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Gorbech scrambled to his feet. "WHAT IN HOLY HELL!!"

He scrambled to his feet, taking out a Mac11 in one hand, his knife in the other. He went to find an entrance, the kicked the door in.

Meanwhile, Allen was having the time of his life. He had already killed fourteen of the soldiers, and with a well aimed shot from his magnum, took down another. All the rest of the marines were still fighting, with moderate success.

1/5/2010 #331
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( I'm assuming he's going for the transport? Also, Cor can heal mortal wounds, but he can't revive the dead, can he? ))

Nobody was inside. The opposite end of the ship was jagged and burnt, as though an explosion had occurred.

As for the injured soldier, he was well and truly dead by the time Cor had gotten to him.

A number of Luminai troops rushed in to help the Marines. "You guy must be the Earth Lot! You're pretty good!" The Lieutenant said. "Just don't get in over your heads, these d*mned Icers will walk all over you if you give 'em an inch!" As of to prove his point, another ice projectile slammed into his helmet, grazing off and leaving a long scratch on the metal. "Listen! Hit 'em as best you can, but be careful. Keep your heads down, or you'll lose 'em!"

"I think we get that!" Ryan shouted, gunning down another one.


On a distant, completely frozen hilltop, a Skorin scout ran to his commander. "Sir, the Luminai have unexpected reinforcements!"

"Not those d*mned Argenai Thermals again..." The commander muttered.

"No, sir!" The scout said. "I don't know who, or WHAT they are, but they're not Luminai, that's for sure!"

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #332

Calixra took out another Skorin with a slash across what appeared to be his throat, and then noticed the remains of the transport ship. "Guess that means we aren't getting help, huh?" She shrugged and jumped at a Skorin, sinking her teeth into his throat and ripping it open.

Ziritrin was meanwhile surrounded by a ring of Skorin. He feinted at one, and the circle widened. Then he spun around and jabbed at one behind him with his fist, vaporizing it. The rest scattered. Heh, they're scared of me, he thought with a grin as he started chasing after them.

Corwiar jumped up and hurried to the transport ship's remains. He started to search through the wreckage, trying to determine if there was anyone trapped underneath.

1/5/2010 #333
Thunder Lord Aeatos

One Skorin seemed less afraid of Ziritrin than the others. His gun looked different, too, a round device with a thick power cable connected to a glowing battery on his back. A Luminai soldier tried to shoot him. The projectile deflected off his armor, but got his attention. He aimed the weapon. Before the Luminai had a chance to duck and cover, he froze solid.

There were two beings under the transport, although it was clear neither would be in any condition to be healed. The first he found was a dead Skorin, a shard of metal impaled in his forehead. Then, more gruesomely, the upper torso of a Luminai, missing both legs and one arm. It wasn't the pilot.

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #334

Ziritrin noticed the special Skorin and how its weapon seemed more powerful than the others'. He drew cautiously closer to him, alert for anything the Skorin might try. The air around him began to shimmer more brightly, giving off a low hum.

Corwiar found the two but left them when he realized they were dead. He started to scour the battlefield for wounded Luminai. A bullet hit his side as he did so, and he winced but otherwise ignored it.

1/5/2010 #335
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The first wounded he found wasn't a Luminai: a familiar, four-legged, white-furred figure, soaked on her own blood with an ice shard stuck squarely between her eyes. Somehow, she wasn't dead. "Hey... you're the healy guy..." She muttered, chuckling. "Healy guy can help...."

The Skorin soldier smirked and aimed the open end of the device at him.

1/5/2010 #336

Corwiar blinked and knelt next to her. He looked at the injury in concern, wondering how she was still alive, and cautiously placed one hand next to the wound. A glow emanated from his fingers and was absorbed into her skin/fur, healing her. At the same time he gently grasped the ice crystal between two fingers of his other hand, and he slowly began to pull it out of the wound. The glow flowed to the spot, healing the wound as the ice was drawn further out.

Ziritrin stopped where he was, looking straight at the Skorin for a long moment. Then he suddenly dropped to the ground and kicked out with his feet at those of the Skorin.

1/5/2010 #337
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Don't be...." Sam muttered, wincing as the ice withdrew. "So... surprised.... I have a knack for.... surviving things like.... like this..."

The Skorin took the fall, going into a roll and winding up crouched. The weapon swung wildly, leaving a scrawl of frozen grass wherever the open end had pointed at some point in time.

1/5/2010 #338

Corwiar just nodded. You'll make it, he thought. If you didn't, I would get killed by that blue guy... Once the crystal was fully out, he threw it away, stained with blood as it was. The wound finished sealing itself a moment later. He nodded, gave a quick smile, then stood and dashed off to find more who needed his help.

Ziritrin rolled backwards, but was stopped suddenly by something holding his right foot. He glanced at it in surprise and saw that it had been frozen to the ground mid-roll. He looked up at the Skorin, stuck in a slightly awkward and disadvantageous position. Well, crap. My body heat wasn't enough to keep it from freezing...

(This is my last post today.)

