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There was a cry of "Whoa-oof!" as Daehan staggered out of the shuttle and tripped.

"That doesn't look friendly," said Zen, looking at the Zero. She didn't show any signs of having been shaken by the crash landing.

"Indeed," said Kex. "Want to tackle it?"

"Sure," said Zen, linking hands with Kex. "Daehan, you get that?"

The figure prostrate on the ground groaned something unintelligible and drew three syls in the air. The glowing lines seemed to flow around Kex and Zen's hands. Zen closed her eyes, and when she opened them again they blazed with an inner light. The lines around their hands also lit up with energy, and Kex sang out. Light blazed from his out-flung hand, striking the Zero, vaporizing the armor it touched.

1/6/2010 #361
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Or at least, that was the intent.

What actually happened was more of the light fizzling out about a quarter-inch from the metal armor as it met a field of energy, calculated to have an equal but opposite charge as the light, causing a complete negation. All they really succeeded in doing was getting the MoAr pointed at them.

(( Like I said, the tank is supposed to provide a serious threat, so it's not going to be blasted down so easily. I dunno why Celly rated Rakos and the Skorin as a class 1 when the Luminai are Class 2, despite the former being overall more environmentally durable and technologically advanced than the latter. The Luminai have only recently perfected the long-range transport systems as seen earlier, whereas the Skorin had them roughly around the time Legion was born. ))

1/6/2010 #362

(Um, it could perhaps be because that's a power rating, not a technology rating? It's a rating based on how much damage the average individual could do, not how much damage their tanks can do. Otherwise humans would have to be rated Class Three due to their having nukes and stuff.)

The knife hit Mors's metal skin with a ding. He sighed. "Just answer the question."

1/7/2010 #363
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( True....

But then, wouldn't the Argenai be above the others since they have psychic abilties? ))

1/7/2010 #364

(The Argenai are actually not on my list, for some reason. :\ I'll add them.)

1/7/2010 #365
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Hm.... Oh, I see. Yeah, my bad, I was like "Why are they level 0" but then I'm like "Oh, just Kira since she's got nil combat ability...." ))

1/7/2010 #366

#96 was in fact, all of those things. "What? Who said that?" Replied The monster, which now scanned the area for the being that had contacted it. Allen and the other Marines had stopped trying to kill it, temporarily.


The Skorin that Mors was attempting to communicate with had its head blown in half, as Gorbech scored a headshot from half a mile away. Mcdunnan had been scouring the area, and approached Mors. "Sir?....Who the hell are you? Do you realize you're in the middle of a warzone?"

1/7/2010 #367
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Nice shot." A Luminai sniper said. "Focus on the damned tank." As of on-cue, the area immediately in front of them froze solid. "That.... was close..." The sniper said.

1/7/2010 #368

Mors threw the Skorin's body away. "Warzone, feh. The primitive weapons being used here pose no threat to me. Now, who are you? What exactly is happening here?"

Calixra kept talking to it from a distance. "I don't wish you harm, don't worry. I want to be your friend. We'll try to help you, if you help us. Okay?"

1/7/2010 #369

(Sorry, I though I posted Gorbech's reply...)

"...Far too close." Gorbech instead focued on the treads, and the turret housing.


Mc Dunnan was a bit more clever than the other Marines. "But I asked you a question first..."


...Where am I? What is this place? I came here for food....

#96 had finally found Calixra, and slowly approached her.

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #370

Mors suddenly punched McDunnan, knocking him to the ground in an instant. He planted his foot on the man's chest, while at the same time whipping Falx around to point at his face. "Yes, but I don't have time for your questions. You, however, have time for mine. Not much, though, so you'd better hurry up."

Calixra watched the creature. "This is Calynos. I don't know if that means anything to you, though. But we can give you food, as much as you need, as soon as we're done here. Alright?"

1/7/2010 #371

McDunnan frowned. "Thats rude. Your on Claynos. Me, as well as some fellow soldiers were brought here to fight with the Luminai against the Skorin."

He then pushed Flax's tip away from his face so he could get a better look at Mors. "Thats pretty much it."


#96 stopped moving. All right. I'll Stop my destruction.

It then looked around again. There are many races here...why? And what is happening, in any case?

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #372

"You and your fellow soldiers?" Mors repeated. That seemed suspicious. If they were brought here, then they were unique... and Mors was looking for someone unique right now. He studied the man, analyzing his body shape and composition and searching his memory for a match. After a long moment, he found one. "You... are a h*** sapiens, are you not? Are you from Ireth?"

"We're fighting a war. If you know the Skorin, they're our enemy..."

1/7/2010 #373

As McDunnan sensed the boot easing up on his chest, he slowly began to get up, while talking to him. "We are from Earth, and yes, we are technically H*** Sapiens, though we prefer the term humans. I can bring you to both the Luminai and and Human commander, if you like."

At this point, an artillery shell landed a few yards away, shaking them both. McDunnan scrambled up, and grabbed his rifle. His ears were ringing, and he didn't know he was screaming. "WE SHOULD MOVE, THOUGH."


