16 slung over his shoulder.

Although they couldn't see them, the rest of the squad was behind the group, rifles pointed at their backs.


The sniper fireteam (A diffrent one) watched the blue skinned figure nervosuly with their Night vision goggles.

"Damn. First those aliens, then those kids at the perimeter. This is all so sketchy...did he get seperated from the rest of the blue man group?...Radio it in to the captain."

"What else?"

".....For now, we watch."

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Soul of Light and Darkness

Portensus whipped his head around as he felt eyes on the back of his head. He stared at the humans observing his through their vision enhancement devices, and his mouth fell open in shock. Humans were lookign at him. Normal, mundane everyday mortals could actually see him. This was, to put it quite simply, impossible, and yet here it was, happening right in front of him.

However, as Portensus pondered, he came to the conclusion that perhaps it was not so impossible. Perhaps it was only in his home plane that mortals could not interact with him. If that was the case, then he could not longer go about casually as though he were invisible, unless he so chose to make himself invisible.

In the next instant, Portensus had vanished from the line of sight of the humans, appearing silently behind them. He snapped his fingers idly and took hold of their aura, freezing them in place.

"You will not need those," he said calmly, reffering to their weapons. I mean you no harm." Slowly, he caused them to turn around and face him, then released his hold. He would have allowed them to turn of their own volition had it not been for the fact that they probably would have tried to shoot him.

"Now, could you kindly tell me what has occured here?"

7/29/2009 #93

Not many nights are different to Blade Rex. Each one holds it's own events, yet each passes by like the one before. But, this night was the complete opposite. Every minute was critical. However, even as the precious seconds ticked away, Blade could not help but cease his activities when he saw a massive explosion poke its massive orange head over the treeline. A few moments later, he was sitting inside the thick canopy of the tallest tree he could find, watching the clusmy personel of the nearby Military outpost squabble about, recovering from their recent shellshock. He watched silently as three children were carted off into the chaos inside of a primitive transportation vehicle(Blade's home is more futuristic than Earth). He watched as the traumatized leader of the group attempted to communicate with beings which had no language. He watched them carted off to the nearby medical tents, only because it was the Hospital that was ravaged by the previous pyrotechnics. He chuckled a little. No matter where in this existance you went, you could never be free of the shortcomings of men. It acctually made him glad that he was now mostly a Demon. Still, he could not hide from the fact that he was mostly human. Or at least, that is what an onlooker might have thought.

Well, it appears that the military is screwing things up in the usual manner. This world is getting to be more like Terra every minute. He thought.

He watched as the Marine Corps. Medics attempted to pump life back into the two super-boys. They would make it. Blade could tell. He had had plenty of wild expirences in his life too.

"You had better work harder, grunts." He said to himself, "You have no idea how much of a difference those two will make in the coming days."

Suddenly, Blade recieved a fierce vibration on his right arm. It was his communicator-watch; idicating that he was already late for his next crucial assignment.

"Good-bye. When the Moment of Destruction comes, I can only hope that you survive."

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The segeant looked at the building, then the group.

"Lets go. Theres someone in there that needs to talk to you."

He began walking in, M16 slung over his shoulder.

Although they couldn't see them, the rest of the squad was behind the group, rifles pointed at their backs.

Echo's eyes closed briefly, but she said nothing.

Silent, the group followed the sergeant into the building.

7/29/2009 #95

The CO looked at the being, terrified. Although he was scared out of his mind from being frozen and turned, he found his voice.

"...Who wants to know?"


The sergeant walked up to the building, and punched in a few numbers on a keypad.

He stepped inside, and walked into an elevator, looking to see if the group was still following him.

7/29/2009 #96

The sergeant walked up to the building, and punched in a few numbers on a keypad.

He stepped inside, and walked into an elevator, looking to see if the group was still following him.

They did. Though Cole's arms were crossed, Echo's eyes were blazing like blue flames and Natalie looked thoroughly exasperated, they followed in silence.

7/29/2009 #97

Two other marines stepped in, and they went to the fifth floor.

The sergeant got out, opened the door to an office, and motioned for them to step inside.

7/29/2009 #98

Cole muttered something inaudible under his breath. Natalie kicked him in a fashion so unlike herself, Cole fell and landed in the room. Echo snorted and stepped over him. Natalie sighed, dragged Cole to his feet and pushed him into the room. She soon followed.

7/29/2009 #99

The room was simple. Pictures of bases, tanks, soldies, and aircraft adorned the walls. Five chairs sat in front of a desk, which was also decorated with similar pictures.