1/5/2010 #339

The Skorin pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. There was a slight heat-shimmer in front of the barrel. By the shuttle, Kex seemed to be glowing, with one hand outstretched towards the Skorin.

1/5/2010 #340

Gorbech exited the the craft, reholstering the Mac11. He sprinted to another hill, for a better angle. He set up his tripod (Yes, He's that beast of a sniper) and took a quick look down his binoculars. He spotted two Skorin yelling at each other. He put the binoculars away, and looked down his iron sights, focusing in on the taller one. He then ejected the first round in the clip, and and manually chambered an incindiery round. He readjusted, then fired, hitting the Skorin Commander in the thigh. His leg blew off, leaving only a stump. (You can decide if he lives or dies.)

Specialist Symchek was the one addressed by the Lumanai, when he was blowing away Skorin with a Winchester. As he reloaded, he looked over his shoulder and and addressed the Lumanai. "Sir, 2nd Shock battalion. Where do you want us?" As he said this, Private Martin ran back with his M16 Bayonet, bloody to the hilt. However, as he came back, he stumbled, and the specialist caught him. He had three icicles stuck in his back. Symchek started yelling for the Corpman, while Allen grabbed the Skorin with the melted gun, and broke his jaw with the trenchkife. He turned to the Lumanai. "Sir, we've got some explosives planted in these woods. If we fall back, our sniper will cover us, and when the enemy pursues, we'll blow them to hell."

1/6/2010 #341
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The Skorin commander was thankful for his hoverchair, so at the very least he didn't have to fall.

"Medic!" The other called. "Medic, to command!"

The commander growled through the pain. "Let them get a taste of one of the Zeroes."


"The Skorin are psychotic, not stupid!" The Luminai replied back over the buzzing of what sounded like a high-speed automatic weapon. "They're not going to fall for something this obvious! And if they send in a- duck!" He hit the ground as an artillery shell sailed overhead and slammed into the ground in the middle of a small group of troops. "As good as you lot are doing, we're outnumbered and we're losing twice as many men as they are!"

"Any ideas, then?!" Ryan shouted, sending one of his pencils shooting through a Skorin's eye.

1/6/2010 #342

Ziritrin growled, and the ice on his foot cracked and shattered. He stood up, glancing at Allen in what would have been a "thank you" if he could talk.

Calixra appeared next to the group of Luminai and human soldiers. "Do we have a plan yet?"

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #343
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"We're working on it!" The Luminai said, sounding rather irritated. "I've sent some men to the nearby Argenai town to try and reach the LASCD or even the ATWD, but they aren't back yet!"

1/6/2010 #344

"If Sir Reman could give us some goddamned support, that would be a plan." Allen took a flamethrower off a fallen Lumanai, while Symchek threw a thermite grenade at an advancing squad.

Gorbech saw some more soldiers running towards the commander, and shot two of them.

(And now, its time for reinforcements.)

The Mysterious freighter that had saved the troops before now made its second appearance. A platoon of Skorin had been sent to investigate. Their lieutenant had them surround it, while scanning the inside for life. Just as he thought her saw something, there was a rumble from within the hull. Then, a sheet of flames that could have destroyed a support on the Brooklyn bridge erupted from the craft, and turned the platoon into Barbecue. The Lieutenant stared in shock, and a tentacle shot out from the hole, into his stomach, ripping out his organs. #96 then shoveled his entrails down its beak, giving a satisfied roar that the soldiers fighting half a mile away could hear, and proceeded to move towards the fighting, for more food.

"What the f*** is with these aliens..." Muttered Gorbech, when he heard the roar.

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #345
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The Skorin, of course, promptly turned half their guns on this new threat.


"That's what I'm saying!" The captain shouted. "If we had just ONE Dresh'hak down here we wouldn't BE in this mess! Even a couple of Nuik-taans would more than be able to take on those frozen b*stards and give us a little room to move!"

As if on-cue, Luminai troops came running away from the battlefield. "Mektari! Mektari! Skorin meru kan Esiere! Skorin meru kan matto-kietten Esiere!" The captain cursed violently.

"This just keeps getting better, doesn't it?!" He shouted, kicking a dead Skorin angrily.

(( Translations:

Dresh'Hak - 32-man Air Combat Squadron

Nuik-taan - Forge, which is military slang for an Argenai MoMoAc (Mobile Molecular Accelerator)

And the last few lines translate to "Captain! Captain! The Skorin have a Zero! The Skorin have a Mother-f***ing Zero!" Zero being slang for the Skorin MoArT, Molecular Arrestor Tank. And btw, you won't be blowing that one up too easily, so... yeah. ))

1/6/2010 #346

Allen cursed angrily. "Well, Your the commanding officer. Now what?"


Gorbech was focusing on taking out a platton, when a tentacle snaked through the entire platton, and then retracted. Gorbech snapped to #96, who was eating Skorin by the dozens. He got on the radio. "Major, ask the Lumanai if they have any...tentacled creatures that breath fire under their command."

Allen's radio was on speaker, so the captain could hear it. Major Allen frowned and looked at him.