Though I do not know of these people, except for the fact that they taste cold, Please tell your, "leaders", It said, gesturing to Allen and The Luminai Captain with a tentacle, I would be glad to exchange my fighting expertise for shelter and food.

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #374

(Stupid filter, not even letting me say the name of my own species)

Earth. That must be an archaic name for Ireth. Mors followed calmly after McDunnan, ignoring the shots flying around, which all somehow missed him.

Calixra glanced at the Luminai captain, and then at Allen. "It wants to help us, if we'll give it shelter and food."

1/7/2010 #375
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"We'll discuss that later!" The commander shouted, he and Ryan hard at work trying to re-rig Allen's explosives into makeshift missiles.

Sam, meanwhile, was on top of a Skorin, mauling his face.

Approximately four minutes had passed.

1/7/2010 #376

"But sir, it says it'll help us fight!" she insisted. "We could use its help right now, just say yes!"

1/7/2010 #377
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The commander made no response, intent on his work. He did, however, give an irritated nod.

1/7/2010 #378

"They said yes," she relayed back to #96.

1/7/2010 #379

(well, h*** does count as a bad word...)

Daehan, despite being facedown on the ground, had been sketching away in the air. Faint webs of light appeared around the three D-ra'k.

Zen, seeing that the energy bean was having no discernible effect, said "Cover me!" and began to weave her way towards the Zero.

1/7/2010 #380

Very well.

The monster then set to work, doing what it did best. Killing. Its tentacles whipped through Skorin, sliced them in half implaed them, set them on fire, as if it was a gigantic blender with all setting going at once.

What it didn't realize, was that it was on a crash course with Mors and McDunnan. As they were moving towards Allen, they were joined by Noormae and Lazar. Noormae, being the giant tank he is, was carrying three Luminai on his back, while shooting at Skorin with a M8A2. Lazar was helping another wounded Luminai hobble along.

"Okay, this is wher- DUCK!"

#96's tentacles whipped through a grove of trees and over the Marine's heads, straight at Mors.

1/7/2010 #381

Mors didn't duck. Instead, he let go of Falx.

Falx gave a delighted beep, floating in the air of its own accord. It darted upward, a yellow glowing blade extending from its side, and slashed at the tentacles. It sliced through them before they could even reach Mors.

1/7/2010 #382

Because of the massive amount of tentacles #96 had, and the fact that they grew back quickly, the monster didn't notice. It simply went on its way until it got to a clearing, where it saw the tank, downhill.

This, is where #96's chance was. A mistake, really. As it started to move down the hill, it realized some of its tentacles had been chopped off, and couldn't grip. Thus, it began to roll downhill. Uncontrollably at first, but with a roar of defiance, the monster smashed a tentacle down, righting itself, so it was rolling on the tips of its tentacle. It continued doing so, until it was rolling controllably down the hill, booking it at 45 miles per hour. It averted itself on a collision course with the tank, and smashed into it as hard as it could.


The Marines got back up. "That experience." Stated Lazar. McDunnan nodded, and then they continued on their way. They eventually reached Allen and the Captain."Sir. Lance Corporal reporting in."

Allen looked up. "Eh? Oh. Well, you know what to do." He looked over McDunnan's shoulder. "Who's your friend?"

The Corpral looked over. "I actually don't know."

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #383

Mors reached out, and Falx flew back to his hand, retracting its blade. "My name is Mors. I'm looking for something, and I think you can help me. As much as I hate to ask for help, I don't know where it is and I'm on a time constraint." He stepped around the Corporal to stand in front of Allen. "Will you tell me what I need to know, or are you going to demand something from me like the last guy?"

1/7/2010 #384
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The tank kept rolling, more than able to take the force of large objects slamming into it. The gun, however, swiveled to face #96.

And, just to make things even worse, two more rolled into view.

1/7/2010 #385

In frustration, #96 shot more flames at the tank, in hopes of frying the crew inside, or melting the entire tank.


"Tell me what you need to know, maybe I can help, or maybe the Luminai can."

(Last post. Good night.)

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #386
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Question: Just how hot are these flames? ))

1/7/2010 #387

"I am looking for a legendary place, or thing. I'm not sure exactly what it is," Mors said. "But it's commonly called the 'Vault of Knowledge'. It's said to be the resting place of everything that can ever be known. Do you know where it is?"

(G'night Shank.)

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #388

Upon noticing #96, Zen skidded to a stop.


Daehan looked up.

"Oh, good," he said faintly. "I'm not the only one seeing it..."

1/8/2010 #389

(Approximately 7000 degrees Kelvin.)

Allen turned back to what he was doing almost immediately. "I arrived to this planet only a few hours ago. I don't know anything about it. The Luminai leaders could help you with that. We also have a being in our group that was brought here from Earth, who might know what you are talking about."

Allen finished turning an IED into a Anti Tank Missle. He looked at Mors. "Tell you what. You help us win this battle, and I'll take you to both of them. Deal?"

1/10/2010 #390
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