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Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yeah, I'm submitting this second world because I forgot about it when submitting Calynos, and when we get to my plotline we'll be going here eventually. I fail. T.T

Name: Remynos

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Like pluto, only around the size of Earth. It's a big hunk of rock, ice, and snow. With breathable atmosphere. The temperatures get down to the negative sixties on a SUMMER day, and at least a hundred below in winter. As such, only the Skorin are capable of living there indefinitely.

Climate: Always cold, usually snowing, always somewhat dark, completely pitch black at night.

Who Lives There?: Skorin (There was a single Luminai colony, but the Skorin wiped it out and took over the entire planet.)

Location: Orbiting the same star as Calynos, so it's around the same distance from Earth, just farther away from the star than Calynos.

11/13/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #151

Remynos is accepted. :D

11/13/2009 #152

Okay, I added a "Climate" section to the info required for locations. If your location has already been accepted, you don't have to fill it out, but if you want to you can and it'll be edited into the location. It's required for all new locations, though.

11/23/2009 #153

Name: Farius II

Type: Planet

Physical Description: A planet near the far edge of the known galaxy. Its geographical features have been lost to the sands of time, however, because a war has been raging on for countless milennia. Heretics(Worshippers of the Gods of Ruination) have been in constant battle with the Gen Swarms for the planet. The surface of the planet is now literally hills of ash, ruin, bone, and flesh. Three-fourths of the planet is a Gen Hive, the ground covered in disgusting biomass. Large tentacles snake around what crumbling stone buildings remain, transformed into Breeding Grounds for their filthy legions. The other small portion of the planet is red rivers and burning hinterlands; piles of bodies strewn accross the hellscape to be used in sinister rituals.

Climate: Mostly rain.

Who Lives There?: A brigade of Heretics and a dormant mass of Gen Strains.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): The far edge of the known galaxy, however, both factions arrived via their own means.

12/9/2009 #154


12/10/2009 #155
Splendour of the Machine


Type: Universe

Physical Description: She is horrifically incompatible with most forms of life, and the few living civilisations depend entirely upon highly advanced technologies. Her galaxies are far apart but have very dense clusters of stars. Most planets have two or more suns.

Climate: Generally, her planets are covered in deserts with clusters of brown, hardy spined trees. All space – both ‘empty’ and atmospheric – is breathable; it is filled entirely with a strange, ultra-light gas CLYSMIC’s body cells (galaxies) produce as a by-product of her bodily functions. This gas, however, is also a neurotoxin which induces insanity in all who breathe it. An average adult human can last for roughly two Earth days before the effects are irreversible.

Who Lives There?: Notably, the Watchers: a vaguely humanoid race of avian/reptilian descent. Nearly every star and planet is currently unsuited to their basest needs, and they completely depend on their fire-oriented technologies. Their largest colonies are based in the Duonova Galaxy. There is also a species of intelligent feline creatures scattered throughout CLYSMIC, the majority of which are nomadic gypsy-pirates. Their technologies are largely centred around cybernetic enhancements of the body and mind. Both these races have developed a natural immunity to the toxicity of CLYSMIC’s air.

Location: Separate from our universe and all others, though she is accessible by space-time travellers via the point at which she was still connected to the rest of the multiverse. She is constantly navigating the nothing between universes in search of new prey. Her next target is us.

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/10/2009 #156


12/11/2009 #157
Zeal of 1200BC

I have a few ideas, but here's just one for now.

Name: Emtheria

Type: Gas Giant planet

Description: It's a giant planet made of gas, similar in appearnce to Jupiter. The one thing that makes it dfferent is that it's made of mostly oxyegen and hydrogen gases, meaning it has ice 7 (A form of ice created by intense pressure) near it's core. fifteen bodies slightly larger than Earth's moon oribit Emtheria, two of wich have plant life. They are the moons Emtha and Ateri.

Climate: The upper atmosphere is around 100 degreese farinhiet, but the farther down you go the hotter it gets. Emtha and Ateri are similar in tempreture to Earth in mid fall; not quite winter, but not quite summer.

Who lives there: A species of bird-type creatures lives in the clouds of Emtheria. They take in the oxygen clouds and convert it to carbon dioxide. The radiation from Emtheria's star breaks the Co2 down, relesing the oxygen back into the atmosphere. The two moons with plants have only thoses; plants.

Location: Around a star 12,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of Betelguese.

1/24/2010 #158

I like it.

However, I'm not sure if I should make it one location or three. Or two, if the main planet is a gas giant and not much will take place there given its lack of surface.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #159
Zeal of 1200BC

I would suggest 2 locations, since the two moons with life are rather close together. The main planet can be for a ship chase or something.

1/24/2010 #160

Normally, moons are a separate location... The reason for separating the locations is so people don't confuse where their characters are. I'm afraid that if I group any of them together, people will try and meet up while being on different moons, etc..