#96 had eaten enough, and been hit enough times, and started moving away from the Skorin towards the Lumanai lines, burninating along the way.

"And...its heading towards you."

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #347

Calixra glanced at the captain. "What does that mean?" she asked in bewilderment, wiping Skorin blood onto the ground off her claws.

Ziritrin looked in the direction the Luminai had been running from, sensing from their reactions that something big was coming. He braced himself.

Meanwhile a small flying light flew over to the group. "What's going on here?! It's scary!"

(Lol, Tinfi. :D)

1/6/2010 #348
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"That means," The Captain said, "That unless you can come up with a plan in the next five minutes, we're all going to be icicles. And there are no tentacle monsters on Calynos. This much, I am sure of."

"Sir, there's a big tentacle monster!" A soldier shouted, coming running. "And it's trying to kill us!"

At the same time, three soldiers came running. "Sir, we've gotten ahold of both ATWD and LASCD! They can both be here in Ten minutes!"

"WE HAVEN'T GOT TEN MINUTES!" The Captain shouted.

1/6/2010 #349

(Are their minutes the same as our minutes?)

"I bet we can hold our own for a while," Calixra said, before vanishing back into the conflict (in a somewhat literal interpretation of the term).

(I'm trying to think of characters I can bring in here. I think I can get Mors over here pretty easily, I've got an idea, but I could also bring Ml here. Ml would probably just watch them die, though... So that's probably not a good idea.)

1/6/2010 #350
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( It's being translated. ))

1/6/2010 #351


(So, like, they could be saying "32 whatevers" but we hear "10 minutes"?)

1/6/2010 #352
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Yep. Their standard unit of time is about 4 minutes worth, to be precise. ))

1/6/2010 #353

Gorbech came on over the radio.

"Holy- That thing is smashing through their lines! I think its, rolling? Those tentacles are slashing in front of it, I can't tell. You'd better brace yourselves."

Allen sighed, and took the flamethrower nozzle in one hand, with his revolver in the other. A huge crashing could be heard, as well as both Lumanai and Skorin screaming. Symchek raised his shotgun, and Martin shakily aimed his MK.23 towards the noise, still in desperate need of medical attention.

The first thing they saw was the flames. #96 was retreating with its back towards them, spitting out flames to ward off both sides. It continued its trek backwards, and then its large body was visible to the defenders. "Gorbech, try taking it down!" Yelled Allen into his mike. Gorbech shot at the creature, but it was able to block the shots with a thick cluster of tentacles. It then turned around to face them, and Allen threw a grenade at it, which was deflected by a tentacle into a tree.

"Calixra? Where are you?" Said Allen, looking around. "Try talking to it."

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #354
Thunder Lord Aeatos

A loud whistle-like sound met their ears as a huge machine rolled up over one hill. It looked like a tank on steroids, with what appeared to be a giant version of the Molecular Decelerator held by the Skorin which had attacked Ziritrin.

"And what.... exactly.... is that?" Sam asked, walking up, her fur still matted with her own blood, even though though the wound itself was healed.

"Which one?" Ryan asked.

"Both of them...." Sam replied.

"Well, the big machine is some kind of tank. The other thing is.... C'thulhu, I guess?"

1/6/2010 #355

Allen swiveled from the monster to the tank. "What the hell...."

With the tank focused on the group below, Gorbech had an excellent chance. He picked up his APAW, and took off the extended barrel and stock. He began sprinting up to the tank from its blind spot, and to the group below, it looked like a large bush was chasing the tank. Gorbech got to the tank, desperately looking for a way in, while staying hidden from the Skorin.

1/6/2010 #356
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The only way in was through a hatch on top, which was currently closed and had a thumprint/DNA scanner running the lock.

Said tank's weapon swiveled about, leaving huge swaths of frozen grass, trees, Luminai, and anything else in its path.

1/6/2010 #357

Gorbech had found the hatch, but realized the futility of trying to get in. He decided to leave while he had the chance, to avoid getting hit by whatever the Luminai might throw at it.

1/6/2010 #358

(Technically it's closer to Azathoth. :D)

Calixra materialized next to Allen. "Okay, I'll try." She spoke to the blob creature with her mind, as easily as she would speak to anyone else. "Are you hurt? Are you afraid? Talk to me..."

Meanwhile, a silver, humanoid figure appeared in the wreckage of the Luminai craft. "--does work," Mors finished, looking out over the battle in which he now found himself. He paused. "So this is what he meant by 'be ready to defend yourself'... As if I couldn't."

Falx gave off a series of excited beeps. Mors nodded. "Once we figure out who we're supposed to meet up with, you can get all the action you want. For now, just try to reign it in." Falx beeped once in affirmation.

Mors jumped clear of the wreckage and walked right up to a random Skorin. He grabbed the unfortunate soldier from behind, reaching around and crushing the gun it held. "Hey, I want you to answer a few questions. Can you understand me? What's going on here?"

(I don't know what language Mors is speaking, but just assume everyone who's intelligent can understand him.)

1/6/2010 #359
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The Skorin promptly drew some type of knife and tried to stab him with it.

1/6/2010 #360
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