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Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( It won't be even more awkward, at least she's wearing something. And no, she's still human. ))

"It's alright." Sam said. "There's no problems, I won't need them once I go back to my real form. You know, it's actually kinda convenient for us, I only learned how to transform clothes recently, before they just fell off when I changed back."

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #601

"Er... I guess so..."

(Kris has very little to say. XD)

1/28/2010 #602
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam smiled. "Don't worry, I had to get used to clothes, too." She said. "I don't think we've been introduced properly. Hi, I'm Sam."

1/28/2010 #603

"I'm... I'm Kris." Kris gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I'm not from around here... I don't know how things work here."

1/28/2010 #604
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I'm not from here either." Sam said. "Or any of us. We're from Earth. But, that's beside the point. We're here now, which is what matters..... Oh, I wish Portensus were here."

1/28/2010 #605

Makarus travled around, looking for a viable person to imitate. Finally, he found on who's face wasen't completely destroyed. He studied it carefullly, making sure to note all the visable features. Finally, he was ready. He turned away and thought of the dead Skorin. A few seconds later, there was a live version of it standing in Makarus's place.

All of a sudden, Symchek noticed the enemy standing amongst them. (They weren't paying attention to him.)

"SKORINNN!!" He yelled. All the marines grabbed their weapons, and Noormae tackled Makarus to the groud, unaware that he was an ally in disguise.

Makarus all of a sudden had several firearms pointed at various locations on his body.

1/28/2010 #606

"Portensus? ...Who's that?" Kris asked.

1/28/2010 #607
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"He's my new boyfriend." Sam said proudly. "I kinda wish he were here, I'd like to see his face seeing me in my current state."

1/28/2010 #608

Kris tilted her head. "Oh... Where is he?"

1/28/2010 #609
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"He's up in space right now." Sam said. "Anyways, there they are."

1/28/2010 #610

"...It looks like something's happening..." Kris observed.

Calixra and Trin were looking at the marines and wondering what the heck was going on.

Tinfi, because Cel hadn't mentioned her status in a while, was still flying around aimlessly.

1/28/2010 #611
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Hey, we're back." Sam said. Ryan looked around and promptly facepalmed.

"Sam, the objective was to make sure we don't have a n*** girl here." She said.

"And I did." Sam replied. "I'm still wearing something."

1/28/2010 #612
Zeal of 1200BC

Aware that changing hadn't been a good idea, Makarus decided to morph back into Human form. Although he was trying to say something, the words were garbled by the transformation.

(I'm wanting him to get shot, just so you know. :P)

1/28/2010 #613

"What's going on?" Mors demanded, making his way over to the group again.

Kris looked around. "...Where's Makarus? ...I don't see him..."

1/28/2010 #614


Allen had his Colt Peacemaker aimed at Makarus's eyes, then eye, then eyes again.


McDunnan, who was still extremely nervous from hte battle, almost shot the creature, but restrained. Noormae grabbed MAkarus, and threw him towards the group. Allen turned him over, and pressed his handgun to his cheek. (Facial cheek.) "Who-Are-You." (Who who, who who?)

1/28/2010 #615
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I don't know...." Sam said. "I don't see him either...."

1/28/2010 #616
Zeal of 1200BC

The seemingly 13-year-old Human sighed.

"OK, Ok. I get it. Transforming into an enemy in plain sight wasen't one of my best ideas..." Makarus stared at the Human holding a gun to his face. "You know, that could hurt someone." With one fluid motion, Makarus jumped up, grabbed the handgun, and reached into his own pocket and brought out the Plasma-powered shooter.

"Name's Makarus. Now," he said, dropping the hand gun and turning his now free hand into a sword, "I'll ask you the same thing."

1/28/2010 #617

Kris started panicking. "H-he has to be here, he was here when we left! If he's gone..."

(Lol, pretend this post happened before the one above it.)

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #618
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I think that's him." Sam noted. "He appears to be fighting."

1/28/2010 #619

Gorbech, in fluid motion, and with a signal from Allen, disarmed Makarus and let the Plasma shooter fall next to the revolver. Allen pulled out his trench knife

"Lets slow down, now that we're even. I am Major Allen, I was brought from Earth to fight here. Why and how did you come here?"

1/28/2010 #620

Kris spotted him, surrounded by other soldiers. She gasped and rushed over, shouting. "Makarus! W-what's going on?!"

1/28/2010 #621
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Hey, you with the guns!" Sam shouted, running over. "Lay off, will you!"

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #622

Gorbech turned around, and held out his hand flat towards Kris.

"Hold on, who are you? Sam, what the F*** is going on?"

1/28/2010 #623
Zeal of 1200BC

"I thought as much..." Makarus replied. "I crashed on the moon of a planet called Emtheria-You Humans don't have space flight, so you don't know where that is-and met a girl named Kris. She should be somewhere around here. After I met here, we encountered a man named Ml. He promised me a way home if I came here first." he stopped. Wondering if he could somehow escape, he ran countless scenarios through his mind. Makarus decided not to risk it. "You know, Humans are so impolite. I wonder how Arylliu can stand to watch your meaningless little programs..." He sighed. Turning his hand back to normal, he said, "Now, obviously we're not even. You seem to have the upper hand." Makarus looked and saw Kris in the distance. "There's Kris. Go talk to her." he said.

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #624

(Kris is right there. You might want to edit or something...)

1/28/2010 #625

"I don't count my men in this situation." He returned his knife to his sheath. "You haven't exactly shown the best side of your species either, using your powers so carelessly and foolishly."

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #626
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"They're on our side, Gorbech, you idiot!" Sam snapped. "Why else would I let Kris wear my shorts?"

1/28/2010 #627

Kris just froze. "...Um, er, sorry..."

1/28/2010 #628

"You didn't say anything about this idiot, who was walking around wearing Skorin skin! And WHO is she?"

1/28/2010 #629
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"She's Kris." Sam said. "And That's Marakus. They're on our side. And besides, WHY do you care if he's in a Skorin skin? Did you not listen when Reman said that our enemies make up a VERY small part of the Skorin as a whole?"

1/28/2010 #630
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