Do you mind if I make them three different topics?

1/24/2010 #161
Zeal of 1200BC

No, that's fine. By the way, Celebi, does the name DarkSamus202 ring a bell?

1/24/2010 #162

No, not really. Why?

1/24/2010 #163
Zeal of 1200BC

Nothing really...

1/24/2010 #164
Splendour of the Machine

Name: Sheer

Type: Planet-like city

Physical Description: Sheer is a huge metropolis. It is an enormous cube orbiting one of CLYSMIC's sun. The city is divided into three main districts -

Highside, the flat top face. This district is populated by everyone who's anyone; in other words, the rich and powerful. Highside is dominated by semi-medieval-style towers and mansions.

Fallside, the vertical faces and the base of the cube. Many structures - from bars to warehouses - cling to any surface they can, often held up by barely a square foot of surface area. The only way to travel is by the makeshift stairs and ladders, most of which are liable to break under undue pressure. Many a building will shake itself loose every day, resulting in the quick and terrifying deaths of all inside and those below.

Core is the inside of the cube. It is dark and hot, and dominated by the huge machines that keep the city functioning. Many also live in here, often never leaving the dim streets to see the outside in their lifetimes.

Climate: Sheer's climate is consistently cool and dry, with an atmosphere considerably more agreeable than the rest of CLYSMIC.

Who Lives There?: A high population of different human offshoots and various alien species. The city serves as a haven for for criminals, though any being with even remotely godlike tendencies is generally shunned, with the sole (and obvious) exception of CLYSMIC herself.

Location: Sheer exists within the sentient universe CLYSMIC; its exact location within her varies with her whims.

1/24/2010 #165

M'kay, it's approved. I'm assuming it's a totally artificial construct?

1/24/2010 #166
Splendour of the Machine


1/24/2010 #167



...You know, I've been wanting to ask you about your avatar for a while now. XD Is there a story behind it?

1/24/2010 #168
Splendour of the Machine

Hm, let's see. :o *thinks* Wait, yes. I was talking to my boyfriend online and he asked for any old pic of me. So I got one...and thought it looked boring in black 'n' white. So I 'coloured' it. XD

1/24/2010 #169

It doesn't look like it was black and white before being colored, though. XD

Unless... you colored it and then scribbled on it. O:

1/24/2010 #170
Splendour of the Machine

Yes. ^^ My skin is actually paler than that.

1/24/2010 #171

Ah. :D

Deductive reasoning saves the day once again! *is run over by a flying moose at a deer-crossing sign*

1/24/2010 #172
Splendour of the Machine

*gets of flying moose* Good boy/girl/it ~

1/24/2010 #173

*realizes this is the Locations topic* Wanna move this idle chatter to the chatter topic? :P

1/24/2010 #174
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: The Verinat

Type: Star Ship

Physical Description: If you imagine a few blocks of New York City skyscrapers upside down attatched to a half oval, that's what the Verinat looks like. The half-oval is white.

Climate: Inside the ship, it's a little cooler than Earth's tempreture, as it's 50 degreese farhinhiet.

Who Lives There?: It's a Velvetoss ship, so the Velvetoss. Duh.

Location: At the start of the thread, the ship is just beyond the orbit of Mars.

...Wait, are we aloud to have Star Ships?

1/28/2010 #175

Yeah, we can have starships, although you don't have to register them as locations unless they're really huge. Like, about as big as Hawaii.

1/28/2010 #176
Zeal of 1200BC

The Verinat is really big. Probably just a hair smaller than the Moon. OUR Moon, just to be clear.

1/28/2010 #177

Okay, I'll make a topic.

1/28/2010 #178

Name: Gelcium

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Gelcium is too far away from its star to support life, and although it does have water it's always frozen. Nothing lives there. The atmosphere has a different composition than Earth's, though it still has oxygen and can be breathed by humans with only a little shortness of breath. Despite it being totally covered with ice, its surface is not slippery because none of the ice ever melts. From space it appears very bright due to its ice reflecting light, and it is only very slightly smaller than Earth.

Climate: Its temperature always hovers around -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). Because its water is always frozen, it never snows, rains, or even hails. Weather is essentially nonexistant here.

Who Lives There?: No life forms have ever been known to live there.

Location: It's within the Milky Way galaxy and is about 200 lightyears from Earth.

This exists just so we can have an ice battlefield. Yes, there's Remynos, but that has Skorin on it and it's more snowy, so...

1/30/2010 . Edited 2/8/2010 #179

Name: Location Beta

Type: Space Station

Physical Description: Big metallic mass adrift in space. Run down and out of commission.

Climate: None.

Who Lives There?: No one any more.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): The far reaches of unexplored space.

(Based on Space Hulk, in honor of the Dawn of War II expansion coming in March)

2/17/2010 #180
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