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2/17/2010 #181


2/17/2010 #182


Mine's already charged. And I just dropped a pile of Roks on your HQ.

2/17/2010 #183

Yeah, but you didn't notice the Squiggoth that I sneaked around from behind.

2/18/2010 #184

Yeah, but you didn't notice the Squiggoth that I sneaked around from behind.

How do you sneak a Squiggoth?

2/18/2010 #185

good point.

2/18/2010 #186

Fine then,

Suddenly a Tyranid Hive Fleet comes out of the Warp!

2/18/2010 #187

But we had our biotoxins ready, and destroyed your Hive Mind!

2/18/2010 #188

And then Cthulhu killed you both because you were spamming the topic. XD

2/18/2010 #189

Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom, the chat topic. We got it.

2/18/2010 #190

I've created another Blessed. However, this one is too awesome to go under "characters", so instead it's going under "locations". You'll see pretty soon that I like to blur the line between those two categories. XD


Name: Sion

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Sion is a planet slightly smaller than Earth, but it is also a living creature. It is in fact a Blessed, the result of a much smaller creature being infused with a power from beyond existence. However, unlike other Blessed, it is stable and is not harmful to the multiverse. Since it does not orbit any star, it is theorized that it was originally a space-dwelling bacterium before it was Blessed. Its surface can be lived on and is made of a glassy, white material not unlike marble, but which glows softly and gives off warmth. This warmth is necessary for it to support life because it has no star to give it warmth. About half of its surface is covered by liquid water.

Climate: Sion possesses an atmosphere of unknown composition which can nevertheless be breathed by almost any living creature. It does periodically rain.

Who Lives There?: The entire planet is a living organism, and while it seems to be sentient it does not communicate with other creatures. Its surface is dotted with crystalline structures which behave similarly to plants but which are fused with the planet surface. Some of these structures are as large as mountains, while others form "forests".

Location: It moves independently of any star, and occasionally seems to jump to other locations it wouldn't normally arrive at, so it's difficult to pin down.

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #191
Splendour of the Machine


2/20/2010 #192

Sion is a planet slightly smaller than Earth, but it is also a living creature. It is in fact a Blessed, the result of a much smaller creature being infused with a power from beyond existence. However, unlike other Blessed, it is stable and is not harmful to the multiverse.

Don't worry. XD

2/20/2010 #193
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Entria

Type: Universe

Physical Description: Since the universe likes to keep things clean and organized, space is completely clear of dust; it's all inside planets and stars and such. Black holes are common, but Entria keeps them from devoring stars and planets with life on them.


Who Lives There?: Entria, the universe's concensness, and several other minor sentient species scattered about.

3/2/2010 . Edited 3/2/2010 #194

A couple problems with that. First of all, a vacuum cannot have a temperature, because there is nothing in it to conduct heat. If it conducts heat, it's gotta have something in it to conduct that heat, and therefore it can't be empty, meaning it's not a vacuum. Second of all, the defining characteristic of a universe is that it cannot interact with any other universe normally. Giving a distance in light-years between universes means that they can intersect, and therefore they can easily interact; if Entria could interact with the universe Earth is in, then it would be part of that universe. Therefore there is no measurable "distance" between any two universes. And anyway, if there's absolutely nothing between two universes, then there can't be any space between them either, can there? That's another major, if not defining, characteristic of a universe: it has space. This means that outside of a universe, and therefore between two of them, there cannot be any space. In an absence of space, not only can nothing exist, but nothing can be measured.

3/2/2010 #195
Zeal of 1200BC
OK, how 'bout that?
3/2/2010 #196

Okay, done.

3/2/2010 #197
Splendour of the Machine
*looks at scientific post* Eh heh heh... ^^; Well maybe CLYSMIC is MAGICAL! *shot*
3/2/2010 #198

Well, I always assumed that the "distance" CLYSMIC can move between herself and other universes was purely figurative...

3/2/2010 #199
Splendour of the Machine
Well, she has a somewhat skewed perception of EVERYTHING, so I guess that's just how she thinks about it.
3/2/2010 #200

Of course, it may work differently for those, er, other multiverses that she mentioned. On that note, what do you call more than one multiverse? A multimultiverse? A panverse? An omniverse? ...Ooh, I like that last one. :D

Or, if you like LotR, you just call it Ea. XD

3/2/2010 #201
Splendour of the Machine
Well, as a universe, maybe she understands the nature of universes better than even the Wv. *shrugs*
3/2/2010 #202

She should. Although, she may not understand much about other universes she hasn't seen.

