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Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael nodded. "Good idea.....:

2/20/2010 #1,381

(This would be a great time for you to come in, Typhoon. Hint hint?)

She gestured for him to follow. "Come on." She started down the hallway, heading for a big wooden door at the end. After a moment she stopped and turned to look at him. "...You can walk, right? You have to be exhausted after what you just went through."

2/20/2010 #1,382
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I'm beat." Michael said. "But I can keep moving...."

2/20/2010 #1,383

"I can carry you. It's no trouble." As she said this, an invisible force lifted Michael off the ground a few inches. Kv smiled. "You can sleep, too, if you want."

2/20/2010 #1,384
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael nodded absently. In about six seconds he was out like a light.

2/20/2010 #1,385

Kv giggled softly and started off down the hallway again. Michael floated after her.

(And now we wait...)

2/20/2010 #1,386
Typing Typhoon

( [I got distracted... worrying about you]

Haha! That is so CORNY! XD)

Hesling didn't even have turn the corner before he spotted a massive midevel castle. Which was forcefully wedged between two crumbling houses. Mort had no subtly. " What an interesting place to contruct a fort..." Dan muttered aloud.


"Mwahahaha! None can hope penetrate the solid walls of Fort #276! Helsing and his friend don't stand a chan-" Mort's rant was cut off as he bumped into a pair of... intruders...

2/20/2010 #1,387
Thunder Lord Aeatos

More specifically, right into Michael, which woke him up.

Not a good thing when the person being woken could, in all likelihood, bring down the entire building with a punch.

2/20/2010 #1,388

Kv heard a noise, turned, saw Mort, and jumped back in alarm. "Who are you?"

2/20/2010 #1,389
Typing Typhoon

"Annoyed, now get outta my fort. Evil requires concentration, concentration requires serenity, and furthermore, serenity requires having a punk free base! " Pummelyu growled irritably, pointing toward the exit.

2/20/2010 #1,390

She blinked. "Erm, alright..." She turned and hurried to said exit, dragging Michael invisibly behind her.

2/20/2010 #1,391
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael growled and punched a wall, leaving a large hole. "One, you don't talk to her like that. Two, you don't call us punks. Three, YOU DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!" He was in Mort's face now, so said evil dude could quite clearly see the fire in his eyes. No, literally.

2/20/2010 #1,392
Typing Typhoon

"One, you don't talk to her like that. Two, you don't call us punks. Three, YOU DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!" Mort repeated mockingly, tilting his head left to right with every word. He grabbed Michael by collar and jerked him up so they were face to face. "My fort, my rules, superpunk."

2/20/2010 #1,393

Kv stopped and looked back at the two of them. "Uh, Michael? It's fine, you don't have to..."

2/20/2010 #1,394
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael aimed a knee right for a very sensitive area. If it landed, Mort would likely be coughing up the appendage in question.

2/20/2010 #1,395
Typing Typhoon

(Sensitive area? I'm just going to assume the worst...)

Micheal's knee landed with a heavy thump in Mort's p*** area. Mort dropped him nonchalantly and slipped his hand down into his jeans, pulling out a dented frying pan. He grinned maniacally, his expression concealed underneath his splatter mask. "Yep, I have a frying pan down there. And you don't wanna know where I keep my griddle." Mort said cooly, tossing the pan aside.

"However, lemme' show you were I keep my... Panzerfaust!" Mort shouted gleefully, pulling a rocket launcher out from within the depths of his top hat.

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #1,396

Mort's rocket launcher disappeared, reappearing in Kv's hands. She spun it on one finger and then aimed it at Mort. "Don't move. Michael, what are you doing?!"

2/20/2010 #1,397
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( In truth, a frying pan wouldn't save him considering Michael just kneed him with enough force to crumple a tank, but I'll let you get away with it this time. ))

Michael calmly took hole of the end of the rocket launcher and bent it up into a 90-degree angle. "I'm kicking his a**." He growled.

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #1,398
Typing Typhoon

Mort looked down at his empty hands, and back up at his stolen Panzerfaust. "Not cool..." Mort grumbled, throwing his hands up into the air in submission.

(I can't trump that... for now...your charas have cool pwrz, what pages are they on?)

2/20/2010 #1,399

(Kv is holding it now Kotor XD)

2/20/2010 #1,400
Typing Typhoon

(Haha! A three way post collision! That's great! Should we modify the posts, or leave it be?)

2/20/2010 #1,401

(...Am I to assume then that Michael disabled it even though Kv was holding it?)

(And Typhoon, Kv was submitted just recently, she should be somewhere in the last two pages of the Characters topic.)

2/20/2010 #1,402
Typing Typhoon

(We'll go with your idea then Cel, though I dunno why Mort would have his hands in the air if there wasn't a german artillery weapon aimed at him. Koolz, I'll go check of Kv, I'll find Micheal too. Levitation and super strength. That's a pretty solid character. I'm gonna wait a sec before continuing the story in case I'm counter posted.)

2/20/2010 #1,403
Typing Typhoon

(Seconds up.)

Mort face palmed at the sight of his busted panzerfaust. "Kids these days... so destructive..."

2/20/2010 #1,404
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Yeah, Michael did disable it even though she has it. He wants to kick Mort's butt himself. Oh, and Michael's on page 5. ))

2/20/2010 #1,405
Typing Typhoon

(Thanks guys. Lead us off Aeatos! Or Celebi... Whoever posts first.)

2/20/2010 #1,406
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael picked Mort up by HIS collar. "You going to apologize?"

2/20/2010 #1,407

Kv looked at the broken rocket launcher in disbelief for several seconds. Then she finally dropped it to the ground. Hands on hips, she looked at Michael angrily. "Michael, we could have gotten out of here without any trouble! Why do you have to make trouble for us?!"

(She's basically all-powerful. She's based off Ml's design, and Ml was in turn based off the Q. Actually, they weren't supposed to go around getting into combat situations...)

2/20/2010 #1,408
Typing Typhoon

(Aeatos, that would look very awkard as Mort's eight feet tall... Coolness...)

Mort looked down at the weird scruffy punk was handling him so roughly.

"Ummm no... You broke my panzerfaust... That was a gift from my Amish cousin!" Mort growled, drawing back his heavy club like fist.

(BRB... 6 minutes max.)

2/20/2010 #1,409
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael let him go. "Uh.... sorry....." He said, looking quite flustered. "I was.... Well, he...."

2/20/2010 #1,410
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