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(They don't understand any language, though. They were in stasis for most of their lives and never learned how to speak.)

Tinfi calmed down very slightly. (Of course, given that this is Tinfi, that's an accomplishment... XD) "Tinfi doesn't understand... She doesn't trust you."

Calixra paused and glanced at the others, unsure. "Uh...?"

The twins did not relax at all. Ziritrin growled, glaring at the aliens menacingly, and Corwiar was in a fight-ready stance.

11/16/2009 #31
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Aha... Well, then, this will be a problem. But... Reman DOES have a certain Argenai friend (Read: KIRA) who might be able to assist, and I intend to introduce her soon enough.) So... yeah. ))

"Tinfi will be alright." He said. "But please, come with me."

Ryan shrugged and walked out the door, waiting just outside with the marines.

The alien looked to Calixra and the twins. "I promise you, you will not be harmed. We are not like Rakos and his followers." He raised his palms in the universal gesture for "I mean you no harm."

11/16/2009 #32

Calixra hesitated for a moment longer, then slowly stepped forward and off the pad.

Corwiar glanced between her, the aliens, and the humans, before finally stepping off the pad as well. Ziritrin cooled down a moment later and followed him.

Tinfi followed nervously.

11/16/2009 #33
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"This way, please." The alien said, beckoning at the entire group.

11/16/2009 #34

(So... Is Portensus here, too, after all?)

11/16/2009 #35
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( I dunno, Soul didn't really specify... ))

11/16/2009 #36
Soul of Light and Darkness

In many ways, being a creature composed entirely of aura was incredibly beneficial. One's own body was a source of nearly limitless power which could be used to manipulate the world in ways most people could only dream of, and some ways even beyond that. Most laws of reality could be bypassed in one way or another by re-writing the fabric of reality, which was made of aura. One's own body was no more a limitation than air to a bird or water to a fish, for one could change forms with ease. The benefits were nearly endless.

However, one major drawback of being pure aura was that pure energy of any form did a marvelous job of screwing with one's composition and stability. The amount of energy required to transport the entire group to their current coordinates (which Portensus calculated were 23.5 light years from their previous location) was more than enough to disperse Portensus' physical form like a cloud of atoms and scramble his brainwaves. His aura was only now reforming into something even remotely visible, and his brain was still too screwed up to speed the process at all. The only thing that could currently be seen of him was a sort of strange blue-ish cloud, and only someone who had known he'd been part of the group and had been looking for him would be at all able to guess what they were looking at.

It was a short while longer before Portensus's mind was stable enough to speak at all.

"Hmm?" he mumbled in a slurred tone, sounding as though either he'd been hit over the head with something or he was drunk. "Where...?" It would be some time before his mind reformed into any real semblance of the semi-omniscient presence it had once been.

11/18/2009 #37
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Mmkay, that problem's solved nicely. ))

Sam would probably have panicked right then had she not noticed that Portensus was, for lack of a better description, basically a talking blue cloud.

11/18/2009 #38

(Alright, so, anyone got a vacuum cleaner to suck Portensus out of the way so we can beam the next group up? FLUDD FTW.)

11/19/2009 #39
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Eh.... I actually hadn't planned that out, since I didn't know that would happen... ))

11/19/2009 #40

(on the Infinite Patience in orbit around earth)

"What's going on?" Zen walks into the Infinite Patience's view deck, and experiences the illusion of stepping out into empty space, with the door a floating circle of light behind her.

Kex beckons her over to where he appears to be standing in the middle of a vacuum. "There was a Flow surge a moment ago over there." He gestures at an area of the illusionary space which is highlighted with flowing shapes in several different colors. "I'm waiting for Daehan to give me a precise location, as well as a snapshot."

"Someone call for a genius?"


"Ah, pity." A hologram of Daehan appears at the viewing deck, sitting in empty air. "Right, I'm just cutting down the variables... adjusting for background disturbances... accounting for the black holes called your brai-joking, only joking..." He makes gestures in midair, and the symbols eventually focus to a dot labeled with a few symbols. "Got it. Getting snapshot..."

