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Here is where you can suggest a location. A location can be anything from a planet to an alternate universe, but make sure its physics are consistent. Also, please describe it thoroughly. If a mod decides they like the location you post here, they may make it into a thread where people can RP. Please use the following format:



Physical Description:


Who Lives There?:

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way):

7/25/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #1

Name: MarkIV

Type: (Ah.) Planet

Physical Description: Covered in Ice, but not at the equator, there is a forest line going all the way around. It has two moons.

Who Lives There?: Your mom. (obliverated twenty times) Seriously, no one now, but their are ruins in the jungle.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): It revolves around Polaris.


I think a fight scene on the Earth's moon would be epic. (Incinerated)

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #2

Type means is it a planet, an alternate universe, a city on a planet, etc..

7/27/2009 #3

Name: Ovaka

Type: Planet

Physical Description: It's a strange place. There are five "countries". On Sekli (sek-lee), it's always spring. On Peota (pay-oh-tah), it's always summer. On Aveyo (ah-vay-yo), it's always fall. On Evly (ev-lee), it's always winter. Then there's the legendary mirage island, Telva. No one's sure if it exists, but supposedly the seasons actually change there and there's supposed to be a treasure there. ;)

Who Lives There?: Echo. ;D Another human population.

Location: It's in The Book. Or it is?

7/27/2009 #4

Hm, okay, I'll do Shank's.

EC, it seems good, but do you want it to have one topic for each "country", or just a topic for the whole planet?

7/27/2009 #5

Hm...a topic for each country seems good.

7/27/2009 #6

Okay. :D

7/27/2009 #7
Soul of Light and Darkness

Name: Portensus

Type: Universe

Physical Description: This is the universe whose aura gave birth to the deity Portensus. Appropriately, it shares his name. Portensus is remarkably ununique in regards to other universes, with a variety of nebulas, galaxies, star systems, planets both habitable and not, many of which posess sentient species of all sorts, and all other sorts of normal universe attractions. Its physics are almost completely identical to that of the Earth dimension, although there are a few hiccups in very remote parts of the universe that follow their own unique, but still constant, rules.

Who Lives There?:Portensus, innumerable other mortal life forms.

Location: It's own plane of reality. The easiest way to reach it is to open a rift on the correct harmonic vibration.

7/29/2009 #8

Hmmm....Well it seems like a nessesary place, in fact.


(Smashes desk with Gravel)

Name: Fort Tyson.

Type: Fort.

Physical Description: About the size of a small town. It has several buildings, including an officers club, barracks, mess hall, detainment center/ administration building, parade grounds, motor pool, and a firing range. It sits deep, tucked away, in the Appalachians, in the middle of a remote forest. It serves as a traqining facility for attack helicopters and Scout snipers. It houses a ton of firepower, and some of the darkest military secrets in its intelligence sector.

Who Lives There?: Marines. Lots of 'em.

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #9
William Frost

Is there a limit to the number of worlds we can submit? Cuz I've got an entire system of them from my novel.

7/30/2009 #10

How many are you thinking of?

7/30/2009 #11
William Frost

I dunno. Something over ten.

7/30/2009 #12

Hmmm...I guess that would be alright, but is it really nessecesary?

7/30/2009 #13
William Frost

No, only about three or four are nessecesarry.

7/30/2009 #14

Ten is a little overkill...Maybe you should just submit the necessary worlds, and if you want later you can submit the other worlds one or two at a time.

7/30/2009 #15

I approve EC's plan, if you follow through on it.

7/30/2009 #16
William Frost

Name: Avalon

Type: Planet

Physical Description: A diverse planet with many different terrains. There are forests, deserts, oceans, bustling metropolises, and a near lifeless wasteland to the north.

Who Lives There?: A wide variety of beings, including the powerful humans called the 'Mancers' who have control over the elements of nature.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): It is in the Emperia sector.


Name: Draconia

Type: Planet

Physical Description: This world is predominatly mountainous, with large oceans throughout.

Who Lives There?: The powerful and highly advanced race known as the draconians. They eleminated all other intellegent life on their world. Obsidian.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): It is in the Emperia Sector.


Name: Mechanica

Type: Planet

Physical Description: A ruined desert wasteland with the only signs of a remaining civilization being an ancient colluseum. Outside the walls of the colluseum however, there are many ruins and pieces of what could have once been a great civilisation.

Who Lives There?: Robots. Lots of robots. You will also find large yet damaged golems still active outside the walls of the colluseum.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): It's in the emperia sector.

7/30/2009 . Edited 8/11/2009 #17


7/30/2009 #18
The Dragon Lover

Hm...I'm thinking of submitting a place here, a planet that EC and Cel might remember.... :D

8/1/2009 #19

Is it Zokui? ;)

8/2/2009 #20
The Dragon Lover

Maaaaaaybe. :D

Name: Zokui

Type: Planet

Physical Description: One huge continent surrounded by water; the continent is essentially divided in half by a mountain range that cuts through the entire continent from North to South. The West side of the divide is almost completely covered by thick forests of all kinds, while the East side is where civilizations have built villages and towns. (It's sorta medieval in a way)

Who Lives There?: Mostly humans on the East (although it is accepted by the public that other species do exist, so it's not weird to have orcs and such walking around), with the King and Queen living on the coast; all sorts of magical and mythical creatures on the West, although some are still only considered myths (i.e. elves haven't been seen in a long while).

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): It's in the Milky Way but in a different dimension. (Want specifics? I dunno, I can't measure lightyears)

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #21


8/4/2009 #22

Okay, I made all of them except for EC's Telva, because considering it's legendary it might be something she would want to add later. :D

8/4/2009 #23

But you forgot Portensus.

8/4/2009 #24

Yeah, I know, sorry. ^^; Doing that now.

Sorry Soul! D:

8/4/2009 #25

Wonderful, wonderful. Now, maybe we can use them in the near future....

8/4/2009 #26

Name: Divonus

Type: Planet(Kind of, read below)

Physical Description: Used to be a planet simmilar to Earth, meaning that there were several diverse locations with varing climates. Each 'continent' on Divonus had a ancient temple shrine on it which acted like a portal(which I call a Portal Shrine). However, these numerous gates contained massive amounts of enegry, and when the force that controls the Universe itself (which in my stories I call Corruption) is present, it causes Rifts, or random portals. This caused rapid colonization of Divonus, which also brought many wars. This lasted until the point where WMDs blew the planet apart, causing Divonus to be split into ten chucks that are still travelable. The core of the planet is still there as well, causeing a weak(but still life-sustaining) atmosphere to remain.Portals connect the remaining chunks of Divonus.

Who Lives There?: No one.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): In a galaxy far far away

Other Stuffs: The Core of Divonus still remains in space as a molten ball, and acts like a mini-sun when the ruins of Divonus face the right way. The rocky underside of the pieces are also colonizable as well.

8/6/2009 . Edited 8/6/2009 #27


8/6/2009 #28

...Wait, what? First off, a core floating in space would cool and harden pretty quickly, and second off the planet would have reformed due to gravity.

And also, try to stay away from zombies, etc., unless you have an explanation for their existence.

8/6/2009 #29

The zombies was more of a joke, I'll take those out if no one cares for them.

As for the recooling and reformation of the planet, I can see where you are coming from. But, I don't think that Logic really seems to apply to this RP.If it's REALLY that much of an issue, then I'll remove the whole part about the core, but that would also remove the atmosphere, wouldn't it?

8/6/2009 #30
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