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"Look," said Kex, speaking to Mors. "If you want the truth, sometimes it's easier to be nice. Sometimes, forcing people just makes them lie. A being of his own free will often reveals more than he first intends to, which is useful to remember. Besides, no-one likes an arrogant f***."

1/15/2010 #451
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"If you want to hear anything," Reman said, "Put down the gun and fight like a real man."

1/15/2010 #452

"Hmph, I already asked plainly. This fool refused to answer me. I don't take kindly to being refused. I've seen what your kind are like, right here! I saw you all killing each other. If force is all you know, it's all I'll use." He however lowered Falx. "But killing him wouldn't gain me anything. Not after he refused to answer me; it would be a waste of energy. So, instead..." He glared at Reman's back. "I'll ask him one more time to agree to answer my questions. And I'll warn him that if he doesn't, he won't die. But he'll wish he were dead..."

Suddenly, there came the sound of applause. Ml appeared next to the group, grinning widely. "Oh, wonderful! A wonderful performance! What a display of genial diplomacy! Threatening to kill people who won't answer your question, when they don't even know what your question is... But, Mors, oh mighty one, do you even know what your question is?"

1/15/2010 #453
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"How I answer," Reman said, "Depends on the question. You have twenty seconds. After that I have to leave."

1/15/2010 #454

Mors turned to Reman. "I'm looking for highest treasure known. It's called by different names by different cultures, but mine calls it the 'Vault of Knowledge'. It's said to hold everything that can ever be known. I am looking for something that can be found inside it."

"Don't bother asking him, he doesn't know," Ml said. "You're wasting your time."

"Shut up."

1/15/2010 #455
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I'm afraid the strange newcomer is right." Reman said. "I know nothing."

1/15/2010 #456

Gorbech came running up to the group, untimely as usual. He was carrying a wounded Skorin on his shoulder. He attempting to say something to Reman, but was out of breath. He threw the Skorin on the ground, who moaned in protest, and pointed to him, cocking his head.

#96 climbed out of its hole a few yards away, and slowly made its way over to the group.


Meanwhile, Allen and the other marines had their hands full with mopping up the battle.

1/15/2010 . Edited 1/15/2010 #457

Mors cursed and turned away. "Then I must be in the wrong place. Figures..."

Ml laughed. "Hoho, you're not in the wrong place at all! In fact, you're right where you should be. My name is Ml, future boy. Recognize it?"

Mors looked at him and paused for a moment. Then, "It's familiar. A Wv called Ml supposedly caused the Void Tribulations."

"'Caused'? Heheh, that sounds like me, but I won't 'cause' anything. I'm just an actor, playing for an audience, just like everyone else here. Including you. You'd best find your seat, future boy, because the show's about to start. It's already started, actually. Can't you feel it? But, you'll need to stay with these nice people in order to find your spot in the cast. Do you understand, future boy?"

Mors was silent for several seconds. Then, he said, "You're annoying."

1/15/2010 . Edited 1/15/2010 #458

Gorbech looked from Ml to Mors, and attempted to say something again.

#96, let out a slow m***, and began to stare at Reman.

1/15/2010 #459
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Reman regarded the tentacle creature, then turned his head to Gorbech's Skorin. The moment he saw the face, his expression changed.

"I have to ask you something." He said. "Are. You. Insane?"

1/15/2010 #460

"If you say so," Ml said in response to Mors, grinning. "But be a good little boy and do what I say, and you'll do fine." He then vanished.

Mors sighed, then turned around and started to walk away from the group.

1/15/2010 #461

Gorbech finally caught his breath. "What? You don't take prisoners?"

1/16/2010 #462
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"No!" Reman said. "Get rid of him, they have trackers inserted into them so they can find our bases if we take prisoners!"

1/16/2010 #463

Calixra blinked. "...Wait, how does that work? They can find him?"

(Her world has, like, the same level of technology as the ancient Macedonians.)

1/16/2010 #464
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Reman nodded. "Yes." He said. "They can find him. And if we take him, they can find us."

1/16/2010 #465

Gorbech shrugged. "Alright."

He went over to the Skorin, grabbed him aroun d the neck with the crook of his arm, and painlessly killed him.

1/17/2010 #466

"...Will that keep them from finding us?" Calixra asked, examining the dead Skorin.