(a snapshot is an image formed by collecting photons through a split-second portal)

An image forms in front of Kex and Zen.

Nothing happens for a few moments.

"Can you give me a scale for perspective on this thing?" asks Kex.

A scale diagram of the Infinite Patience appears alongside the image.


"That's one big ship." said Zen.

11/19/2009 #41
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( XD Yeah, big ship indeed. I'll explain a little about Kreshmae cruisers, since I have to wait for Soul.

Kreshmae are the largest of Luminai ships, as evidence by even their name, roughly translatable to "City of the Stars." They are roughly 12 km in length, or about 7.46 miles, and each has enough armament to level a city the size of NYC in about an hour. In addition, each houses roughly a dozen Dresh'hak, or 32-man fighter squadrons. Only six Kreshmae are currently in active service, simply due to the amount of time it takes to build them. ))

11/20/2009 #42

Gorbech whipped around to see Portensus, but then realized that he couldn't do anything to physically help the blue cloud.

"Err, Portensus? Need a hand there?"

(When you say "Fighter Squadrons", do you mean attack aircraft?)

11/21/2009 . Edited 11/21/2009 #43
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Yeah, I do. ))

11/21/2009 #44

(Pending, pending...)

11/22/2009 #45

(*twiddles thumbs*)

11/22/2009 #46

(, what's the plan?)

11/22/2009 #47

(...Wait for Portensus to pull himself together?)

11/22/2009 . Edited 11/22/2009 #48
The Dragon Lover

((...*is completely and utterly lost*

Err...well, I know what's going on, but I don't know how to all.))

11/22/2009 #49

( OMG DL. You could....make an apppearance. *nods* Yes.

@Cel, Well, how long is that going to take?)

11/22/2009 #50
The Dragon Lover

((But...I forget how to RP. ^w^; Somehow. It's possible for me, I guess.


The emerald-scaled creature crossed her arms and examined their surroundings, her eyes whirling with silent curiosity.



11/22/2009 #51

(It depends on when Soul decides to reply...)

(Hey DL. :D)

11/22/2009 #52
The Dragon Lover

((...shouldn't we be chatting on the Chat thread? You know, so we don't drown the RP in OOC posts? ;P

And heya, Celly! *huggles*))

11/22/2009 #53

(*goes to Chat thread* :D)

11/22/2009 #54
Soul of Light and Darkness

((I suppose I should have specified. Portensus will be utterly uselss for about the next hour until his mind reforms. He will be unable to intelligently respond to anything whatsoever. I haven't replied because doing so would simply have been a series of posts detailing how utterly bewildered and befuddled he was, which I thought was pointless. Feel free to continoue. I will post when sufficient time have passed.))

11/22/2009 #55

(We need to get him off the pad so the others can be beamed aboard, though...)

(...Again, anyone got a vacuum cleaner? :P)

11/22/2009 #56
Soul of Light and Darkness

((A small gust of wind would suffice))

11/22/2009 #57

(Could Corwiar heal him enough for him to have a shape?)

11/22/2009 #58
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"He's not responding..." Sam said. "But... gotta get him off the pad..." Contemplating for a second, she inhaled and blew the Portensus-cloud out the door, and followed. The last one out.

"Very good." The alien said. "Now, as your cloud friend will not be able to report, one of you should-"

"I'll stay." Sam said automatically.

".... Very well." The alien said, turning to one of the others and removing the silver thing around his neck. When he spoke again, it was in an unknown tongue that none present had heard before. The other nodded and turned back to the computer console he was working at. The first alien slipped the translator back on. "My apologies for the delay. This way, please."

11/22/2009 #59

Calixra and the twins followed silently. Tinfi zoomed ahead. "Where are you going? Why is Tinfi here?"

11/22/2009 #60
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