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Allen nodded. "If and when we return to Earth, we can settle things on your terms. The next thing is, two requests for the both of you. One, please try to stay away from Gorbech. As you mighthave noticed, he's very agggressive. It'd be best to simply ignore him...And the next thing is fairly obvious. In the absence of Portensus, we need a field commander. We need to work together, be organized and efficient if we want to come out on top in the battles to come."

#96 twitched. "They could turn at any second...these humans...they are well armed, aggressive, and efficient. One could admire their bravery and skills, but I would never fully trust them becasue of it."

1/30/2010 #661
Zeal of 1200BC

Makarus took out the scanning device from the moon. It was showing the pond still, so he had to turn it off and on again.

"Sifae atz loporas verit," It said. Makarus told it to identify the composition of the surrounding atmosphere. a few seconds later it beeped and uttered: "Esmaren, ithat tarez coiv-diae grecro troti." Makarus sighed.

"I knew it," he said, "I've been getting light-headed since we got here..."

(Translations: Sifae atz loporas verit means (In literal translation) "Cycle of power complete". Esmaren, ithat tarez coiv-diae greco troti means "Warning, atmosphere cantains 3% therazoitne". Therazotine is a gas that's harmful to the Velvetoss. Humans and other creatures can't be affected by it because they have stable cellular structures.)

1/30/2010 #662
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"One: I am well aware of that." Sam replied. "However, in case you have not noticed, I do not back down. Second, I volunteer psychic boy."

1/30/2010 #663

Allen rubbed his forehead. "I take no responsibility for either of your actions."

He looked at the other human. "How about it, Ryan?"

1/30/2010 #664

(I would like to point out that technically, Allen is the highest-ranking officer here. Although Luminai ranks might not mesh exactly with human ranks.)

Calixra nodded. "Aren't we all like that?"

Kris looked over Makarus's shoulder at his scanner. "What's... what's wrong?"

1/30/2010 #665

(I would like to point out that technically, Allen is the highest-ranking officer here. Although Luminai ranks might not mesh exactly with human ranks.)

(Keep in mind, A human Marine Corp Major is only one rank above an Captain. However, within the Marine Corp, Allen has earned considerable Respect and Prestige.)

1/30/2010 #666

(I know, but thanks.)

(Where's an admiral when you need one?)

1/30/2010 #667

(Screwing around with Navy SWCC.)

1/30/2010 #668
Zeal of 1200BC

Makarus looked to Kris.

"I think I may have to go back to your pond," he said. "The air here isn't exactly ideal living conditions for my people. With luck, the water in your pond still has oxygen in it." He looked to the group and announced, "I have to go now. If anybody needs me, wich I doubt anyone will, have Kris show you to her pond." Sure that no one heard what he said, he headed east towards Kris's pond.

1/30/2010 #669


Kris watched Makarus leave, blinking uncertainly. "Um... Okay..." She hesitated and looked around at the others. After a moment, she mumbled something and took off after him.

1/30/2010 #670
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam shrugged. "I can handle him." She said. "I know ways of making most people listen to me."

"Sure, why not?" Ryan said. "Can I give a few orders?"

1/30/2010 #671
Zeal of 1200BC

When Makarus reached Kris's pond, he looked around. Further east, he could just barely see some mountains. He looked to the pond, to the mounds in the distance to the pond again. Finally, he made up his mind and transformed into a cheeta with blue stripes instead of black. He sprinted off towards the horizon.

(I'm assuming that there are Skorin bases where they are. Also, Makarus likes to be dramatic. I don't think Kris saw him leave, though...)

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #672
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( There are bases, but not anywhere near the current battlefield. ))

1/30/2010 #673
Zeal of 1200BC

(OK. Kris's pond is a long way from the battlefield.)

1/30/2010 #674
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Probably nowhere near any bases, though, said bases will mostly be towards the south pole, since that's where it's coldest. ))

1/30/2010 #675
Zeal of 1200BC

(OK, It'll be mountains then.)

1/30/2010 #676

Kris got to her pond/crater but did not find Makarus there. She looked around, bewildered. "...Makarus? Makarus! W-where are you?!"

When there was no reply, she realized that she was alone and defenseless again. She paused for a second to think. He said he was coming here... Maybe he got lost...? Deciding that the best thing to do would be to wait there, she took off her clothes with more than a little relief and, leaving them on the shore, slipped into the water again.

(And thus was all of Sam's hard wardrobe-work undone. }:D)

Mors caught part of the conversation between Ryan, Sam, and Allen. Telling Leta to wait there, he came over to where they were. "Why are you deciding who's in charge without telling me?" he demanded. "Wasn't there already someone in charge? Or did he get usurped or killed like you lot tend to?"

1/30/2010 #677
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam blinked. "I just realized." She said. "Kris ran off with my shorts."

"Well...." Ryan said. "I think he trusts me more than he does you. As for somebody in charge.... I dunno."

1/30/2010 #678

Sam blinked. "I just realized." She said. "Kris ran off with my shorts."

(The above quote made me laugh so hard.)

Mors grunted. "Idiot. I never wanted to be in charge of this group. I had just assumed that there was some level of organization already in place."

1/30/2010 #679

Allen turned to Mors."Before we left, I was in charge. When we got here, the Luminai acted as our commander, but they aren't here now, and we may be on our own during the next fight"

"So to answer your question, yes we are electing a leader, and yes we are doing it without you. Now, you are welcome to listen in, and present ideas, but do not expect to have much say in the matter."

Allen turned back to Ryan. "How much leadership experience do you have?"

1/30/2010 #680

"Hmph, you're wasting your time. You may not value my opinion very highly, but unlike everyone else here I know what is going to happen between now and the disaster in two weeks."

(Speaking of weeks, does anyone in this RP ever eat or sleep, and for that matter how long is Calynos's day?)

1/30/2010 #681
Zeal of 1200BC

When Makarus reached the foot of the mountains, he changed back into Human form and began climbing. He determined that the higher altitudes had less theramine in the air. When he was about halfway up, he heard sounds above him. He stopped cold, but was too late-a Skorin looked over the edge of a ledge and spotted him. It screeched somwthing to it's comrads and started climbing down. Makarus tried to out run it, but it decided to fall at that moment, landing on top of him. That was the last he saw for awhile.

(Is this OK?)

1/30/2010 #682

(Speaking of weeks, does anyone in this RP ever eat or sleep, and for that matter how long is Calynos's day?)

(I was going to have Allen bring that up.)

"Well, would you mind sharing that with us?"

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #683

Mors gave another grunt. "I recognize most of you. History immortalized you as the people who brought about the worst disaster in recorded history. Countless lives lost. And by countless, I mean quadrillions."

1/30/2010 #684

Allen actually laughed for the first time in awhile. "Well, I don't know about me and my men...but sure..."

1/30/2010 #685

"Not you," Mors said. "But I recognize them." He gestured at Sam and Ryan. "But they were relatively unimportant, at least compared to one person who it seems hasn't appeared yet..."

1/30/2010 #686

Allen nodded. " I think I get the idea. I know who you are talking about."

1/30/2010 #687

"I don't know everything, so I can't help you on details. But there is no doubt that you are the ones. Leta confirmed it." He gestured at Leta, standing a distance behind him and watching silently. "Normally I would kill you all, but it already happened so even that wouldn't solve anything. In any case, I now know for a fact that going along with you will get me where I need to be."

1/30/2010 #688

Allen looked unfazed. "And what would your destination be?"

1/30/2010 #689

"Were you listening earlier? The Vault."

1/30/2010 #690
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