Mors turned, walked over, and fired a blast from Falx at the Skorin. The Skorin disintegrated instantly. "If it didn't, that will." He looked at Reman expressionlessly. "Assuming you're in charge here, I'd like to offer my assistance in your petty war. Do you accept?"

1/18/2010 #467
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Depends." Reman replied. "If you're willing to act like a civilized person instead of this stuck-up attitude you're showing, then perhaps."

1/18/2010 #468

"I think you're the one who's stuck up here," Mors said. "What was your name? Oh, yes, Reman. Sorry. In any case, Reman, it would be in your best interest to accept my help no matter how you perceive my actions. If I help you, your war will have many less casualties than otherwise. If you refuse me, I think you'll be putting me farther away from my goal here, which would make me very annoyed. I help you, you help me. I'm willing to share my far-superior firepower and prowess with you, and I'm not even asking for anything in return. If you refuse me, your people will suffer for it."

1/18/2010 #469
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"And THAT'S the attitude that's going to get you nowhere." Reman said. "We're not subject to blackmail, so if you want help, you ask nicely."

1/18/2010 #470

"Did you even listen to what I just said?" Mors growled. "Blackmail has nothing to do with it. If I help you, your people will be safe. If I don't, many more of them will die. I understand that at this time in history, those in charge were usually most concerned with their underlings. Of course, it's that attitude that caused the downfall of some of the greatest leaders, but you should still feel that way."

1/18/2010 #471

Gorbech cleared his throat.

"Pardon me, sirs, but perhaps I could help reach a compromise? Sir Reman, would you be willing to let this man here fight with us, so as not to be bothered by him, but still recieve his benefits?"

He turned to Mors. "If of course, that would be alright with you?"

1/18/2010 #472

Mors looked at Gorbech. "That was exactly what I said, only worded differently."

1/18/2010 #473
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"It's not me I'm worried about." Reman said. "I wouldn't put this.... for lack of a less insulting term, HYPOCRITE, within a hundred miles of a friend if I could at all avoid it."

1/18/2010 #474

"Listen, there is absolutely nothing keeping me from killing you right now, except for the energy it would take to do so and the fact that I believe I need to stay with you in order to find what I'm looking for. Now, I came here in order to find that certain thing, and I will not give up until I do so. I honestly don't care what happens to you, but I won't randomly kill people. As long as they don't stand in between me and my goal, they'll be fine. That's your philosophy, too, isn't it?" Mors gestured at the corpse-covered battlefield.

1/19/2010 #475
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"OUR goal is to stand in the way of THEIR goal." Reman replied. "The Seventh Sect are fanatically religious, they think all forms of life except their own are meant to be destroyed. Not ALL Skorin are like that, mind you, I have some close friends that are Skorin, they think Rakos and his lot are crazy." He glared at Mors. "And for somebody who accused us of 'barbarism,' you're certainly quick to make threats. Try practicing what you preach. Until then, you're not welcome with us."

1/19/2010 #476

"What I define as barbarism is your weakness and pointless displays of strength. I have a purpose far more worthy than yours." Mors tapped Falx. "This is a weapon made to allow me to fulfill my purpose. I may make threats, because that coerces people here to do what I tell them, but I won't eliminate them... unless it would further my goals."

1/19/2010 #477

"Well, I think we can all agree that threatening Reman here isn't furthering anyone's goals." said Kex.

1/19/2010 #478
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"My PURPOSE," Reman growled, "Is to prevent innocent lives from being lost. Not for the typical smarmy reason of "they need a protector." I've done bad things in my life...." He said. "So... Now I put my life on the line, so that somebody who HASN'T done the things I've done doesn't have to put their life for me."

1/19/2010 #479

"'Innocent lives', hmph. I've been many places, and seen many things, and I've come to realize that there's no such thing. There is no 'good' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong', just what is and what must be done. If those you are fighting defeat you and achieve their goals, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing... but don't let that stop you from fighting them either." Mors stabbed one of Falx's ends into the ground and leaned on the other end nonchalantly. "You're a very courageous person, Reman. You are the only person so far who's stood up to me. At first I thought it was foolishness, but now I recognize it as bravery. Hmph, I didn't think such a concept existed here..."

1/19/2010 #480
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