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"You seem very lonely my dear, but that would be obvious because of your location. Do you miss the people that were here?"

8/29/2009 #31

"Yes, and the people that will be here. Except a few who will try to hurt me..." She sighed. "Can you stay here, Braac? Please?"

8/29/2009 #32

Braac paused. He could stay, but he didn't know for how long. Allen would need him again soon.

"How long do you want me to stay?"

8/29/2009 #33

"I'd like it if you could stay forever, but I know you can't... Just as long as possible..."

8/29/2009 #34

Braac gave a smile. "I'd be happy to stay for as long as I can."

"Now, is there anything else to see on this magnificent planet of yours?"

8/29/2009 . Edited 8/29/2009 #35

(Wait, he smiled? O.o)

"Thank you..." Sadrikas mentally giggled, then paused to consider his question. "I don't think so... There's lots of other life, but I'm the only sentient one, and all the remains of those who came before me are gone by now..."

8/29/2009 #36

(Mentally smiled.



Oh come on. Cut me some slack.)

"Well, are there any ruins?"

8/29/2009 #37

(XD I had people mentally nodding in my story Syanqua, so don't worry.)

"...Not that I know of... It's been almost ten billion years since I was born, and the last civilization here ended long before that."

8/29/2009 #38

"Hmmm....Well, why don't we simply take a stroll around to see what we find?"

8/29/2009 #39

"You might be able to 'stroll', but I can't... I'm part of this mountain. Otherwise I would have left this planet a long time ago..."

8/29/2009 #40

"Don't worry, my dear. I have many tricks up my sleeve."

With that, he began to leave the mountain, however still connected to her telepathically. He let her look through his eyes as he took in the silent wasteland.

8/29/2009 #41

She looked. "It all looks old to me, I've seen it before... Or at least, I will see it..."

8/29/2009 #42

"Hmm...Lets press further, shall we?" He continued on, searching for any other life forms. "Tell me if you see anything."

8/29/2009 #43

"Mostly it's just plants..." Sure enough, the edge of a forest appeared in the distance.

8/29/2009 #44

(Okay, ignore everything that happened above.)

Kv and Michael appeared in the middle of a green forest, which looked a lot like an Earth forest, only its creatures were slightly stranger to a human. Kv looked around. "This is Anquarus," she announced. A bug-like creature flew by, and she reached out and tapped it. Immediately it dropped to the ground and began burrowing in.

2/24/2010 #45
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael looked around. "It's very nice." He said simply.
2/24/2010 #46

"I thought you might like it. This place has a rich history, too, but right now it's abandoned. I would tell you the names of the plants and things, but the truth is no one has been around to name them for a long time." She gestured at what looked like a tree. "It looks almost like your planet, but it's not. For example, that 'tree' can actually eat you whole."

2/24/2010 #47
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"Really?" Michael asked, and poked the tree curiously.
2/24/2010 #48

Nothing happened. Kv paused. "...Um... Well, maybe I have my wildlife a little mixed up..." she said sheepishly.

2/24/2010 #49
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"Ah." Michael said, giving the tree another prod just to be sure it wasn't going to attack him when he turned his back.
2/24/2010 #50

His finger was instantly stuck fast to the tree's bark. Kv blinked. "...Or, maybe I don't..." The "tree" began to suck Michael into itself by his finger, its surface somehow becoming less than solid.

2/24/2010 #51
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"Um.... This is weird." Michael said, although he didn't panic.
2/24/2010 #52

"Why don't you try to get free?" Kv suggested. "Think of it as another exercise. If you can't, although I think you will, I'll help you."

2/24/2010 #53
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael nodded and closed his eyes, letting the tree do whatever for a few moments.
2/24/2010 #54

"Try not to kill it, though," Kv said.

2/24/2010 #55
Thunder Lord Aeatos
(( Is the tree doing anything or did it just suck in his finger and be done with it? XD ))

"Ok, then." Michael replied.

2/24/2010 #56

(It's trying to suck in the rest of him too.) Kv watched him intently.

(Gotta go, good night.)

2/24/2010 #57
Thunder Lord Aeatos
(( Well, then, it must be moving slowly.... XD See ya )) Michael continued to focus, even as the tree sucked him all the way inside.
2/24/2010 #58

Kv started to get worried. She began to pull Michael out with an invisible force. "Er, Michael, what are you waiting for?"

2/25/2010 #59
Thunder Lord Aeatos
At which the tree disappeared, reappearing about ten feet to the left. "I was seeing if I could do that." Michael said simply.
2/25/2010 #60
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