Btw, what does she think of the arrival of another being "from beyond" in her domain? (Syn, in case you didn't know.)

3/2/2010 #203
Splendour of the Machine
Er, I'm having trouble keeping up, but I'd say she's not too surprised by Syn's arrival. It wouldn't be too alien for her.
3/2/2010 #204

Well, right now Syn's body is a completely mortal, normal creature. The only real difference between her and normal lifeforms is that her "mind" is alien and does not follow the same thought processes as any normal creature.

Also, unlike all of my other appearances of Inconceivable Ones, she is there in her entirety and not just a projection, which is why she has to stay asleep. This is because in terms of other Inconceivable Ones, she is of comparable strength and intellect to a small animal like a box turtle. The Blessed Celestial, on the other hand, draws its power from what is, even to them, a god.

3/2/2010 #205

Okay, new area for you guys. I was going to hold this one in reserve until after my storyline, but I decided it wouldn't spoil anything anyway and it could be used by everyone else, too. Also, given that this RP has just experienced its first character death (B. Celestial), and this location has to do with dead characters, it seems like now is a good time to open it.


Name: Palace of Mirrors

Type: Structure, possibly pocket universe

Physical Description: The palace of mirrors is a structure made entirely out of ice. Despite this, very little light filters through its thick walls, and because its walls are so thick, it is considerably warmer than the rest of the planet. It possesses some mysterious, unexplained properties, such as a tendency to seemingly change its internal structure when no one is looking, and its walls are also lined with mirrors made of glass. These mirrors sometimes seem to reflect things other than whatever is in front of them, and the viewer may even think s/he recognizes someone from his/her past. This may however be an optical illusion. No one has entered the Palace of Mirrors for a very long time, and no one knows who built it. Also, time does not flow regularly inside the Palace of Mirrors.

Climate: It's a building, it has no climate.

Who Lives There?: No one does. It is said that the mirrors hold the souls of deceased persons from the visitor's past, which are trapped inside. This is usually dismissed as fiction because it has never been proven.

Location: It is the one artificial building on the planet Gelcium, shaped like a series of connected spires made of ice. It and its origins are wrapped in mystery.


So, if a character of yours dies, you can partially-revive them at this location by having another character walk into a mirror and encounter them. Depending on the characters involved, you can either use this to re-fight villains (what it was originally for) or, possibly, to allow your living character to have a chat with a "dead" character. There are a few limitations: "Dead" characters can't leave the Palace, you can't demand another person's dead character appear here, and only one character can appear in one mirror at one time. Also, characters shouldn't gain special powers here or turn into ghosts or anything like that; they're exactly the same as they were before. They should obviously not have knowledge of anything that happened after their death.


3/7/2010 #206

Name: Codename "Heron"

Type: Super Max jail.

Physical Description: The building itself, is underground of the island it resides on. Since, it is an island, the conditions below are always damp and miserable.

Climate: Its an underground building, so its cool and very damp.

Who Lives There?: North America's most notorious criminals.

Location (relative to any universal constant, such as Earth or the Milky Way): Off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine.

Other: The entire facility has absolutely no lights. There is one, only one but large elevator that goes from the surface to the jail. The guards rely on NVG goggles to find there way around, but the prisoners are kept in total darkness and constraints. 24/7, two Apache attack Helicopters, and a Destroyer patrol the area around the island.

3/8/2010 . Edited 3/17/2010 #207

Er, I think that should go under Earth, Shank. The only reason I put the PoM as a new topic was because it's so different from Gelcium. I'd still like for specific locations to go under their home planets.

3/8/2010 #208
All right. I just figured I would include some more specific information, since there will be some planned events taking place there.
3/8/2010 #209
Name: Lakas Type.............................................................................. Habitable Planet Physical Description: A life-habitable planet about five times big as Earth. Only thirty percent of the planet is ocean, ten percent is rainforest, no desert, ten percent tundra and taiga, and rest of the fifty percent is mixture of temperate grassland and temperate decidous forest. However, most of its taiga and decidous forest is now part of a interconnected city complex, like thirty percent of the planet. ........................................................... Who Lives there: Lakasians, a race of sentient and highly advance humanoid. Prefers to stay out of contact with most of the races.
3/13/2010 #210
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