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(Oops, forgot about this.) Kv paused, turning to look at the tree, which was now motionless. "...Okay, well, good job. ...Um, want to move on now?"

A voice suddenly spoke in both their heads. "Hello? Kv and... someone I don't recognize. This is Yj, and I must talk to you."

Kv blinked in surprise, then looked at Michael for approval. "Er...?"

2/25/2010 #61
(Oh, shat. Is Braac still here? I mean, it would see that if they were scanning the planet, they might have stumbled upon these two?)
2/25/2010 #62
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael raised an eyebrow. "Go ahead." He said.
2/25/2010 #63

(Well, I was going to just pretend like that didn't happen, since you had used Braac elsewhere, but if you want to...)

2/25/2010 #64
(I actually was going pretend that didn't happen, because it sort of fell apart. Hadn't Sadrikas noticed them by now?)
2/25/2010 . Edited 2/25/2010 #65

(Sadrikas has no telepathic powers, so no.)

A small, brown, furry animal appeared in front of the two of them. "I require your help. To put it simply, an anomaly has appeared in another universe which threatens to destabilize the multiverse. I am gathering people to help in getting rid of it, and your aid would be greatly appreciated."

Kv looked at Yj, then at Michael, thinking. "...Well, Michael is still developing his abilities, he just got them, but I could come..."

2/25/2010 #66
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"I'm coming too." Michael said. "Developing or not, I'm not letting you walk into a dangerous situation by yourself."
2/25/2010 #67

Kv looked at him in surprise, then shook her head resolutely. "You absolutely cannot. If something happened to you because you weren't used to your abilities yet, I would never forgive myself." She grinned. "I can take care of myself, don't worry."

Yj looked at the two of them. "...Are you two by any chance mates?"

Kv turned red. "Er, no, not yet, at least..."

2/25/2010 #68
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael nodded, turning red as well. "No, we uh.... haven't gotten there yet." He returned his attention to her. "Out of the question. Most of it works simply by will, correct?"
2/25/2010 #69

Kv nodded hesitantly. "Yes, but... Okay, fine. But if things get messy, you get out of there, alright?"

2/25/2010 #70
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael nodded. "Right." He said. "But.... the same goes for you, alright?"
2/25/2010 #71

Kv opened her mouth to refuse, but then she paused, sighed, and instead said, "Okay. Deal."

"You are ready, then?" Yj asked.

Kv nodded. Then, all three of them disappeared.

2/25/2010 #72
Thunder Lord Aeatos
(( They're in CLYSMIC, I presume? ))
2/25/2010 #73
Zeal of 1200BC

Jack appeared, exhasted, on the surface of an old planet. He sighed, then began to weave a rock shelter from a nearby cliff. This was a planet that was out of the way, and he thought he would be there for awhile.

3/8/2010 #74

Sadrikas stirred, remembering unconsciously that she was about to be visited by someone. She waited patiently, wondering what this visitor would be like, because she couldn't quite recall it...

(If you know anything about this character, you know he has to go to her in order for them to initiate contact. Her profile is at the top of the second or third Characters page.)

3/8/2010 #75
Zeal of 1200BC
(She is very interesting. In a good way.)

After a few minutes of digging, Jack hit a hard layer of rock that even he couldn't punch through. (By the way, it's not Sadrikas's chamber.) He studied the dent he'd made, then concluded that it wouldn't prove effective against weather patterns, what ever they were. Jack replaced the outcropping carefully, then went to find a cave of some sort. He found a suitable chamber not long after begining his search. Creating a makeshift doorway out of some scattered rocks, Jack inspected the inside of the cave in what little light he allowed through the rock door. Not much was there- just more rocks, some stallacites, and a pool of sliver water... wait, since when was water silver?

3/8/2010 #76

Sadrikas watched him, becoming more fully aware by the moment. She spoke to him, the liquid bubbling slightly as she did so. "Who are you, why did you come?" She knew what he would answer, of course, but she also knew that she would ask the question first.

3/9/2010 #77
Zeal of 1200BC
Jack stared at the pool. "Whoa..." was all he could say for second. "Uh... I'm... Jack. I landed here, and..." Jack thought for a second. "Who or what are you?"
3/9/2010 #78

"I am called Sadrikas. I knew you would be coming..." she said, her voice echoing in his head.

3/9/2010 #79
Zeal of 1200BC
"How'd you know I was coming? Did you sense my spatial distortions?" Jack asked curiously, sitting cross-legged in front of the pool.
3/9/2010 #80

"No. I remembered that it would happen... I've found that most cannot remember what I can, though."

3/9/2010 #81
Zeal of 1200BC
Jack stared at the pool for some time. "...How do you remember the future?" he asked. The voice in his mind was begining to creep him out.
3/9/2010 #82

"...I don't know, I just do... I don't understand how you can't, it seems so natural..."

3/9/2010 #83
Zeal of 1200BC
"I don't know, either..." Jack realized he gad been talking into a pool of what looked like liquid mercury. He peered into it and asked, "Are you in there? I don'y think I've seen a liquid creature before."
3/9/2010 #84

A face appeared in the liquid briefly, then disappeared. "Hold on, let me find a form you'll like..." the voice said. A moment later, the liquid rose up, shaping itself into a roughly humanoid form. Soon details appeared, and then the liquid solidified, leaving itself in the shape of a humanoid woman wearing a robe. She smiled. "This is the image of a person I won't see for a few million years. I chose it because it looked sort of like you. Do you like it?"

3/9/2010 #85
Zeal of 1200BC
Jack got up and survayed the figure. "A few million years, huh?" he said, a tone of wonder in his voice. "It must be weird to know who you'll see in a million years from now. Then again, I'm guessing you've always thought like that..." he trailed off and was silent for a minuet. "How old are, you exatcly, Sadrikas?"
3/9/2010 #86

Her eyes shifted to follow his movements. "I am many times older than the ones that once lived here... I will live for a while yet."

3/9/2010 #87
Zeal of 1200BC
"Ah..." he replied simply. Suddenly tired, he sat with his back againstthe wall across from the entrance. Creating a piece of charcoal and a match, Jack made a small fire pit and lit it. "You ever sleep?" he asked, enjoying the new heat.
3/9/2010 #88

"All the time, unless someone comes to visit, which isn't often..." she said, watching him.

3/9/2010 #89
Zeal of 1200BC
"Couldn't imagine sleeping for most my life." Jack pondered this. He created a shallow dent in the wall for head rest and slipped into sleep.

(Yes, it seems my characters are all suddenly sleepy... It's a plague!)

3/9/2010 #90
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