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Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Sorry, I keep forgetting it's my turn... ))

"Hang on, we're taking off!" The pilot called. The craft lurched and rocked. "Aiy, mon kiettu... They had to give us this old kesia as sih'tan. This thing should've been decommissioned a long time ago...." Growling irritatedly, the pilot lifted the craft off the hangar floor.

(( Translations:

Aiy, mon kiettu - Aw, f*** me....

kesia as sih'tan - Piece of s*** ))

1/1/2010 #301

(Am I to assume there are handrails for them to hold onto?)

1/1/2010 #302
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Mhm. ))

1/1/2010 #303

(Well, then, I'm also going to assume my characters grabbed ahold of them. Except for Tinfi, who has no limbs. XD)

(And I need to go now, it's eleven in the evening. Cel, signing off.)

1/1/2010 #304
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Ok. Just so you know, handrails or no handrails, they're in for h*ll when they re-enter. Let's just say the peaceful landing doesn't exactly go as planned. ))

1/1/2010 #305


1/2/2010 #306

All the Marines steadied themselves as the craft began to move towards the surface.

Allen decided to speak up to the pilot. "Sir, will we be going straight to the front lines?", while Noormae helped Gorbech load a belt magazine into his APAW.

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #307
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"That isn't the plan." The pilot said. "But with the reliability of this old junker, we're liable to land fifty miles from out target spot."

1/3/2010 #308

"...In that case, is this vessel equipped with any weapon systems?"

1/3/2010 #309
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"We're not exactly outfitted for dogfighting, leave that to the Makkar Pilots..." The pilot said. "But we do have some basic weapons in case we get into a little trouble."

1/3/2010 #310

(...Now what?)

1/4/2010 #311
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( I kinda wanna wait for Soul before I dump them all in the middle of an active warzone. ))

1/4/2010 #312

(Maybe they should leave him behind because he's mentally degenerated? You could just say that he never got onto the landing craft.)

1/4/2010 #313
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Alright..... eh, I still have a few characters up there, so, that'll be alright. ))

Sudden alarms blared in the craft. The pilot cursed in four languages, before turning back to them. "Alright, people! We're directly over the LZ now! Today's forecast: sh*tstorm! We've got AA guns and SAMs covering the area, and our comms are being jammed! I'm heading for another LZ about 2 miles northwest, but you're gonna have to hit the ground running, we've got multiple enemy contacts closing fast, and they're slamming us with artillery fire!"

"The why the h*ll are we landing there?!" Ryan shouted back.

"It's either shells or SAMs! Shells tend to miss more!" The pilot shouted back. "Hold on tight, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!"

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #314

A flak shell exploded, and sent Gorbech into a cursing fit. Allen yelled out to the pilot. "Are there parachutes at least?"

(Can I bring in #96? I was planning to bring in it on a freighter that would be shot down, and this seems like a good opputunity.)

1/5/2010 #315
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"No!" The pilot shouted back. "If we had any idea that there was a battle going on down here, we wouldn't be dropping you in the middle of it!" The craft rocked dangerously.

(( Sure, I guess. ))

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #316

Calixra vanished into a shadow, having little idea what was going on beyond the fact that they were under attack.

The twins both braced themselves, not really having any idea what was going on either due to not understanding the pilot's words. Tinfi on the other hand flew around in circles, shrieking, before settling down onto the floor of the craft and huddling in fear.

1/5/2010 #317

Allen muttered something to himself. Then he turned to the marines. "All right, listen up! Gorbech, Noormae, set up your gun on that outside port, I want you ready to put out suppressive fire ASAP. The rest of you, secure the others. We need to be ready to move as soon as we drop." As he said this, all the marines began moving to do their tasks. Allen moved to a port, to see what was shooting at them. "I don't wan- Oh s***."

As he stopped mid-sentence, an anti-aircraft battery zeroed in on their target, and launched a volley that would have turned the craft into Swiss Cheese. At the last second, however, a large freighter passed in between the craft and the battery, and took the full force of the blast. The hulking space craft groaned, as its fuel tanks exploded, then slowly began to descend to the ground, like a falling zeppelin.

It made a tremendous impact on contact with the surface, about four kilometers away from the anticraft weapons.

1/5/2010 #318
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The pilot cursed like a drunken parrot. "And our comms to the Mant'rai are off... Desh Kiettu asmatu...." He turned to look at them. "You'll forgive me if I drop and run, but I need to carry a report back to the guys up there so we can get some support."

1/5/2010 #319

Allen stared at the crash site. "Right..."

1/5/2010 #320

"Er, sure," Calixra answered uncertainly. "If you think that'll help."

1/5/2010 #321

( now what?)

1/5/2010 #322
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"If we can get Reman and his boys down here, you bet your shadowy a** it'll help." The pilot said. The hatch opened. "Arm up and get going."

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #323

"Pleasure almost dying with you."

All the marines scramlbed out, landed, then fanned out. Gorbech went for a hill, for a better position, and the other marines set up defensive positions, so the rest of the personnel in the craft could exit safely.

1/5/2010 #324

The twins looked at each other, then walked out of the craft. Ziritrin went first, Corwiar behind him. There was a reason for this.

A stray projectile came flying at Ziritrin, but before it could touch him it exploded out of the air. Ziritrin grinned and plunged into the chaos, ignoring all of the bullets. The air around him began to shimmer, like a heat mirage. Corwiar followed as Ziritrin cleared a path.

Calixra rose out of a shadow on the ground, baring her claws. "Okay, so which ones are the enemy?!"

Tinfi, predictably, stayed on the landing craft.

1/5/2010 #325

(....yeah...who are we fighting, exactly?)

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #326
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam followed Ryan out, the former still in Wolf form, albeit with a rifle strapped to her back, while the latter had what appeared to be some kind of shotgun.

"You guys Reman's lot?!" A soldier asked. "What the hell's he thinking, dropping you lot into this?!"

"Apparently they don't know what's going on!" Ryan shouted back as an explosion rocked then once again.

"Obviously!" The soldier shouted back. "Alright, what you guys need to do is-" A number of crimson splashes came from his body as he went a foot or so backwards, with no less than half a dozen shards of what appeared to be ice sticking from his chest.

(( Skorin Troops. ))

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #327


Gorbech had began sniping at the incoming troops, blowing them to pieces with his APAW. (Thats All Purpuse Automatic Weapon) ther marines had taken to ambushing the incoming troops, and then hiding again.

Major Allen had punched a Lieutenant in the face with the brass knuckles on his trench knife, and then threw him at Ryan's feet, before sprinting back to the lines, reloading his revolver.

1/5/2010 #328

"Okay, I'm guessing it's the guys who are throwing ice," Calixra muttered. She zeroed in on one and faded away. A moment later she reappeared next to him (her?) and slashed at his throat with her claws.

Ziritrin crouched, then jumped high into the air, landing with a thud on top of a Skorin from above. The Skorin's body was instantly reduced to ashes on contact with Ziritrin's feet.

Corwiar rushed over to the fallen soldier, staying low to avoid projectiles. One or two grazed him, but he made it to where the soldier lay. He put a hand on the soldier's chest, concentrating his healing powers on him.

1/5/2010 #329
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam jumped on the nearest Skorin and tore his throat out, then flew at another, transforming in mid-jump and beating him repeatedly over the head with the butt of her rifle.

Ryan, meanwhile, was making himself useful elsewhere, namely keeping them all covered.

Something crashed onto the hill, barely missing Gorbech. When said thing stopped moving, one could clearly see it was the back half of the transport ship. The front half was nowhere in sight.

1/5/2010 #330
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