Sitting at the, desk, was an annoyed looking officer, who was watching the four enter the room.

He gestured to the chairs. "Have a seat. You may be here awhile."

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Natalie performed another action unlike herself: she glared at her friends. They sat, relunctantly.

7/29/2009 #101

The major looked at the four. "The first question is an obvious one. Who are you?"

(I made another character! Weee!)

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"I'm Natalie," the redhead spoke before her friends could. "This is Echo-" She gestured at the younger red-haired girl. "Cole-" Now the brunet. "And Calixra." Then the shadowy feminine being.

7/29/2009 #103

The major nodded. "And how did you manage to get to the fence? Where did you start from?"

7/29/2009 #104

"We're on the run," Natalie responded. "We can't tell you where we're from; it'll put you in far more danger than you could ever imagine."

7/29/2009 #105

The major chuckled. "If we're right about our theory so far, we might be screwed already." He looked out the window at the base, the turned back.

" But I still need to know how you got here."


7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #106


"We walked," Echo broke in, ignoring the glare Natalie sent. "Our camp isn't too far from here."

7/29/2009 #107

The major nodded. "Now...this is a strange question, but...ah..are any of you extraterrestrial, any unique abilities, or the like?"

7/29/2009 #108

Natalie, Echo and Cole exchanged looks. They didn't respond.

7/29/2009 #109

The major rubbed his forehead. "Look. I understand your not wanting to tell me, but if you withold information, you could be putting everyone in this base at risk, including yourselves."

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Echo's eyes narrowed. "Think of something, anything," she finally said.

(Show the thought in your post when you post next, please.

And I won't be replying until late tomorrow.)

7/29/2009 #111

(I fail.)

Major looked at her. "All right."

He sat back and started to think about what he would think about. Finally, he conjured up an image of a bicycle.

(Why? I dunno.)

7/29/2009 #112


"You're thinking of a bicycle," Echo stated.

7/29/2009 #113

Major smiled. "And so I am." He then got up. "That about covers everything."

Walking towards the door, he said; "Now, we have arranged quarters to be set up for you near the barracks. Meals will be in the messhall, and during the day you may stay in the parade grounds, or the officers club. You will, also have a squad watching you at all times."

He opened the door.

"In other words, enjoy your stay. Sgt.Deryovich will escort you to your quarters."

7/29/2009 #114

"You mean we have to stay here?" Cole yelled (for lack of a better word), leaping to his feet. "No way!"

7/29/2009 #115

The Major didn't seem surprised. "Unfortunately, yes. Its not safe for you out there, we can protect you here. I understand you may not like it, but you don't have much of a choice. The choice you do have, is stay in the quarters we provide, or you can stay here, in a ten by nine concrete cell."

He gestured towards the sergeant, who was standing in the doorway. "The choice is yours."

7/29/2009 #116

Natalie rose to her feet. "I apologize for this, but you should realize a few things." Her voice was calm, with no hint of anger-yet it carried the frostiness of winter. "If we were normal kids, we wouldn't have gotten this far. And since we're not normal kids, you can't keep us here. Either our enemy will get to us first, or we will escape. I promise you that." Her eyes hardened. "Wherever you put us."

7/29/2009 #117

Major rubbed his forehead. "I remember when I was that determined. I thought I could carry the world on my shoulders."

He looked back at the group. "Tell me, have you been hearing voices in your head at all?"

7/29/2009 #118

Natalie's eyes closed briefly. "Voices? I can't answer that."

7/29/2009 #119

"Like someone trying to tell you something...trying to warn you...."

He looked Natalie in the eye. "If I'm right, we may have a common enemy. Again, if I am right about what it is, it would be foolish of us not to fight it alone."


Out in the woods, an Apache was out on a routine patrol. It show a pwoerful light acorss the trees, looking for enemy snipers.

The Apache pilot radioed back to base. " Mothership, this is Rightwing. Our patrol is almost over, heading back to base to refuel. Rightwing out."

The com link crackled. "Roger that Rightwing, keep you eyes peeled on the way back, fireteam Charlie reported something in your sector."

The apache continued on, still searching. Finally, he came to a tree sticking above the rest.

"Thats where I would be", he murmured.

Pitching the nose up, the light jumped up the trunk, and the pilot jumped, as he saw a humanoid figure in the top branches.

"Holy Shi- Rightwing to mothership! We have possible hostiles sighted! Request backup immeadiately!", he yelled into the radio, and he came around, slowing down for a better look.

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