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This is the planet on which one of the oldest civilizations in the universe once lived, nine billion years before the advent of humans. Its inhabitants, whose name has been lost to history, appeared very similar to young humans, but the two species are not related in any way; the similarities are a result of convergent evolution. Said beings, toward the end of their existence, became interested in the nature of life and performed many experiments toward figuring out what makes living creatures tick, some of which still exist nine billion years later. The inhabitants eventually were wiped out by wars among themselves. Now, the plant is mostly dead and devoid of life, especially sentient life; the only current sentient inhabitant of Anquarus is Sadrikas, the oracle.

8/4/2009 #1

Deep inside the heart of a mountain, a web of softly glowing material pulsed with life. It stretched across the huge cavern it inhabited, forming a complex pattern that would make any observer's head spin. But there were no observers. The cavern was cut off from all outside life. A faint dripping noise echoed between the strands of the web, caused by the silver liquid that was slowly dripping into the cavern, and which already filled the cavern nearly halfway. As each drop fell into the liquid, it produced a ripple that barely distorted the surface. No one was there to hear it. It was a place isolated from all others, a place that simply by being would fill any person with loneliness.

Sadrikas was dreaming.

8/11/2009 #2

Braac had decided to leave Earth for a while to continue wandering the galaxy. He drifted through the unvierse, exploring planets at random, enjoying the the scnery, and occasionaly the life. However, he became sad when he came upon his next planet. It was dead, but there was once life. Depressed, he explored the face of the planet, searching for someone to tlak to. To his delight, he found a conciousness open to him.

(Could you describe her dream, and then Braac will appear in it?)

8/11/2009 #3

(Well, she wouldn't really be dreaming about anything in particular. Just, uh, have him talk to her or something. :\)

8/11/2009 #4

(Aighty aight.)

Braac moved so he could take a look at the subject. Now, he had seen every corner of the unvierse, but even so, this was strange. It appeared though the rock was alive. "This could be mlore interesting than I realized", He thought. He entered the conciousness. "Hello there. Whats your name, my dear?"

8/11/2009 #5

The glowing minerals pulsed more strongly as she became aware of his presence and then, carefully, responded. "My name is... Sadrikas. What are you doing here? Who are you?"

(Since she's sleeping, she's not fully aware of herself and thus she isn't quite able to remember anything from the future.)

8/11/2009 #6

"Well now, Sadrikas, its nice to meet you. My name is Braac. I was wandering the universe when I stumbled upon your planet. I decided to investigate."

8/11/2009 #7

She paused for a long while. Then, finally, "I guess it's nice to meet you too, Braac. ...So, then, what do you think of my planet...?"

8/11/2009 #8

He sighed. "I'm sorry to say, its rather depressing. There used to be so much life, but now...its just you. May I ask, how you got here?"

8/11/2009 #9

"I was born. Beyond that, I don't know."

8/11/2009 #10

Braac laughed. "Ah, nice to find someone with a similar story as myself. So, have you any remarkable powers of any sort I should know about?"

8/11/2009 #11

"What counts as 'remarkable'?"

8/11/2009 #12

"Hmmm...well, how about you simply show me what you can do? I am a traveler, and I love to see all the new beings in my travels. It simply proves how diverse the Universe is."

8/11/2009 #13

"I can't really do anything. ...I'm going to wake up now, though."

Sadrikas returned to full consciousness, the glowing minerals that made up her massive brain glowing brighter as she gradually became more aware of her surroundings. Once she was awake, she paused, remembering forward through time to the next few seconds. I thought Braac was a dream, but I guess he's not...

8/11/2009 #14

"No my dear, I am just as real as you are." Braac's voice came within her own mind.

8/11/2009 #15

"I know that. Hello again."

8/11/2009 #16

"So...would a demonstration be too much to ask? Or, maybe we could just talk?"

8/12/2009 #17

"A demonstration of what? I don't mind just talking, it's not very often that I get visitors here, mentally or otherwise."

8/12/2009 #18

"Hmm...Well, do you know if there is anyone else here? Or are we alone?"

8/14/2009 #19

"I'm pretty sure that no other sentient beings are on this planet." Sadrikas paused, thinking. "Well... Can you tell me about yourself? Who are you?"

8/16/2009 #20

"Me....well, I am simply one who exists to travel and learn. I have been nearly everywhere, and I have just gotten to here. So, can you tell me how your planet became like this?"

8/24/2009 #21

"It used to be inhabited by sentients, but they became extinct... That didn't happen too long ago, actually... ...It was after they were gone that I was born. The only reason I know about them is because someone will tell me about them in about a billion years..."

8/24/2009 #22

"So....Someone will tell you something in the future that you know now....?"

8/24/2009 #23

She paused. "...Oh, I guess you don't know, and most beings don't seem to be able to do it... I can remember things that will happen in the future. Only things that happen to me, though... But I still know a lot of future events, since people will come to me and tell me about things that'll happen in other places. ...It's hard to know everything that will ever happen to me..."

8/24/2009 #24

"You can see into the future? Fascinating...."

8/24/2009 #25

"It's not, it's depressing." She sighed. "I know exactly when you're going to leave, I know that after you leave I'll be alone for two thousand and seventy-three years, and I know exactly when and how I'll finally die. ...I wish I didn't know the future, but I also know that I'll have this ability for the rest of my life..."

8/24/2009 #26

Braac remained silent for a bit. "It is often said that gift may be a curse in disguise, but in your case my dear, I think your curse may be a gift in disguise."

8/26/2009 #27

She paused. "I know. It's allowed me to advise a lot of people on what they should do, and thus saved a lot of lives, but I still hate it... It might be selfish on my part, but that's how I feel..."

8/26/2009 #28

"Well, I'm sure one day the burden shall be all worthwhile. You'll just have to bide your time."

8/29/2009 #29

"I knew you would say that..." She laughed without any real humor. "But thank you. I'll do that..."

8/29/2009 #30
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