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Portensus is an alternate universe or plane. It shares its name with the being who represents its consciousness, and who is its guardian. It is mostly identical to the universe that humanity inhabits in its general appearance and laws of physics, but there are a few places in it with differing, though internally consistent, laws of physics. It also, like many other universes and planes, is home to a multitude of lifeforms, some of which are sentient.

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(Soul hasn't shown up in three or four months. You're not likely to get a response any time soon.)

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Zeal of 1200BC

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Zeal of 1200BC

Melinda appeared, bewildered, in the ionsphere of a planet. Having lost her concentration, inertia began to build up around her. "Whoa!" she yelled, starting to plummet to the surface. Melinda was able to regain control and stop inertia just long enough to ensure a safe but rough landing. "Uugh," the girl mumbled, wiping her for head with her jacket sleve. "Note to slef- Never completely negate the force of inertia while being pushed from behind at 5 million light-years per second..." she looked around at her icey surroundings. Melinda picked up a rock and studied it. "Weird..." she said, putting it down. She decided not to risk a fire; producing her own heat energy would be fine.

(Yes, she can control all energies. I'm going to include inertia as an energy.)

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #5
(technically, inertia is simply the tendency of everything to keep moving once they begin moving, not a form of energy at all. this is a very common misconception.)
3/5/2010 #6
Soul of Light and Darkness

The instant Melinda appeared within Portensus the entire universe seemed to give a very small twitch. Eyes, awarenesses, attentions were all focused on her without pause, watching her decent to the surface Mastrix-Thelta. Though she would not sense it immediately, once her 'landing' was finished she would notice without a doubt. From everywhere, and by everything, she was being watched, though how she would not know. It was as if every force in the universe had eyes only for her.

After a moment of this no-doubt unnerving scrutiny the universe at large seemed to no longer find her worth studying. Eyes turned away. Attentions were returned elsewhere. However, one pair of eyes continued to watch her, and those eyes belonged to the translucent blue humanoid standing behind her, where he had appeared silently and without any form of indication.

Portensus had always been rather impressive (or odd, if you were that sort) to behold, but here in his home plane, the source of his life and all his power, he was dazzling. The liquid world within his body glowed and shined with light. If one looked, one could see stars, nebulas and planets floating like ghost-images through him. The energy radiating from him was so absolute it was almost tangible.

"Who are you?" he asked calmly and with no trace of hostility. The girl had not yet shown any form of threat, so why should he?

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(Let's just say she meant "potential energy" or gravity and be done with it.)

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Zeal of 1200BC
Melinda jumped, unaware of the figure behind her. "I'm Melinda," she said slowly and cautiously, turning up her control on heat energy. "W-Who are you?"
3/8/2010 #9
Soul of Light and Darkness

The girl did not appear to be threatening and seemed to have no ill intent. Nevertheless, Portensus could sense that she was no ordinary human female. He could sense some sort of ability emenating from the girl's aura, though to ascertain more information would require a slightly more intrusive level of probing that he reluctant to engage in without reason or permission. Besides, the fact that she was even here meant that she had crossed the multiversal barrier, and whether it was through her own power or the manipulation of another the fact that it had even happened was of interest.

"I am Portensus," he said, "the life force of everything you see around you. This plane is my home and my source. Now, perhaps I should have been more specific. What are you, then?"

3/9/2010 #10
Zeal of 1200BC
The girl rose an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" she asked.
3/11/2010 #11
Soul of Light and Darkness

"You're clearly more than what you appear to be," Portensus stated calmly. "You completely transcended the dimensional barrier, a feat most people don't even know exists to be accomplished. You've also demonstrated a power of some sort, something a normal human girl does not possess at the very least. I don't mean to pry nor seem aloof, but this entire universe is, quite literally, me. As such, I'm a little protective of it."

3/13/2010 #12
Zeal of 1200BC

"Hmm..." Melinda pondered this. "I don't think I've met a living universe before..." she let the energy inside her die down. "Don't worry, I'm sure I won't be a threat." she sat down next to her makeshift camp. She motioned for Protensus to sit with her, knowing somehow that unless she attacked first he would mean no harm. "What do you mean by 'Demensional Barrier'? I thought there was only one demension?"

(Bear in mind that she's 10.)

3/15/2010 #13
Soul of Light and Darkness

((Wow. I completely forgot about this. Sorry. I'll be able to devote more attention to it now that Calynos has shut down))

The girl's responses to his queries seemed approrpiate for the age she appeared to be, but given what Portensus had just seen her do he was understandably suspicious of her. However, a brief probe of her aura revealed no deception in her words or demeanor.

'Perhaps she really is just a human child with a power she doesn't understand,' he decided silently. It was certainly not unheard of for someone to be born with special powers.

Portensus regarded her for a moment as she offered him a place. After a short pause he walked over to her and began to sit down. As he did so the surface of the planet below him rippled upward into a simple stone chair which he settled into.

"I suppose 'Dimensional Barrier' is something of an incorrect term. There are an infinite number of dimensions, but they all co-exist within the same universe. Don't bother with that statement; it's irrelavant.

When I said 'Dimensional Barrier' I was actually referring to the invisible wall that divides alternate realities. Have you evver heard of a fictional world? Perhaps it was a mystical land in a book you read, or a story your mother told you when you were younger. These worlds are real, created by the imagination itself. However, these worlds cannot co-mingle, and are divided by untouchable barriers of energy. What you have done is step through the barrier between your world and mine, a feat most people don't even know can be done."

4/30/2010 #14
Zeal of 1200BC

"Ah," Melinda said, slightly marveling at the chair that had sprung up. "I don't really know how I did that... One minute I was speeding through space, the next..." she looked to the small crater a few feet away. Then the girl frowned. "My mom's gone..." the sadness she expressed was only there for a split second. "Have you seen a boy lately? kinda looks like me? Can create stuff out of air?"

4/30/2010 #15
Soul of Light and Darkness

Portensus frowned sympathetically at the mention of the girl's lost mother, but decided it would be better not to say anything. Sometimes it was better not to say anything in situations such as this.

"No, I'm afraid you're the only newcomer here," he stated.

5/1/2010 #16
Zeal of 1200BC

Melinda nodded. "He's my brother. We were both born with powers no one else had. I can control energy-" she created a ball of plasma for a second before letting it disapate- "and Jack, he could manipulate matter. We were seperated when our parents were abducted by these weird shapeshifting creatures. We tried to save them, but..." the girl trailed off, a distant look in eyes as if reliving an unwanted memory.

5/2/2010 #17
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